ODI Cricket Betting Strategies - Guaranteed Profit in All ODI Matches

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 08-Mar-2017, last updated 08-Mar-2017
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ODI Cricket Betting Strategies
ODI Cricket Betting Strategies

What is Holy Grail of ODI cricket? It's making profit in each ODI match with 100% guarantee. Is it really possible to make profit in each ODI match? 

The answer to this million dollar questions is straight YES. However be warned that around 1% of matches will end up in loss. 99% matches will be profitable. This is a miracle. Well it's not really a miracle it's just matter of following a right strategy combined with staking plan and you will be guaranteed to make profit in almost all ODI matches. 

I've researched for almost 3 years for all ODI matches not only by just looking at stats but actually betting on each and every ODI match. Based on my betting result I can now release this most powerful ODI betting strategy to the public.

How to get this strategy?

Cost: £999/$1200 or about INR 90,000 (Ninety Thousand Indian Rupees)

Contact Mamu from contact us page or contact me from my website munnabhai.net or ping me on FB 

What is the strategy?

This strategy involves betting on about 12 markets and also follow trading strategy. Session and Lambi (score) markets are not included. I've also listed online bookies where you can bet on these markets and where to get best odds. 

How much profit you can make?

On average you can make at least 4 times profit of stake. E.g. if you bet with Rs. 10,000 in each market then you will at least make Rs. 40,000 profit in each ODI match. 

In a calendar year there are around 100 ODIs played. With Rs. 10,000 bet on each market you can easily make 400 times profit in a year which comes out to be Rs. 4,000,000 (Rs. 40 Lakhs).

What is the risk?

1% loss. Which is almost insignificant. 

Can you bet with local bookies?

Sorry no. This strategy will not work if you are betting with local bookies.  

What will you get?

You will get a strategy document PDF which will explain how to follow this strategy. You will also get my betting spreadsheet which will include betting results from last three years. 


You need to have accounts on most of online bookies.

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