Dabangg: The Simplest Yet Most Effective Limited Overs Cricket Betting Strategy

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 14-Feb-2016, last updated 15-Feb-2018
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Dabangg Limited Overs Cricket Betting Strategy
Dabangg Limited Overs Cricket Betting Strategy

This strategy is a subset of Dhobiya Pat cricket betting strategy. If you have already purchased dhobiya pat then you don't require to purchase this strategy.

Few punters complained that dhobiya pat is too complex for them, also they don't even have PC/Laptop or know how of MS excel. So after some thinking I decided to separate the simplest market from dhobiya pat and created Dabangg strategy. 

Nothing too much fancy in naming this strategy, I called it Dabangg because irrespective of the everything this strategy will bring profit eventually.

Dabangg is a Hindi word which literally means powerful person or a person who uses brute force to crush others. This strategy is a brute force strategy to make profit from T20 & ODI matches.

What is the strategy?

This strategy involves betting on just one market in limited overs cricket including all T20 domestic leagues, and international T20 & ODI matches.

For domestic T20 leagues your target will be to make profit from a series. 

How much profit can you make?

In last year's IPL I made 94 times unit stake profit. If your unit stake was Rs. 1000 then you would have made 94,000 profit.

In this year's BBL I made 20 times unit stake profit. 

You can see both examples in the spreadsheet which I'll provide.

Which are the most suitable games for this strategy?

This strategy will bring guaranteed profit for most of the domestic T20 series and International bilateral or tri-series. Some of the most profitable T20 leagues are:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Australian Big Bash League (BBL)
  • Pakistan Premier League (PPL)
  • Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)
  • Masters Champions League (MCL)
  • Caribbean Cricket League (CCL)
  • South African Ram Slam T20 Challenge
  • Karnataka Premier League (KPL)
  • All international T20 and ODI matches.


£499 (about Rs. 50,000)

Payment and delivery

Contact Mamu from live chat or contact us page or email me munna at munnabhai dot net.


As I said this is the simplest strategy and you can even bet with local bookies. you even don't require spreadsheet if you can do some basic calculation on paper. 

All you need is a bookie who can offer you best odds. It's recommended to create account on online betting sites to get the best odds.

  • PC/Laptop & some knowledge of working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Optional). If you don't have access to PC/Laptop then you have to do some basic match on paper to record your betting activities.

What will you get?

I'll provide you followings:

  1. Strategy document
  2. My own betting activities for few of leagues & international cricket
  3. Last year's IPL and this year's BBL, PSL & MCL betting spreadsheets are provided


Once you have understood this strategy then you don't need my involvement. It's self sufficient and self explanatory. If you still require any support then I'm always around.


1) Can I bet with local bookies?

Yes you can bet anywhere you wish, all you require is the best odds.

2) What is the minimum and maximum amount I need?

This strategy involves betting in just one market, which is basically putting all your eggs in one basket. As we all know this is a risky business so you have to start with absolute minimum stake. Take bank balance and divide it by 50 to calculate your unit stake for safe betting.

2) I don't bet online and I don't have any PC/Laptop can I still use this strategy?

Yes. I've created this strategy guys like you.

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