Australian Open Women's Final - Serena Williams v Maria Sharapova - Prediction & Betting Tips

Hiland Doolittle Jan 30, 2015 12 Comments 80,679 views

Schedule: Sat 31st January 2015 , Rod Laver Arena. 8:30 GMT

Serena Williams Australia Open 2015 Final
Serena Williams meets Maria Sharapova in the grand finale of 1st Grand Slam of the year.

Two of the WTA’s more unpopular presences in the locker room will meet in the Australian Open final. When two egos like this clash, somebody is bound to suffer. Between the two, they have earned nearly $100 million on the court and millions more in endorsements. This is truly a match between two winning corporations and brands as much as a match to win the tournament.

The pair has also dominated the tennis world’s Grand Slam events with Serena ($63,500,779) winning 18 titles and Russian-American Maria Sharapova ($32,730,228) grunting her way to 5 major titles. To add to the Super Bowl, the two rarely see eye-to-eye and do not like each other. That’s always fun, a catfight! There will be plenty of grunting and antics on the court and between points as the two both like to control the crowd, the pace of the match and cameras.

Maria has been brilliant since her near knockout by unlikely Russian upstart Alexandra Panova (6-1, 4-6, 7-5) in a contest where the underdog actually had successive match points before Maria took charge. Likewise, Serena narrowly escaped a strong challenge from Spain’s hard serving rising star, six foot Gabrine Muguruzu, (2-6, 6-3, 6-3). We will hear more from Muguruzu in 2015 but probably not so much from Panova. Interestingly, Serena was also pushed by another tall player, Madison Keys (5 foot 11 inch) in the semis and reportedly has a cold. Sharapova’s 6 foot 2 inch frame presents problems for Serena. With excellent reach, adequate foot speed and the stature to get a good look at the high kicking Williams serve, Maria is built for this matchup.

Okay, enough said. Maria has the stature but not the resume. In their 18 matches, Sharapova has won twice, helping to create the long odds. In fact, she has not defeated the American since 2004. It is difficult to see how she will pull the upset today.

Except that Williams has to tie her laces, get on the court and play her match. And, Maria is playing with uncommon efficiency. She is serving better than usual. Maria is competing at a high level, returning serve spectacularly and expects to win, unlike every other opponent Serena has faced. And, you know, I think the upset will happen here.

However, Serena is tough to bet against. She rises to the occasion and winning a 19th Grand Slam plays into her hand. And, every time she looks across the net, she sees a player she has owned since 2004, a stat even the biggest grunter in professional tennis can’t overlook.

I do not like the Serena bet so for me this is a “watch” bet. Take Sharapova and if she wins, you will feel good about it.

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12 Responses to “ Australian Open Women's Final - Serena Williams v Maria Sharapova - Prediction & Betting Tips ”
  1. Serena Williams is favourite, expect cat fight from Sharapova. It's not going to be easy ride for any of these players. Scalp Serena's serves. If she loses first set then expect comeback.

    • Its Serena #19 for me...Even one set down she can be deadly...

      Bhai is it a good strategy to put 35-40 percent of stake before the match and if she loses first to increase it by same amount....and if she is on fire then to lay after her first set win and if opportunity comes again to enter in 2nd set

      • I start with 10% on the favourite then wait for the odds to increase and back more in incremental stakes. I keep on hedging or Tarazu. I keep both in green in "Jhula". No risk and always in profit. 1.44 is good odds to start with so you might be good for 25% pre-match bet.

        • Thanks Bhai,
          if odds increase its to back incremental but my doubt is how to simultaneously do the Tarazu until to see a crack or opening that the fav odds can all of a sudden double or may come equal to the minnow

          • That's risk and assumption that there will be SeeSaw. It's not going to be one way for Serena so back her at higher odds to keep average odds above 2.02 which will open Tarazu for you. In Tennis odds for favourite player tend to come down quickly even if it increases as you have seen in today's match. We all know, and so do all the computers involve in moving odds, that favourite almost always come back and also the fact they they are caught napping in 1st set.

            So the strategy should be to back Serena with some money and keep more for higher odds. If you get higher odds in 1st set then back if not then you have nothing to risk.

            • Got it Bhai....have seen it in todays match only how quickly the odds changed from 2-2.2 to 1.10...impossible to place without the software and i couldn't ... need to quickly adapt with it....Just wish this to be a tight match but with a Williams win....personally too i hate this Russian breed US cat

    • Can I back Sharapova now at 3.0 and hedge later when odds shorten to around 2.0? Is this good strategy? Or shall I wait for the match to start?

    • MUNNA bhai , serve scalp can I use tricks or just manually hedge ? How many ticks is possible to use ??

      • For scalping you need a software like BetTrader. For Tarazu or both side profit you can do manually by anticipating the odds movement and placing unmatched bet. You need to use my spreadsheet for quick calculation.

  2. Maria win this match 75%...

    0 -1
  3. Cat fight is on ;)

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