Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore
vs Kings XI Punjab
Kings XI Punjab
Wednesday, 6 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST
M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore


Zia Rana

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

One of the top four teams of the Indian Premier League, Royal Challengers Bangalore, will take over the most depleted side, Kings XI Punjab, in the next game.

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    RCB v KXIP Prediction


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    • Is it RR or RCB.......

      • Sorry mixed up. It's RCB.

        • Munna bhai don't you think KXIP because of their 2015 are underdogs in this match otherwise this would have been RCB around 1.85...anyways that doesn't have much impact on the result..Banglore this time have better bowling unit and KXIP batting is as brittle as Pune of u think we should wait first couple of overs to see how the odds move...RCB my fav for laying and hedge to safe book

          • Laying RCB and keep laying till wicket starts tumbling is the best way to start trading in this match if they bat first. Risk is one way fireworks from Gayle if he plays or ABD goes berserk otherwise wickets are guaranteed to fall Punjab has good bowling line up and wickets do fall at Bangalore.

            Same laying strategy can also be applied to KXIP when they are batting first as they are chokers and wicket is guaranteed to fall. If Veeru is playing then he will poke ball and get caught. If wickets don't fall in Punjab's innings when they are batting first then waif for odds to come down below 2.0 and start laying from that point onwards.

            0 -1
            • Lo bete log I did warn you for Gayle. Punjab ki lutiya duba di isne. It was all coming.

    • RR ya RCB? :P

    • Munna bhai please send me your bible.Thanks in advance.

    • munna bhai i am following you from begining of ipl i am new in gambling as i started this seson. i have undurstood lil bit of trading till following you i wanna perfet please send me your guide and bible

    • Bhai good morning hope all is well at your end. I took your advice and traded on odds without picking winner in dd vs mi match and made few bugs. It was not a huge profit but much better than losing money. I don't have enough to thank you and can only pray to god to bless you with prosperity and all the happiness.

      Regarding today's match rcb vs kxip, I think punjab could upset rcb because every year there are few matches in IPL where the underdogs turn the table around. And today just might be the day when a team could win from nowhere and hopefully it would be punjab. Any suggestions ??

      • Yes they can upset as they have nothing to lose and they are sitting comfortably at the bottom of table. They can throw kitchen sink and might win the match. Punjab also has better record at this ground and they are also better against RCB.

        But who cares who wins and who loses, I'm for trading and will make money irrespective of who is dominating the match.

    • RCB Batting is strong and bowling is average

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    Bangalore v Punjab Prediction Hindi me


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  3. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    RCB v KXIP Prediction - Updated with Stats


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    • Munna Bhai jara jaldi update karna bhai... aur aap mail nahi bheje bhai.

      0 -1
    • @Munna bhai...
      U r so cool bro... but I didn't get what trading actually mean..
      As of my knowledge, I understood that trading means playin on both the teams and keepin us safe!! Is tht so??

      • More or less yes but it's more. In trading what you try to do is to predict the odd movement and back/lay accordingly to make money all the time during the match. If you back/lay and wait for match result then it's gambling.

        No one can predict match winner all the time with 100% accuracy and even if you touch 80% of pass rate with some lucky predictor, 20% loss will wipe out all your profit.

        Trading is like stock market, share prices go up and come down all these white collar crooks do is to predict which way it will move and then they make millions.

        Or if you are smart Indian then you can write a bot to flash crash like this Indian dude did to make millions in matter of seconds. Didn't I always say that Indians are smart arses ;)

    • Munna vai aj kon win hoga, pls batado, ma trading ma naya ho, pls halp kardo vai

      • Bro trading me jeet haar ko nahi dekhate hain. Jeet haar dekhani hai to gambling karo. Laga do kisi bhi team par jai mata di ka naam le ke kismet me hai to milega nahi to gadhe ke L se likhi hai kismet to fir Munna Bhai kuch nahi kar sakta.

        Trading karni hai to upar neeche back aur lay karke profit banawo.

        • munna vai i am new trading kisa krta ha hamko detel ma batana vai, ma Skrill or NETELLER dono me account khulla ab kai karna prago, ma bangladesh sa hu. plz help me vai.

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    Punjab v Bangalore Trading Tips


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  2. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    RCB v KXIP Method of next dismissal


    Both teams have dhakkans who get run out. Gayle, Veeru, Karthik etc. Keep backing run out as next method of dismissal by adjusting stake and as soon as anyone gets run out you will make profit. Keep stake low.

