Multani Jackpot Cricket Betting Strategy

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 21-Oct-2016, last updated 24-Mar-2018
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I coined "Multani Jackpot" during Pakistan's National T20 Cup matches which were held in Multan. This was the match after which I coined this term.


Cost: £999/$1200 or about INR 90,000 (Ninety Thousand Indian Rupees)

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Why Multan?

During this tournament almost 99% of matches held in Multan gave us jackpot profit. I've never seen so predictable jackpot pitch anywhere else in the world. I'm not sure why all of these matches ended up as jackpot. May be it was the pitch or the nature of tournament or the teams or the ever green Pakistani players with their rainbow colour playing style. 

What is jackpot?

For me a jackpot profitable match is the match which gives you jackpot profit with very minimum loss. E.g. You make 1 peti profit with just 1000 risk which is 100 times profit

What is Multani Jackpot?

A Multani Jackpot is an easy predictable profit in a match.

In practice you can get easy 12-15 times profit when Multani Jackpot strikes. 

Another beauty of this strategy is that you don't have to risk any money at all. You will recycle the profit which you have already earned following my trading tips.

Can you make Multani Jackpot in each match?

No you can't. In domestic leagues such as IPL, Big Bash etc you normally get 2-5 Multani Jackpots in a season. There are certain matches/pitches/teams/tournaments which I can identify easily and inform you in advance to be ready for Multani. You can find this under tips section on these matches.

You can't make jackpot in each and every match. Identifying a match for Multani is not an easy task. 

Where to find Multani Jackpot Strategy?

I haven't prepared a separate strategy for this. This starategy is available in Puchilla Strategy as it's one part of that strategy.

Can this strategy be applied to all form of cricket?

T20I and domestic T20 is the best followed by ODI and One Day domestic matches. In Test matches it will not work.

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4 Responses to “ Multani Jackpot Cricket Betting Strategy ”
  1. bhai yeh ipl ya big bash me multani kyon nehi aata he? national cup me hi kyon aaya 90% multani?

    • Multani Mitti ka kamal hei. Kuch to hei Multani mitti me.

  2. bhai ye koi new strategy he ya wahi purani wali jo humne kharida he?

    • Same strategy jo puchilla me meine describe kiya hei.

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