England vs Australia 4th ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

England v Australia 2015
vs Australia
Friday, 11 September 2015 at 09:30 GMT / 10:30 UK / 15:00 IST
Headingley, Leeds


Zia Rana

England vs Australia 4th ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

Team England kept the One Day International series alive vs. Australia while winning the third game, reduced the margin to 1-2 and will anticipate squaring it.

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    • Sir how much should we increase the stake if the wickets fall like double or 25 %?

    • If early wickets falls, lay eng with more stake ?

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    • Trading tip PASS, greened up after 15 points fall.

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    • Opps! almost forgot about this. Thanks for reminding that bhai.

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33 Responses to “ England vs Australia 4th ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview ”
  1. Weather forecast.
    It's all clear most of the time. Some light rain predicted around 7:00 PM UK time.

  2. Bhai Australia ka bhav upar hei, lalach aa riya hei. Laga dun kya Australia pe?

    0 -1
  3. Bro plz tell Eng vs Aus series tips

  4. bhaiyaji series ka kachu bata dehin prediction.

  5. bhai pehle kis per paise lagaye australia yaa england par

  6. bhai lambi kaa kya prediction hai

  7. Munna bhai any live trending tips ?

  8. bhai 3 fall wat to do???

  9. You guys read one part and ignore another. I told you to greenup after 15 points fall. Starting odds were 2.0, odds fell down to 1.75 you should have greened up then. I did and now I'm some profit already.

    • Thnx for ur advice Munna bhai, for ur early advise to wait if get stuck in just saved my G with some good profit. LB open the price at 73 and I backed then after wickets gone as per ur advice I kept backing, but just got the right price.

      Thnx for ur expert advise otherwise I would have lost instead of profit

      • 99% you can save your G with this strategy. However as I always say Green up as early as possible. It's Cricket and always danger of one way downwards fall. Stop betting with local bookies 73 for Aus is stupidity. It was 100 on all online bookies. I manage to get odds of 2.02 at the opening. If it was 73 you should have backed Aus on online bookies and layed with LB to make profit before start.

        Get online.

        • I agree with u Munna bhai however LB gives commission of 1.5% on lost cricket bet and 3 % on every session bet. and when u play with decent amount then 1.5 and 3 matters a lot that's the only reason I play with them but u are right with online bookies we can get the best price.
          I don't have an account yet but today after getting this chor bhaw, I will make an account with betfair

  10. If you didn't follow my trading tips strictly and are stuck then wait now.

    • Bhai what is the strategy now
      Back Australia
      Is the pitch is easy to bat

  11. Hats up munna bhai

  12. Bhag bhosari ke jakpot aaya. le lo bhai log chappar phaad ke profit mil gaya. GREEN UP NOW.

  13. thanks bhai i have hedged..sabar ka fal mil gya..nice profit..thanks a lot..

  14. Munna Bhai as u said is chasing ground. Do u think Eng can give tough fight or can win?

  15. I've given trading tips for run chase. I'm stepping out, I've to get hair cut bloody didn't get time in this Cricket mania for even haircut.

  16. paji aaj to big time babaji ka mota wala lun lagne wala tha, bacha liya apne fir se ek bar. Last ki important trading tip ne aur bhi safe ker diya. rang aa giya match me. Cash Jersey Cow ban giya yeh match to. Dudh duh reha hun baith ke.

  17. Good profit on this match. I backed Australia till 3 wickets and then waited as MB said.

  18. Mein late ho geya bhai fir bhi profit mila. Aus ka 2 wicket girne ke baad khel suru kiya interval me hedge kiya meine.

  19. "Gandhi Banknote Printing Press" I give a new name to such matches which keep giving you profit all the time. It's super bumper jackpot match.

  20. Excellent match. All trading PASS and my pre-match analysis for chasing team can win also PASS.

    1 -1
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    • follow kiya vi meine loss recover hua aur profit bhi aaya.

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