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90 Responses to “ Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
  1. Nothing to bother its RCBs win.

  2. Twist in the tale...
    KXIP to win this match..from no where..

    • Match winner KXIP

      0 -1
      • hiiiiiiiiii

        • Yes..!!

          • Ram bilas ji Punjab ko jeeta rhe ho kya muje lgta h rcb easily match jettega for me rcb winner....

            • Was that a match... hahaha shame on KXIP they are performing poorer day by day..
              practice id making them more worse...hahaha....
              a hard day for me though..

              • Ram bilas bro aaj loss hua ya profit Bangalore k ground pr Bangalore hi favorite h, one side match ho gya, kal ka kya khete ho,, Rajasthan vs sunrise Hyderabad
                or Kolkata vs Delhi

                I think kal both match full color hoge or non favorite team k chance jada h,, tradinging k liye superb h both match....

                • I think SRH nd KKR should win today...
                  as SRH has now got a balanced unit..there batting unit still require more attention but RR bowling is not of that classs..
                  SO SRH should get this game..
                  Nd KKR has got a superb doubt for KKR..
                  But If Yuvi fires the n they might have some i dont think he will perform that well tonight..
                  So for me KKR nd SRH..

  3. RCB 80% winning chance.

  4. Match one sided nhi hone wala hai. RCB ko open rate me 50% limit se khana hai.. KXI ko bhav aate hi full limit me khana hai. both side plus kr lena aur Punjab ko km mt samjhna under 50 Paise aane wali hai....good luck......
    ........M K.......

  5. KXIP Will win the match ..... if preity zinta will come then it will be

    rcb : 45

    I m damn sure she is very very unlucky

    • Zinta ke saath uski dost Sunny Leone bhi aayegi match dekhne, tab to double lucky ho jaayega KXIP ka.
      Sunny ke karan hi KXIP ke khiladi underperform kar rahe hain shayad , energy to kahin aur ghuss jaati hai unki

  6. Toss RCB
    Match RCB.
    punjab batting first score 170+
    Rcb chasing in 19 overs.
    but trade don't gamble guys

  7. Bangalore will b winner....

  8. Another difficult match to perdict..

  9. Kal ka match bhv dono side palat sakta hai kya?
    punjab fav aa sakti h?
    punjab fav kab aa skti h batting/chasing?
    need ur opinion guys..!!

    0 -1
    • Banglore pe khelke aao. Bhav neche ate he Dana k khao. Chasing team 100cent jeetegi chahe Jo bhi ho .. ** Dua mein yaad rakhna **

      1 -1
      • 67 Paisa bhut kam h bhai ji banglore pe lagane k liye..
        apke hisab se agar starting me laga du to katne ka bhav kab milega jisse dono side profit set ho jae?
        mjhe lagta hai k pehli inning me wo mauka nhi milega..

  10. Kal k match k liye 30 Runs ki window me lambi bhi predict kro.. M new to this comment section but was observing predictions since world cup..

    • Gadda 160-190 set karo

      • Bingo.. Mere dil se baat chura li
        61-90 set karne ki soch raha tha mai

  11. wait guys kaal ka match super profits hone wala hai plz before bet mera comments zarur read karna

  12. wait guys kaal ka match super profits hone wala hai plz before bet mera comments zarur read karna

  13. wait guys kaal ka match super profits hone wala hai plz before bet mera comments zarur read karna

  14. RCB V KXIP
    Open rate 65-66 RCB mein RCB lagao aur jab rate 36-38 mile tab kaho... lekin ek baat yaad rakhna dosto is match ka winner RCB hi hoga....

  15. Bahi log kul kon c team jeety gi aur lambi kia ho gi

  16. banglore is the most fvrt in their small home .ground.

  17. Both of them are my favorites. What I think is if RCB bat first and look dangerous lay( Kha lo) and if Punjab is batting first and wickets fall then again the same Kha lo. In these kinds of matches there is always a chance of hedging. As RCB is opening favorite and Punjab has already lost so many matches they might take this one.

  18. punjab

  19. Munnabhai..kabi match m ..koi team under 50 paisa aati h...aur hum khate h.. Magar fir match m fav team 50 se oopar ati nai...ya iska vice versa b hota is condition m to certainly newcmrs ka loss hoga...bcz is condition se bachna hum jante nai....plz iske baare m bataiye...kaise loss se bachein ...ya loss reduce karein

  20. Is ground ki ek khasiyat hai.. Jo toss jeetega wo match jeetega.. Chasing team will be the winner..
    Gadda-- 160-190
    (1-10)-- Punjab 77yes 83not
    (11-20)-- pure banenge yesyesyes
    (1-10)-- bang* 74yes 80not
    (11-20)-- pure yesyesyes
    ** Punjab k ek match mein 15 paise ka ghoda uthkega** 15 ya neche ane par Punjab k had match mein dabake khao.. **dua mein yaad rakhna**

    2 -3
  21. hi gays...
    i am back.

