England vs New Zealand 1st ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

England v New Zealand 2015
vs New Zealand
New Zealand
Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at 13:00 GMT / 14:00 UK / 18:30 IST
Edgbaston, Birmingham


Zia Rana

England vs New Zealand 1st ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

Team New Zealand fought back superbly against the hosts England, squared the two Test series at 1-1 and will anticipate positive results in five ODIs.

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    Edgbaston, Birmingham Weather Prediction

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    Toss Prediction


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    • bhai m following ur toss trading tips and I'm in profit so far. I started with small amount of Rs. 100 and I made Rs. 700 in 3 weeks. If we do math it is roughly 10 times the stake per month. Starting with Rs. 100 will give me Rs. 1000 in a month. I wanted to ask if I can now increase stake amount to make more profit? any risk? bhai help me m still in huge loss.

      • bro how u made 7 times in 3 weeks? In my book it shows only 5 times profit. did you bet on any other matches than what munna bhai predicts?

        • yes i bet on all matches and track it on the spreadsheet which munna bhai sent to me.

    • Just a free reminder that don't follow my toss strategy to gamble and then come back to me saying you lost. There is no such thing as loss or profit with one toss if you are following strategy. My toss strategy is everlasting strategy in which profit is measured over a period of time and not on individual match.

      If you are still unclear of the toss strategy then ask and I'll explain again.

      Keep track of book using my toss strategy spreadsheet.

      I wanted to give heads up. I've spoken to Mamu (Admin) and he has agreed to create a dashboard for all premium members who can keep track of toss strategy on single place. Once the dashboard is implemented you will have to do only minimal work of playing, rest of work - recording, how much to bet etc etc. will be available in the dashboard. It will show you total profit as you keep playing. This total profit will keep increasing with time. Sometimes it will come down a bit but once recovered profit will always go up.

      There are plenty of other features we are also planning to introduce to help you minimize the manual work and just focus on actual playing. Stay tuned while we unleash one of the best trading platform.

      It's right time to upgrade your membership to premium

      • That sounds like a great idea.
        It will really help to keep track of ur bets on toss.
        Thanks Bhai.

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    Stats, Analysis and Match Prediction


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    Toss, Match, and Lambi Prediction


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    Aslam Bhai ka 100% prediction - toss, lambi aur match winner ka prediction


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    Total No. of sixes


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    Most Sixes


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    Total Match Run Outs


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    Top England Batsmen


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    Astro prediction, toss aur match prediction


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    • pandit ji post kahin aur karna tha kahin aur ker diya. Tips waale section me prediction chipka diya.

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    England vs New Zealand Live Betting/Trading Tips Available


    I woke up only to find that yesterday's summer heat has turned into a chilly winter like season. I had to switch on heating system for a while. It's bit warmer now but don't be surprise to see players turn up with sweater on. It was suppose to be summer here, humm!!!

    I'll be providing live betting tips on this match. If anyone is tuned then let me know so that I know I'm not tipping only to myself.

    These tips are only applicable forBetfairBetfair (Click here to open account and get £25 FREE).

    And I'll be using BetTrader (Click here to download) software for live trading.

    • Bhai I'm ur loyal followers and always listening to you. I'm all ready and raring to go for profit in this match.

    • bhai i'm here, waiting for toss.

    • present sir.

      • I am here following you Bhai.. Guide us through out the match.

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    Honest Tip for Session and Lambi

    Guys, I've seen many punters insist on session and lambi prediction. Just wanted to let you know that session and lambi are dangerous market to gamble. Unless you are following any strategy to trade on these markets I would recommend you to avoid these markets.

    I understand this market is one of very few markets available with local bookies but it doesn't mean you have to gamble on this market.

    My toss strategy is a risk free profitable strategy, you should stop betting on session and lambi and focus on markets with less risk.

    I'm working on preparing strategy for session and lambi markets let's see how it goes. I'll keep you updated.

    • Hello Munna bhai

      I am new to this website so please pardon my ignorance but could you please provide me with a little more info on this toss strategy of yours.

      Many thanks

      • Welcome on board.

        I'll send you the spreadsheet and explain strategy later tonight. If you don't get it by tomorrow morning then let me know via comment on BD v IND match.

        Meanwhile for this match follow my toss prediction as given above.

        • Will do Munna Bhai & looking forward to your live tips today.

          Will be a cracker of an contest.

          • Hope so. It's a contest between a new look England team and high on WC success NZ. Kiwis are out of their comfort zone and it will be interesting to see if they really had what it takes to be a top ODI team like India or it was just a fluke of home advantage.

            England are not a bad team at home but they simply refuse to accept ODI as serious sport because they can't win.

            No one has any hope, including bookies, with England but it's Cricket and as we all know it's one of the most unpredictable sport so anything can happen.

            For me, as trader, the more unpredictable a match becomes the more money I milk.

            The jackpot match will be when NZ bat first and Baz starts whacking English bowlers all around the park. I just need 4-5 such overs and I'm done with my Jackpot Tuesday.

    • truly said. I'm hoping that you can come up with some trading strategy on score market.

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    Live trading tips


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  5. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    Prediction for chase


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3 Responses to “ England vs New Zealand 1st ODI Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview ”
  1. It was not a surprise win by NZ but they deserved it. They were suppose to win 1st Test as well but they did mistake and let it go. In 2nd Test they gave their 100% and despite 3 session washout they managed to win.

  2. Bhai toss & match batado

  3. Munna bhai englis nehi samje hindi bulay mene khotom hogay bhai up muje bacaiy mere bhai mene upko chuta bhai hogay muje bachia bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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