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Betting Adda is not a betting site. This website does not directly provide betting tips/predictions. Betting Adda is a community website where other members can post/discuss betting tips/predictions and get advice from other members.


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  • Premium membership is a paid subscription services which allows members to access the premium content. 
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  • Premium membership is subjected to our rest of terms and conditions, account termination & and comment policy.

One Match Access

We do not offer refund if match is wash out. We can't provide access to another match in lieu of this. If you request for refund then we can refund howver in this case we will have to ban you from the website. 

Account Termination

In case of violation of our terms & conditions or voluntarily request to close account we will disable account which will block access to the website.

Account termination doesn't delete posts, forum posts, comments etc. Account termination only blocks you logging in into website.

Under no circumstances we can delete any user's posts/comments/forum posts etc unless it violates our terms & conditions.

In case of any charge back case we will terminate account immediately irrespective of whether charge back was successful or not.

User's Content/Post/Comment/Forum Post Deletion

Unless it violates our terms and conditions we can not delete any user's posts/comments and any other content.

Comment/Forum Post Policy

  • Posting telephone number/mobile number or any links to external website/social media account for the purpose of offering services is not allowed.  (Hindi: Business Telephone number/mobile number ya external website/social media account links post karna mana hai.)
  • You can post links to a website if it offers useful information. E.g. Wiki. (Hindi: kisi informative website ka link post kar sakte hain)
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  • Comments with prejudice will be moderated/deleted.