Cricket Predictions Android App

We are glad to announce the launch of Cricket Predictions Android App. This app is not available on Google Play. Before installing this app make sure that you have enabled developer options from Settings->Developer Options -> ON

Then go to System -> Security and tick Unknown source.

On somne other phones (latest phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) this option is Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Unknown sources. Turn on Unknown sources.

Click here to download Android App

App is free however only premium members can see premium content.  So basically this app is only useful for premium members.

App offers following features

  • Previews
  • Predictions
  • Tips
  • Comments
  • Notifications for preview, predictions and tips.
  • You can purchase premium membership directly from the app using debit/credit card and see predictions and tips instantly

Upcoming features

  • Live support chat

It is absolutely free

This Cricket Predictions App is free and will remain free forever. We have invested and will keep investing a lot of money, manpower and time into this app so use it.

Send us feedback

This app is for you. Please send us feedback and we will keep improving it. If you find any issues or bug then let us know.

Do I need to register again on app to access premium content?

No, you don't have to register. Your login details will work on app.

How to turn on Push Notifications for predictions/tips/comments?

First login then go to menu. On the menu at the top click on image to access your profile page


On your profile page scroll down at the bottom to see the notifications switches. You can turn ON the notifications which you want to receive and click on Update to update.


16 Responses to “ Cricket Predictions Android App ”
  1. Thanks Mamu, it took time but finally bang on time just before IPL.

    4 -2
    • Still not there yet as I planned. It took too much time than I expected and it's not 100% completed. I wanted to launch it prior to WT20 but missed that. Anyways as usual it's always work in progress for us.

      1 -1
  2. cha gaila guru ek dam dhansu app h.

  3. mamu yeh notification keise milega?

  4. Mamu ki jai. Bhai kiya solid app hei maza aa gaya, mein yeh comment app se publish ker reha hun.

  5. tusi great ho mamu! 5* to app.

  6. You guys are great mamu & munna bhai. tbh this is one of the best apps I've seen in this category. it's beautifully designed and gives us what we want. You must have spent fortune on this app?

    Spot on mamu. Are you planning to launch iPhone app?

    • Majority of users are from India and subcontinent. iPhone is not the phone for public, it's status symbol for elite. Most of our users have Android phone. We can build iPhone app but problem will be distribution and usage. Apple doesn't allow gambling apps in Indian subcontinent and we will not have many users. And unlike Android we can't publish it directly for iPhones.

  7. tx mamu gr8 app. ek request hei, prediction aur tips ka font sie kam hei theek se dikhta nehi, please increase font size.

    • We have lots of text content on the main pages, if we increase font size then you have to scroll a lot to see all the content. I can read it easily from 1 foot I don't think it's an issue?

  8. Brilliant app mamu, can we publish tips and predictions from the app?

    • Not yet. I don't think we are going to support that as we don't have many tipsters on website. munna bhai doesn't like typing on mobile phone so he is not interested in this feature. If we get many more tipsters on website and if they request then we can implement this feature. You can continue using website to post tips.

  9. Kya baat hai MAMU N BHAI har roz history create kar rahe ho..both of u will break all records..really proud of u both..thanks so much..

  10. bhai log sabashi bohot ho geyi ab app use karo aur feedback bhezo.

  11. mamu tusi great ho.

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