Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians
vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Kolkata Knight Riders
Thursday, 14 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST


Zia Rana

Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

The team anticipating a place in the top ones in the IPL, Mumbai Indians, will be fighting with Kolkata Knight Riders who are holding second spot on the table.

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    Wankhede Stadium Weather Prediction

    Screw match prediction let's first deal with the weather. We have some bad news fellas. Weather doesn't look good. Thundery outbreaks are possible in the evening. Morning and afternoon will be partly cloudy. We all know notorious pre monsoon rain in Mumbai. Weather is pissing me off so I'm not going to waste my time in prediction unless I get all clear for weather. I'll update more predictions later.

  2. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v KKR Toss Prediction


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  3. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    KKR Total Score Batting First

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  4. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v KKR Match Prediction


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  5. 151 predictions (Pass rate: 73.28%)

    बम्बई और कलकत्ता के मैचवा क प्रेडिक्शन भोजपुरी में


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    • Bihari bhai jai ho bhjpuri prediction ki aaj barsat ho gayi profit ki.

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    mi v kkr prediction from kkr fan


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    • sorry das babu bad luck! sympathy with you.

  7. 142 predictions (Pass rate: 55.17%)

    Aslam bhai ka 100% prediction, winner, sess aur lambi, top mi, kkr bowlers, top batsmen


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    • Aslam bhai ka salaam. 100% Prediction PASS. Mumbai ko jita diya humne. Follow karo aur maal kamawo. Agle match ka prediction aa riya hai...

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    Trading Tips If MI Bats First


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    • What to do if MI bat first and score above 180 can KKR chase this huge total?

    • chalo bhai log aaj mast bohni ho gayi. Jaise bola tha bilkul waisa hi hua. Jisne follow kiya hoga meri tips ko woh maalamaal ho gaya hoga. Ab baith ke match enjoy karo aur Mumbai ka Janaja dekho.

      • Made one more profit. Bumper 200% profit so far.

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    Trading Tips if KKR Bats First

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  3. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    Trading Tips for Method of dismissal Market


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    Mumbai Indians aur Kolkata Knight Riders ka Prediction


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    • panditji namaskar aapka prediction fir se PASS ho gaya. Aise hi dete raho prediction bhai log. Betting Adda jindabad!

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15 Responses to “ Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
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    • Constipation ho gaya hai paise daba ke public ka. Nikalne ki bari aayi to nahi nikal raha. Khane ke baari thi tab hupahap kha rahe the jaise ki 10 saal se bhukhe hon.

      Report sahi hai. Toss mera bhi yahi prediction hoga. MOM tukka nahi hai dono home matches me chamak sakte hain.

      • G**** haath mein leke predict karta hoon Munna Bhai...taaki public mar naa jaye...This is the Best IPL I ever had....Hence this charity work for me betting fraternity.

        Im not as good as you or loyal like you but surely have a sense of responsibility to share some insights to my punter log....

        Hope this goes right.....

    • Tx bhai excellent report hai. I'm new couldn't understand followings

      1. KKR MAXIMUM XX pese Lagega
      KKR abhi Rs 1 hai. XX bole to neeche ka bhav hai ?

      5. 6 OVERS YY NOT
      kya matlab hua iska. 6 overs me YY se neeche ka score hoga?

      6. Lambi ZZZ NOT XYZ double NOT
      Yeh to bilkul bouncer ho gaya. NOT ka matlab hua below that score?
      yeh double NOT kya hai?

  2. I guess Gambhir will let Mumbai to bat first and then chase down the score.If that happens Kolkata will be fav's to win the encounter.

    • Can be possible Mate.

      If MuM toss win and Chase as predicted then No one can stop MuM

      • I'm great fan of kkr when they are out there defending. They will strangle MI with 3 in-form spinners. Scoring or chasing isn't going to be easy for MI that is for sure provided kkr bowlers don't lose their line and length. KKR have variety with spin, fast and slow bowling.

  3. TOSS : MI ( FAIL)


    1. KKR MAXIMUM 70 pese Lagega (PASS)

    2. KKR WILL HAVE good opening stand of 30 runs ( PASS)

    3. Gambhir to make 20 + ( PASS)

    4. Slow scoring. (pass)

    5. 6 OVERS 49 NOT (pASS)

    6. Lambi 170 NOT 182 double NOT ( 170 FAIL)

    7. MI STARTS second innings and will be a very good start ( pass)

    8. Simmons will steady the innings (FAIL)

    9. Parthiv to make quick 20+ runs ( fAIL)

    10. Both openers will depart in 8 overs

    11. From here MI FAVORITE ALL THE WAY


    13. Man of the Match
    Bajji/Simmons( Thukka)

    Value Bets :

    Russell under 26 ( SUPERRRRRRRR PASS)

    Rayudu Under 26 ( SUPERRRRRRRRR PASSSS)

    LEARN TO EARN.......

    • Great prediction Vikram bhai. Bilkul nishane par laga hai. Rs. 30000 laga ke Rs. 65000 ka profit ban gaya aaj to. 2-3 prediction aise hi de do fir to mera sab loss recover ho jayega.

      • thanks for being modest and still appreciating my work.

        Jis din toss aur mera first bat prediction sahi gaya then just play all my bets eyes closed. Im so tempted to share my bets in screenshot.

        if Mamu can create this facility then nothing like it.

        my Top batsmen bets were bang on today: Pandhya and Pathan...... Odds

        Simple trick used:

        Pathan runs were incrementing by 2.5 whereas normally it increases by 1.5 for every run scored

        Pandhya runs opened at 14.5 and for one run scored jumped to 18.5

        This was enough to understnad the bookmaker story....

        Keep an eagles eye on every odd will rock the Bukis

        However I would not want to share these tricks.....else bookmaker can change his gears.... :-)

        LEARN TO EARN....Simple formula

        However I was terribly disappointing to lose the toss after 14 straight wins....:-(

        • Don't tempt to share. Keep it to yourself. If it gets out bookies will patch that hole as well.

    • Good one buddy. You got me on this one. Fucking mota Chawla aloo couldn't stick one beyond rope.

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