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We are glad to announce that we have added Average Lay Odds Calculator. This tool will allow you to calculate average lay odds. This tool is very similar to Average Back Odds Calculator. This tool will help you to calculate average lay odds in advance when you are applying Lay Betting strategy.

You can access this tool from Dashboard->Tools->Average Lay Odds Calculator. It's available only to Premium Members.

Big thanks to Munna Bhai for providing us all instructions to implement this tool.

If you have any question on using this tool then feel free to ask here in this thread.

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Shakuni Mama (Admin)

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Lay Odds Calculator Tools is Awesome
by: Murali Tue Oct 27, 2015 @ 12:29 pm
Awesome tool Mamu. It's really handy to calculate lay average odds during live trading. It's superfast and shows average odds instantly as I enter the odds and stake.
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