On public demand we have added option to let you see predictions & tips for individual matches instead of purchasing full membership. 

With just £9.99 (about Rs. 999) you can see one match's predictions, tips and comments instantly.

On the match page you will see link to buy one match access or full premium membership. Just click on the link to make payment and you will get instant access.

This plan doesn't allow you to post comments though, its view only plan. If you want to post comment and communicate with other members then you should go for full premium membership.

This is the cheapest plan we could offer and it's not possible for us to offer cheaper plan.

At the end it is you who make profit from predictions and tips. We make nothing and on top of that we have to pay to preview writers, developers, desginers, web hosting etc. So keep supporting us while making profit. 

For more details visit premium membership page.

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