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Shakuni Mama (Admin)
Shakuni Mama (Admin)
Published on 07-May-2015, last updated 20-Aug-2016
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Some of the Glossary terms listed below could be construed as offensive but they are not. These words in question are just a label assigned to player/team/country/race/etc which are used by hoi polloi in day to day life.


AB de Villiers - South African Cricket player.


White British. England Cricket team.

Back (Lagawo in Hindi)

Placing a bet on a team to win. 




Bhojpuri/Hindi term for naive.


Correct Score market in Football (Soccer)

Chappar Phaad Profit

Windfall gain or jackpot profit. 



Double Power

Doubling your stake in next match to recover loss.


It literally means local but when applied globally it refers to Indians. When used out of India this term refers to people from Indian subcontinent. 

It also refers to local/home made wine.

Desi Bhav

In Indian sub-continent we don't use decimal or fractional odds but we use bhav (rate). It's represented in Paisa (Indian penny). 

Desi Bhav = Decimal Odds - 1


If decimal odds on online bookies is 1.80 then desi bhav will be 1.80 - 1 = .80 = 80 paisa


Drunk. Refers to Royal Challengers Bangalore - IPL team as it is owned by Vijay Mallya whose major business is brewing, distilling.


Dhakkan means lid. When it's used in context of a person/place/team then it means rubbish.

E.g. Dhakkan team = rubbish team

Normal this term is assigned to associate cricket team/lower ranked teams such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Dutch, USA, Ireland, Scotland etc.



Dono Taraf Profit

Profit on both sides. See definition of Hedge.


Gaand, Indian term for Arse/Ass.

Greenup = Loss Kaat lo

This term is used for Betfair. When you have profit on any team the amount shown under P/L is shown in green hence the term. 

When we say greenup on Betting Adda it means that you have to cut loss on the other team and either make loss 0 or have small profit on that team.

E.g. If you have started trading by backing a team at odds of 1.85 (85p desi bhav) with £100  and when we say greenup then it means you can lay the same team or back other team to cut loss on other team. 


White. Mainly used to identify a Cricket team from England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and other white majority countries. 


In trading this term refers to making profit on all events (ideally equal profit). e.g. In a T20 match with 2 way betting this refers to making equal profit on both teams irrespective of which team wins. In Test it means making profit on all three outcomes including draw.

Hedge is mainly used when you are trading on Betfair. With online bookies you can achieve hedge by cashout.


Hindi word for gambling.


Indian Premier League - Indian domestic T20 Cricket tournament.


Hindi word for Swing. In trading it refers to a swing strategy - term coined by Munna Bhai.


Australian Cricket team


Hindi word for Black. Refers to a team consisting of majority of Black players such as West Indies, Sri Lanka. It also refers to a person with dark colour.

Khawo/Khao/Kha Lo

Hindi word for lay. Placing a bet on a team to lose. 


INR 10,000,000 = Rs. 1 Crore


New Zealand Cricket team.


Short for Khade Lund Pe Dhokha. Loosely refers to a great opprtunity missed.


Short for Lund - Indian cock (penis). 


It's Hindi word for Cripple. Nick name for Shikhar Dhawan - Indian Cricket player - as he limps.

Lagawo/Lagao/Laga Lo

Back. Placing a back bet on a team/market.


Refers to the first inning score in a Cricket match.

Lag Gaye Laude/Laude Lag Gaye

Hindi slang for Fucked.

Loss kaat lo = Greenup

If you have bet on a team and if this team comes favourite (odds.bhav come down) then you can lay (Kha lo) this team to cut loss on other side. 


People from Madras (now Chennai). Refers to CSK - Chennai Super Kings - IPL team.


Man of Match


Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Indian Cricket player.


Below/down. Refers to the odds going down.


INR 1,00,000 = Rs. 1 Lakh.


Bengali sweet. Refers to Kolkata Knight Riders - an IPL team.


Rajasthan Royals - IPL Team.


Sri Lanka Cricket Team.


Hindi word for betting or gambling.




It's a generic term for Business, in betting it means betting activities.


Total run score in each sessions of limited over Cricket. E.g. in T20 session refers to run scored in 10 overs.


Balance. In trading it refers to the Trazu Strategy - a term coined by Munna Bhai.


Above. Refers to the odds going up.

Waat/Waat Lag Gayi

Hindi slang for screwed.

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  2. one correction

    Short for Khade Lund Pe Danda.

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    • You are wrong bro. Dhokha is correct and we know it better than anyone else. Danda doesn't make sense. Think over it. You get erection when you see promise and when promise is not fulfilled it's dhokha and not danda.

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