IPL Betting Strategy

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 12-Mar-2016, last updated 15-Feb-2018
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IPL Betting Strategy
IPL Betting Strategy

This IPL betting strategy consists of over 20 different markets. Each of these markets will give you at least 25-30 times profit. Even in worst case you are guaranteed to make at least 200 times profit. If your unit stake is Rs. 1000 you will earn at least 2 peti profit.

What is the strategy?

This strategy is more or less similar WT20 strategy. The main concept remains same. This strategy consists of many more markets than I've provided in WT20 strategy. 

IPL has 72 matches which makes is on of the most lucrative tournaments to use my strategy. On top of that IPL is the most competitive Cricket tournaments in the world which makes my strategy even more effective. 

How much profit can you make?

At least 200 times your unit stake from all markets in full strategy. With local bookie strategy you can easily make 50 times profit.


£499 (about Rs. 50,000) for complete strategy for online betting

£299 (about Rs. 30,000) for local bookie strategy

10% discount for those who have purchased any other strategies.

Payment and delivery

Contact Mamu from live chat or contact us page or email me munna at munnabhai dot net.


Basic maths and some knowledge of how to bet. Most importantly you require common sense. This strategy is not for a mediocre punter who just like to gamble on each match and loses everything. This strategy is only for serious punters. 

For online version of strategy you need to have account on betting sites

  • PC/Laptop & some knowledge of working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Optional). If you don't have access to PC/Laptop then you have to do some basic match on paper to record your betting activities.

What will you get?

I'll provide you followings:

  1. Strategy documents
  2. Historical stats of all years of IPL
  3. Spreadsheet for live betting


Once you have understood this strategy then you don't need my involvement. It's self sufficient and self explanatory. If you still require any support then I'm always around.


1) Can I bet with local bookies?

Yes you can bet anywhere you wish, all you require is the best odds. For best result try BF.

2) What is the minimum and maximum amount I need?

Take your bank balance and divide by 10 to calculate your unit stake size.

3) I don't bet online and I don't have any PC/Laptop can I still use this strategy?

Yes, you can.

4) Does this strategy include lambi and session?

No. Lambi and session are not included. These are loss making markets, don't bet on these markets.

5) What markets do you have in local bookie betting strategy?

Match and Toss. You better start using online betting sites if you really want to make serious profit. 

6) Can I make profit in each match

No. It's not per match strategy. It's per tournament strategy. At the end of tournament you will make profit.


Don't mix my predictions and tips which I provide here on this website with the strategy. Keep these two separate. And yes you can follow both but keep track of them separately.

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11 Responses to “ IPL Betting Strategy ”
  1. Bhai why one more strategy? Why not use WT20 strategy and apply it in IPL?

    • Each tournament has it's own characteristics. Not all markets behave same in each tournament. What works in WT20 may or may not work in IPL. So I've to analyse each tournament carefully with historical data and create strategy which works best. I'll keep creating strategy separately for each tournament. As I said the fundamental concept is same, what differs is the market and how to play them.

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  2. vi yeh wt20 ki strategy me dimag gum reha hai aur uper se ek aur pel di strategy. sab dhandha wandha chor ke ab ek yehi strategy lagana reh geya hei. paji kuch simple strategy nikalo..

    • no pain no gain. bina pelam pilayi ke maal nehi milta ;) bookies ko pelna itna asan nehi hei. pura dimag lagana parta hei.

      • sahi bolya vi bina latth lagaye kuch nehi milta jindagi me. wais guru kya strategy di hei WT20 ki. Profit pe profit mil reha hei.

  3. bhai how do you do all these things? I'm struggling to maintain one spreadsheet for WT20, it takes too much of my time. 2 matches per day is too much to manage.

    • I'm in full time fucking bookies ;) Spreadsheet is pain but there is no other alternative. You can skip few markets and only play main markets such as match markets. The good news is that there will be only one match per day on all weekdays. Only on weekends you will have 2 matches per day. So you will have plenty of time for updating spreadsheet.

  4. Bhai just want to ask if I buy this strategy how much time I have to devote. Is like one or two bet strategy or I have to be in continue touch with the bookmakers

    • The main strategy for online bookies has over 20 markets so it's quite exhaustive and will take at least 1-2 hours every day. For local bookie version it has 2 markets only. Out of these two markets only one market require you to do live betting with local bookie. You don't need to be in touch with bookie all the time but only at certain points.

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