    BUT 2ND BATTING WILL WIN 90% sure.

  22. Hope RCB will hold their momentum in today's match .

  23. Dear Munna Bhai,
    This question is off the track but sheer amazement prompted me to ask you about Betfair/Bet365 event coverage range. How come they are able to cover and open a market for some obscure football match in India between Indian Railways and Indian Navy and many like these events which most people do not watch and seem to bother about.Also I doubt any TV coverage or recording of these matches and still see some 1-2k euros matched on these events.Who plays on these matches.There are so many every day and what's the value in it.I see no value but then still how this much amount also gets matched.

    • I made more money on Indian Football than I made on English Premier League. Not on the Navy and Railways but on ISL and I-League. Even I have not clue what the hell these tournaments are but who cares as long as there is scope of milking money punters like me will keep exploring new avenues.

      • Munna Bhai Please Brother Guide Me How to open betfair n bet365 account from india please send the bible which can help mee ....
        Thank YoU In Advance

      • How you do it Bhai? the liquidity is low and so much difference in back and lay prices.

        • Indian Super League was in it's first year so Bookies got fucked as they had no clue on prices. You can say I was lucky. I struck it when it was hot, This year it might be tight as bookies will have the stats with them. Trading on I-League is scavenging but for me it's working so I'll keep making profit.

          Secret is keeping stake low and play for full season.

  24. Top 4 team prediction : CSK, RR, MI, SRH.

  25. Looking at last 10 matches or so the team who is fav at opening odds hav won... just an observation. . Aajkal janta ye sochti hai ki unfav team pe lgao as mast profit milega... which results max bets on unfav team... aajkal fav team (jo starting oddspe fav ho) hi jeet rahi hai... look at last 10-15 matxhes... 85-90 percent times i think

    • Wrong observation dude look at the whole picture instead of looking through pink goggles.

      CSK have lost so did KKR. RCB have been favourite in most of their matches and they have lost too. Underdogs do win in IPL they have always won in the past and will continue to win in the future. You can even adopt a strategy to back Underdogs all the time by loss recovery method and still make profit provide you have got enough bank balance to cover losses if you are on a losing streak.

  26. Bhai I am staying in Bangalore I have lost everything in Ipl matches bhai please help me bhai for today's match iam in lot of commitment bhai I need to relax bhai CAN u tell me About today's match RCB vs KXIP who will win today match bhai

    • Dude why are forcing yourself to jump off Brigade Towers? STOP gambling take get a break. Earn some money, save some and when you have something to spare then trade. Meanwhile start learning trading. Bangalore ki hawa kharab hai bach ke raho.

      • Hello muna pehchana mujha.bhol tu nhi gya ho

        • Haan bhai bol aaj ki kya khabar hai?

          • Meri Jan khaber kal ke hi dd ke jack pat match ke hi mera yaar super hit profit ke.

          • Yaar tu acha admi hi tumha thek thek btana KO dil kerta hi bus

            • Malik kaun si language(bhasha) me likhta hai tu...pata nahi kitno ko palle padti hogi ki tu kya kehna chahta hai....Hindi to dhang se likh liya kar

  27. Punjab will win!!!!!

  28. #munna bhai
    If i back any team in higher odds like 80 88 90 ....and then bhav gose palti then wot to and how to do...
    In small money

    • Start laying first. Start with laying RCB all the way with incremental stakes when they are scoring runs batting first. When wicket falls back them to make profit on both sides. Scoring runs always is not guaranteed it happens 2 out of 20 matches or so. What is more guaranteed is the fall of wicket and that's what you should follow. Scalp wickets. 99% of all trader do this. Look at the money stacked on both sides of odds and you will see lay side has always more money. All of these punters dump millions on laying team batting and then wait for wicket to fall to hedge. It's so simple trading strategy if you can master it then you can make millions in matters of few minutes.

  29. munna mere bhai jiyo aaj to match me rcb jeetega vo b 20 paise punjab ka bhav aane k bad

    • 20 paise me U turn hoga tabhi jeet sakta hai RCB. Har match me U turn nahi ata. Punjab ka 20 paise aane ka matlab hai ki Punjab ki jeet 80% pakki hai jab jeet 80% pakki hai fir kaise haar sakti hai team? It's rare. Good luck dude!

