Easiest and Most Profitable Tennis Betting Strategy

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 23-Feb-2016, last updated 15-Feb-2018
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This is one of the easiest tennis betting strategies which i've developed. It's not a trading strategy and you even don't need to worry about who is playing who or what are players' head to head stats. Just follow this simple strategy, stick to it, play in limits and every month you will be making about 60-100 times (of unit stake) profit.

I've been experimenting with this strategy since long time. In my spreadsheet you can see my own betting activities with profit. 

This strategy work on all of the grand slam tournaments, ATP, WTA and other tournaments. Don't apply this strategy to ITF tournaments as there is very low liquidity in the market.

The most interesting aspect of this strategy is that you can keep making money every month as there are always plenty of tournaments almost every day and every month. Unlike football there is no season in tennis as such. And unlike Cricket which comes and goes like Indian monsoon, tennis is always there.


  1. Laptop/Desktop PC
  2. Account with online bookies
  3. Some knowledge of MS Excel
  4. Plenty of free time to update spreadsheet. You don't need to watch match. All you need to do is to keep track of schedule

What is the strategy?

As I said it's very simple strategy explained in one line. Just follow as instructed.


£999 (USD 1300 / Indian Rs. 85,000).

Payment and delivery

Contact Mamu on live chat or from contact us page. You can also email me munna at munnabhai dot net.

What will you get?

  1. Strategy document


It's very simple strategy, once you get it you are on your own. I'll be always here to help you when you need.


1) Can I bet with local bookies?

No. You local bookies can't cover all tennis matches and all tournaments.

2) What is the minimum and maximum amount I need?

You can start with £2 unit stake, in this case you will require around £100 bank balance.

3) I don't bet online and I don't have any PC/Laptop can I still use this strategy?


4) Can I make money in each and every match?

No. As I said it's a betting and not a trading strategy. At the end of a tournament/duration you will make profit. This strategy targets a tournament rather than individual matches.

5) Is there any risk?

Risk is very minimal. It's all explained in the strategy document. 

6) Can I start with larger unit stake?

Yes you can but you will need more bank balance. This is simple calculation for bank balance:

bank balance = 50-100 times unit stake.

7) Do you guarantee profit?

If you follow my strategy strictly then profit is guaranteed. 

8) Why can't use large unit stake, let's say £100 or so?

You bet on each and every match. Sometimes there will be about 10-20 matches being played at same time which requires about £1000-£2000 worth of bet with £100 as unit stake. It's a big asking by any standard. If you are rich then yes you can use large stake, If not then start with £2 and keep increasing unit stake by £1 every month. 

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  1. Great one bhai, I've been waiting since long time to get hold of your Tennis betting strategy. I'll transfer payment tomorrow please deliver it after receiving payment.

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