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Someone on live chat asked a good question. Our prediction shows PASS even though the match result is not PASS. Why?

There is a very simple answer for this. If a prediction consists of more than one prediction then the PASS/FAIL is determined by the total PASS/FAIL of all predictions which results in profit.

Or in other terms if you have made profit following all the predictions then it's a PASS. 


Consider a tipster has posted following four predictions in one post.

1) Toss 2) Session 3) Lambi & 4) Match

If any three predictions PASS then we mark this prediction as PASS. If any two predictions PASS then we may or may not mark it PASS depending on which two predictions PASS. Match result carries most weight so if it is PASS along with any prediction then we can declare it PASS

It also depends on how you use the predictions. If you are a gambler and interested only in match result then you will lose if match is lost. However this is not our aim. Our aim is to let you make profit in every match without worrying about just match results. 

In order to get the best out of predictions and tips you should distribute your money on various markets so that even if match is lost by the team you backed you still make profit.

If a prediction just consists of only one prediction, e.g. Toss Prediction, then it's a PASS if toss is won or FAIL if toss is lost.

You might want to ask why not tipsters post each prediction separately? E.g. one prediction for Toss, 2nd one for Session, 3rd for Lambi and 4th prediction for match result. It's because it's easier for tipsters to sum up all their predictions in one post rather than posting them individually.

A trading tip is considered to be PASS if you have made profit by following the tip. Those who give trading tips also follow it and if they have made profit then they will write explanation. If trading tips resulted in loss then they will mark it as FAIL. However make sure that you follow live tips closely. Sometimes tipster will make profit from trading tips but others might lose because they either didn't comprehend the tip or failed to execute it promptly.

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Shakuni Mama (Admin)

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Don't put all your eggs in one basket
by: Murali Tue Aug 25, 2015 @ 6:50 am
This is a classical gambler's mistake. Most of them blindly bet on match result and lose. Don't put all your money on one market. Distribute it cleverly so that you always make profit in all matches irrespective of the match result. Here is what I do. I bet on Toss, Session and Lambi with Rs. 10k each. Total stake = Rs. 30k. This is my money on risk. If I lose all three I'll lose Rs. 30k. So I've to make sure that I recover this 30k from trading. Since I've joined betting adda I hardly lose any money. By following accurate predictions & Munna bhai's trading tips you will always make profit in each match. The best way to follow prediction is to pick the most favourable predictions from all tipsters. In most matches most popular predictions PASS.
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Well explained Mamu
by: Munna Bhai Tue Aug 25, 2015 @ 6:56 am

I wanted to emphasized again that stop gambling and start trading. Even if you only want to bet on match result market then follow some strategy. Blindly betting on each match separately is one way ticket to bankruptcy. The safest and least risky option is live trading. You make small profit in each match and at the end of month you are always in profit. 

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