  30. munna

  31. isiliye is india ka tyohaar kehte h mere dost yaha kuch b ho sakta h kyuki preety to paisa chahiye cup nahi mere dost

    0 -1
    • Paise nahi L chahiye usako. Desi L nahi pasand nahi hai, usako firnag L ki pyas hai. Usake pas paise ki kami nahi hai.

  32. match to rcb hi jeetega agar start hua to otherwise rain will win

  33. bhai ness wadia le gaya sare paise uske tabhi to aajkal nach baliye me marva rahi h

    0 -1
  34. Hello Munna vai I am from Bangladesh and hanging with this site nearly one month.Basically I do gambling.But Now I want to trade.I have just a credit card number of my bro who lives in USA and has given me the number for trading.I don't know anything about account opening.Can i be able to open account? If possible then how??

  35. Munna bhai..i am new here..plz send me ur bible

  36. Punjab wins...

  37. kxip.

  38. who will win?

  39. match win by punjab if punjab chasses other wise it will be one sideed match rcb win...........if rcb chasing rcb won if kxip chasing kxip won simple ................

  40. Whom do you think will be lunch favorite nd by what odds?
    1) when Rcb bats first
    2) when punjab bats first
    plz share ur opinions..

  41. rain is the factor .... because weather is not good.. here in bangalore.. :)

  42. wait wait and wait kxip fav ayegi ya fir equal ayegi sure 100% tab jitna drum hai rcb lagao match winner RCB 100% sure good luck

  43. Munna Bhai I am new here plz send me your bible

  44. Wot to do munna bhai 31 me khai 25 me khai 17 me khai
    Lagane ka ayega kya rate

    • Pahle hi bola tha ki risk ho sakta hai. Ab to kewal wait kar sakte ho. Jaise hi upar aata hai aur hedge banta hai to back karke le lo.

      Dusara rasta hai ki Punjab ko khana suru karo aur daba ke khao. Pahle ball se hi khana suru karo incremental me. Wicket girne par odds Mt Everest ban jayega.

      apna to kab ka profit ban chuka hai.

      • Har chauke aur chakke par khao Punjab ko. Jab RCB par profit show karna suru kar de to band kar do.

        apne risk par lo muzhe blame mat karna chud gaye to ;)

        • Bhai I m not blaming you bhai..meine bola aap jab karte ho toh mujhe bata dena .... read my mail

      • Bhai aap jo karte ho woh tarika bolna bhai.... mein ghus gaya

        • Ab woh kaise bataun. Pura bheza khol ke idhar dikhana hoga usake liye. Bas yeh bolo ki experience se hawa ka rukh pata chal jata hai. Gayle nishane par tha to meine 50% RCB par laga ke trading suru ki. Fir jab Gayle ki maramari suru hui to meine khaya nahi bas baitha reha le ke baki ki kahani to sab malum hai. Pahle hi over me lag gaya tha ki yeh aaj dhobi ghat bana dega Punjab ki.

          Ab ghus gaya to jane do. Wait aur karo lo last tak aa gaya to thik hai nahi to agle match me nikal lo.

          • Dear Munna Bhai,
            Today was my first hand experience of seeing millions of euros pumped down to the drain and millions generated just in seconds.I had seen the odds on bet365 many a times but you cant see matched amount and lay/back amount there , its only on betfair .... and who it better than Serena who can win a match from nowhere and also loose from nowhere.In the thrid set serena breaked Vika and u know where the odds would be but then all of a sudden got breaked and then Victoria lost 3 match points on her own serve and then lost the tiebreaker winning only one point.
            Suddenly a flood of euros came backing Vika to cover loss on serena and then again to cover on Vika....just in matter of 3-5 mins.I was in loss too and thought i have lost since i had put when serena got breaked in 3rd set hoping she will again break Vika...but then 3 match points and that yellow screen was not showing anything.
            2-3 million euros exchanged hands in just matter of seconds but the bottomline is 80% loss became the profit of just 20%

            • It's mind-blowing to see so much money in the market in just one match. Imagine what will happen if they start accepting Indian punters without much fuss. It will become a total chaos.

  45. Deae munnabhai,
    I had opened account in BetfairBetfair and verified it using pan card. They are suggesting me to verify for postal address too..
    Plz inform me about the loss of not verifying the postal address in BetfairBetfair.

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