Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Sunrisers Hyderabad
vs Kings XI Punjab
Kings XI Punjab
Monday, 11 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad


Zia Rana

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

Sunrisers Hyderabad speeded up their journey towards prosperity by clinching another game, grabbed 4th spot and will anticipate another win vs. Kings XI Punjab.

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  1. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    SRH v KXIP Prediction, Preview and Trading Tips


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    • munna bhai, who will win today srh or kxip ?

    • Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab
      who win today

    • munna bhai please send me bible

    • Munna bhai har 5 over baad even /odd number ya exactly konsa figure aayega...iski prediction k baaray mai kia khyal hai .
      ?shayad maira sawal aapko stupid lagay lekin mai new hun is cheez mai aur sirf yah numbers he khelta hun....aaj pehli baar aapko follow kartay huai punjab pe 5 lagaye hain toss per.

    • Chalo ek aur nipat gaya, good day to start the week.

  2. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    SRH v KXIP Head To Head Records


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    • Bang on target. Miller went berserk as I predicted.

  3. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    SRH v KXIP Session & Lambi


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    • Hey Munna bhai i need ur help....m new here....join today

    • Good Work Munna. Appreciate it.

  4. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    SRH's Top Bolwer


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  5. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    KXIP's Best Bowler

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  6. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    KXIP's best batsmen


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  7. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    Toss Prediction


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    • Munna Bhai,

      Will you give me few pages to supplement to your bible on how to predict a match and toss?

      Also send me the bible if you can bro. Excited to see what is in it

      • It's just account opening guide. These guys made mountain out of a molehill. It's useless for those who are already have account on online bookies.

        I wouldn't circulate betting strategies that would be suicide. If a successful strategy is out then BF will fuck it up by patching odds movements. Remember what they did with Footie LTD and Tennis 40-0 strategies? It used to work in the past punters milked BF then BF patched the hole and these strategies no longer work.

        I bet if we leak out Toss prediction strategies then it will no longer be 1.90/1.90 and that will be universal chaos.

        I've already given many hints on exploiting toss. Only if these guys follow it. They will keep asking for toss predictions and I'll keep tossing them up ;) I bet these guys didn't do probability theory correctly.

    • Thank u munna bhai. u r dng a grt job by helping ppl like us and i really appreciate ur gesture.
      I hope ur predictions for this match come true and make fortunes for ur followers.
      Thanx again.. :)

    • srh hoga bro..

    • How can you predict toss? I just don't get it. Hoping this works today. I have always been too scared to bet on toss. Anyways I am going to try today. Wish me luck!

      • It's science dude.

        Don't follow my toss prediction for each match individually.

        It's predicted as part of a strategy which guarantees profit at the end of this IPL series. I've prepared this strategy with a lot of research.

        What I do and how I do will never be revealed what I can reveal is that with a unit stake of 1 on each toss I'll make around 50 at the end of IPL 2015.

        • Please help us with your stetergy munna Bhai...thanks a lot

  8. 157 predictions (Pass rate: 62.70%)

    Hyderabad v Punjab Prediction


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  9. 21 predictions (Pass rate: 76.19%)

    SRH v KXIP Preview, Stats and Predictions


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100 Responses to “ Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
  1. KIXP will win on this match 70%

    0 -6
    • TOSS-SRH

    • Yaar Tiger you are going nowhere with your predictions. Tiger se Nick Billooo Rani kar do predictions phir sahi hoga

  2. Who will win?

  3. TOSS PREDICTION how funny...@Munna vi.

    0 -1
    • Mr. Daniel,

      In ancient past people used to laugh when NASA scientists were busy planning to go into space and conquer Moon.

      After it was achieved people followed. Every thing looks funny till you crack to understand.

      Predicting Toss also is same. If you can appreciate the work atleast say thanks. Betting world says only 6.8 % make genuine profit in betting industry.Surely you may not be in that 6.8 % people hence everything looks funny.

      Toss ka hint: What is the guarantee that the coin that is flipped in the air is surely heads on one side and tails on other? :-)

      There cannot be any bet listed in market that cannot be controlled by a Buki.......

      Anyways LEARN TO EARN :-) All the Best

      4 -1
      • Bro toss kon jitega aaj pls bata do

      • Bailey>virat>dhoni>rohit>watson>warnerduminy>gambhir...
        toss luck priority

  4. Thanks for the prediction input Munna Bhai

    • Vikram thu bol bhai predictions! !

