Chachi 420 Cricket Betting Strategy

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 05-Oct-2016, last updated 21-Oct-2016
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Chachi 420 cricket betting strategy is one of the most common, most popular and most powerful betting strategy for limited over cricket. It can be applied to all domestic T20, ODI and internationals T20 & ODI tournaments. I'm sure most of you experienced punters might be aware of this strategy and may be using it some form. It's so flexible that you can use it in any way you like. This strategy is a profitable strategy. You must be the most unfortunate punter to lose if you strictly follow this strategy. 

You can apply this strategy to each match as well as play it for the league/series/tournament. 

Important: If you can guess this strategy then you don't need to buy it. There is no refund after you have purchased this strategy. You can't come back to me saying that you already knew this strategy and want refund.

What is the strategy?

It's a way of betting. It's not exact science. I'll explain how to play this strategy in the document.

How much profit can you make?

As I said earlier you can play it for each match or apply it for a league/series/tournament and aim for profit at the end of these events. All I can guarantee is that you can't lose if you follow this strategy strictly. You can follow this strategy in conjunction with other strategies/predictions/tips.


£499 (about Rs. 50,000) for complete strategy

Payment and delivery

Contact Mamu from live chat or contact us page or email me munna at munnabhai dot net.


Basic maths and some knowledge of how to bet. Most importantly you require common sense. You can bet it with your local bookie or online. For best result bet online.

What will you get?

I'll provide you followings:

  1. Strategy documents
  2. My spreadsheets for this strategy from recently completed leagues/tournaments/series.


Once you have understood this strategy then you don't need my involvement. It's self sufficient and self explanatory. If you still require any support then I'm always around.


1) Can I bet with local bookies?

Yes you can bet anywhere you wish, all you require is the best odds. For best result try BF.

2) What is the minimum and maximum amount I need?

Take your bank balance and divide by 10 to calculate your unit stake size.

3) I don't bet online and I don't have any PC/Laptop can I still use this strategy?

Yes, you can.

6) Can I make profit in each match

Not 100%. However if you combine this strategy with puchilla and follow my trading tips then more or less you cna strike profit in almost 90% of matches.

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