Betting Adda is a community portal for punters and run by punters. Our aim is to facilitate a community based portal where punters can get predictions, tips and online betting (trading) advice from other expert members of the website.

We also bring you the best odds on Football, Tennis and Cricket. We scan through the top sports bookmakers sites and present you the best odds from top online bookies.

From time to time we present the the best promotions and offers from the top bookies.

This is not a prediction website where you come to get predictions & tips to gamble. All of the predictions, tips, guides and other materials on this website are for TRADING and NOT for gambling.

If you have no idea what trading is and how different it is from gambling then first figure that and then come back to join us.

What do you get on this portal?

  • Match Previews
  • Predictions for trading
  • Live betting/trading tips
  • Online Sports Betting/Trading Guides
  • Tools & Calculators
  • Help and Guide on online sports betting
  • Forum where you can communicate with other punters and expert tipsters

How to use this website?

If you are new to this website then it is recommended that you first familiarize your self with terminologies and strategies used on this website. Most of tipsters are old member and they will not repeat their strategy/terms in each prediction/tips so it's very important that you understand what they are saying.

Following are the links to various important pages which you must read if you are new to this website.

We do not facilitate gambling

Under no circumstances the content or services of this website should be taken as means for gambling. You gamble at your own risk which is not our responsibility.

Gambling Addiction

If you suffer from gambling addiction then ask for help in the forum.

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