    • Vikram bhai thu bol bhai!

    • @vikram TX for ur genuine predictions and pls keep giving us the predictions

    • vikram bhai,, u r the man to watch.. what spot on predictions man. i wud really like to thank u man.
      plz help me with today's predictions brother.
      thanx again..
      big fan.. :)

  5. KXIP will win the match. Maxwell & Miller is back though they are out of competition.

    KXIP 70%

    0 -1
  6. Sir can you please tell me how to make an account on BetfairBetfair ?
    Please Help!!

  7. I dont have passport
    how can i bet online since betfair needs passport?

  8. if SRH batting first 170+
    KXIP batting first 165+

    clash of titans(Bhav Palti)

  9. Munna pls pls send me ur bible iam waiting from.long time pls send

  10. Munna pls pls send me ur bible iam waiting from.long time pls send

  11. Dear munnabhai,
    Thanks for ur support for helping me to make my account in betfair as well as in netellr. I successfully started making money. I started using it and its been 4-5 days over. I started with 15€ and now its 105€. I think in online sites,trading in cricket is good but do the same in football and basketball is far better. Live matches, mostly matches in which is above HT, works for making a huge amount of money in that games. Will u agree?

    • Big money in Football if you can figure out how to milk it.

      • Munna bhai please send me your Bible!! I am not waiting here!!!! Please bhai

      • Opened account with the link u provided but still confused, don't know verified or not. Using debit card, is it acceptable or credit card is must.
        Kindly send me the guide

      • Munna bhai u said that u r working on a successful football stragedy and u said it would be done by august, i am eagerly waiting for it. All the best and thanks, also i dont know but foe the past six months football has been very lucky for me except english football, seems impossible to predict swansea beats man utd and chelsea just managed a draw . . . . Hope o would be able to understand it after learning more stragedies from u.

        • It is worked upon and it's successful. All Footie seasons are concluding soon and I've quite good number of leagues qualified to make guaranteed profit. Loss making ones are eliminated.

          I've to polish it further to prepare stake vs bank balance v how much profit you can make in a season.

          English football is in the qualified list.

          My strategy doesn't focus on individual match results. I never trade on match results. It doesn't work it will not work. so give up chasing match prediction to start with or you will end up writing a book on how many millions you lost. Read this for inspiration

          • @Munna Bhai,

            Please sent me your bible.

          • Bhai you said in football you never trade on match results.I didn't get you on this point.You trade out as you get profit or like you play other markets?also strategy dosent focus on individual matches but then you need to keep staking small stakes all through the season to make profit.

            • I trade on other markets never on match result. I go to market and place my bet without even looking at who is playing who and what their past h2h records are or any other criteria.

  12. munna bhai sent me ur bibel........please

  13. Really, you're awesome bhai
    munna bhai sent me ur bibel.......please

  14. Munna Bhai pls sent me bible and also sent me ur research tips on betting and trading

  15. its an important match fir the can put 100%effort on ths match.KXII punjab has no tension,but they try to spoil SRH happiness,any how chance for SRH.

  16. Munna bhaiya pLs send me ur bible pls

  17. Munna bhai
    Trading kaise karte hain bta do plzzzz
    Apki bible mail kardo plzzzz

  18. Munna vai sent me ur bible,
    im waiting since long time,
    pls vai

  19. sent me ur bible vai

  20. Hello yash bhai kaha ho apke kal k prediction sahi rahe or profit bhi ho gaya bhai aaj k match ka prediction kya h bhai apka or bhai play off me konsi 4 teams hogi bata sakte ho

  21. Tell Me Plz Who Win Today
    plz help me
    Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab
    who will win

  22. kxip will win the match
    jitna lagana h lagalo

    baad me thnx bol dena

    0 -3
  23. kxip will win the match
    jitna lagana h lagalo

    baad me thnx bol dena

    0 -5
    • U r lair and harmful..

    • Yaar tere bheje mein sirf AsH hain aur kuch nahi. Thnx bol diya

    • kyu dusro ko marwa rhe ho yr

  24. I see no value in this game at the start. Punjab performance is very dismal but the last match gave
    a hint that they can be serious threat and party poppers.Better to play safe.

  25. kxip win 1000%....

    0 -2
  26. Vikram , yash panchal & lucky 786 waiting for ur comment s

  27. My last 2 prediction was 100% Correct. So here is my prediction for this match .

    SRH can be called as best defending team taking consideration to their Bowlers .Remember one thing " If SRH win the toss and choose to bat , which they do most often after winning toss , SRH will be the winner of this match by 100% " . But if they choose to chase their will be chances that KXIP will win this match by 60% probability .

    Toss Prediction = SRH
    Match Prediction = SRH

    Lambi = 160 not (If SRH go for bat first)
    Lambi = 150 not ( If KXIP go for bat first)

    Again , favorite will change too many times in this game, so play safe and enjoy the match .

    Good Luck !

    2 -1
  28. Munna bhai please send me ur bible I m in huge loss

  29. Who will win today ?? But i hope today will win SRH

  30. Dear Munna Bhai,

    Just read the book "Tails I Loose : The compulsive Gambler who lost his shirt for good" by Justyn Larcombe and was amazed, surprised and a bit scared also. He just lost everything (almost a million pounds) in three years starting from 2009.He says that biggest joke with you happens when in initial stages you make some money and think that you can tame the markets up and down;right or left and make money on Betfair but slowly Betfair takes you to ultimate destruction of your self esteem and prestige.He has become a well known face of Anti-Gambling crusade in England.Your comments and suggestions

  31. Yash bhai kaha ho aap rply fast bhai aaj ka macth kon jitega

  32. tipsters,experienced guys here please suggest for beginners like me on whom to place bet on today's match SRH VS KXIP

  33. Munna bhai I too need bible pls send it to my mail.

  34. I too agree with Munna Bhai on the compulsive gambler topic.. If you have millions why gamble just trade.

    Sir, could you send the bible to me as well

  35. Mr. Vikram
    That's cricket not SHOLAY(movie).

  36. Hello Munna Bhai.

    I from India and i want to open the account in Betfair (Click here to open account).. I had already made the id on Betfair (Click here to open account)..How can i make payment and transfer the payment ?

  37. Yashhhhhhhh bhai rplyyyyy

  38. pancal & anik ples yaar jaldi predication diya karo bahut loss 100000 k loss ho gaya hai

  39. Kxip will win the match.

    0 -1
  40. SRH Won 71%......

    0 -1
  41. Munna bhai please send me ur bible I m in huge loss....... Plz

  42. @munnabhai
    I hav been readin all d posts from world cup and was absent in btwen ipl.n nw m.back
    I hav seen ur calculations r quites impresive and predictions r good i hav seen ppl askin u for predictions.. even m herr to ask u out abut 2days match as i hav lost :p nvm its a luck
    Waitin 4 ur reply...n wat is dis bible?i mean ur bible

    • Kyon maska laga rahe ho. Prediction ain't always true. What is true is that I make money trading in each of these matches. Haven't been in loss in any of the IPL matches so far. Let's see how long I can keep winning.

      • Nahi bhai maska nahi jo hain wo bataya
        Trading is in? Book bana k?

        • Book me trading nahi hai. Trading wali Bible nahi chapi hai, Baad me chapunga.

          • Samjha sakteh ho wat ur trading means?evn i bett n currntly in debts

          • Aur ye sab log kon c bible ki baat kar rahe hain zara hame bhi do bible

  43. hi all, My Prediction Time.. 7.50 PM. pls admin comments 15 Min. se jyada delay mat kiya karo yar... fb pe turant hota hai wo bhi to social site hai yaha to gine chune log hote hai sirf.. request

  44. Aj SRH jitega

    1-10 over tak. 74 tak yes karo 79 Not

    10 se 20 ove 164 yes 170 not

    0 -1
  45. Munna bhai send me ur bible plz

  46. munna bhai please send me your bible, iam new here.

  47. Yash panchal ap kahan ho

    Pandit ap kahan ho

  48. csk report pass with jackpot

  49. sir....i hve to play batsman today..plz tell me which batsman should i choose to

  50. Who will win today ?

  51. Munna Bhai please send me your bible, i am new here........

  52. Anik and Panrhal kaha ho bhai

  53. gud luck to all

  54. Which is favourite to start trading with..
    1) If srh bats first
    2) If kxip bats first
    pls suggest

    • If SRH bats first then trade on SRH takin gthem as fav.
      If KXIP bats first then it's Gayle/ABD style risk. In this case you have to be careful.

  55. munna bhai please send me your bible i am waiting your bible.

  56. srh 100%

    • SRH bats SRH wins....100%

  57. Book to ban gaya.. match me colour hai... lets wait for the next inning

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