Adelaide Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes, Prediction & Betting Tips

Zia Rana Dec 28, 2014 61 Comments 131,197 views
Big Bash 2014-15
Adelaide Strikers
Adelaide Strikers
vs Hobart Hurricanes
Hobart Hurricanes
ScheduleWednesday, 31 December 2015 at 08:10 GMT / 08:10 UK / 13:40 IST
VenueAdelaide Oval

The Big Bash League, 2014-15, is picking its rhythm after initial matches where unexpected results are visible with new upcoming teams. The finalists of the previous year, Perth Scorchers and Hobart Hurricanes have lost one game each out of two whereas the no.7 unit on the points table, Adelaide Strikers, are currently holding the second spot with two consecutive wins. Hobart Hurricanes will try their luck against Adelaide Strikers in their next meeting which is scheduled on the last day of the 2014.

George Bailey - Leading Hobart Hurricanes from the front
George Bailey - Leading Hobart Hurricanes from the front

Players to watch

Tim Ludeman has registered over a hundred runs in two games for Adelaide Strikers whereas Craig Simmons along with Brad Hodge have scored forty plus and rest of their batsmen have yet to contribute. Kane Richardson is the most deadly bowler who is getting able support from Ben Laughlin, Johan Botha and Adam Zampa.

George Bailey batted excellently by smashing 71 off 44 balls for Hobart Hurricanes in the previous match vs. Sydney Sixers and Tim Paine scored 36 runs. Jonathan Wells, Ben Dunk and Darren Sammy made their presence felt with the willow in their first game but they need attacking batting from Alex Hales. Joe Mennie, Ben Hilfenhaus, Cameron Boyce and Xavier Doherty are doing justice with the ball.

Time & Venue

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 @ 08:10 GMT, 18:40 local at Adelaide Oval.


A mixed weather with the temperatures around 16-29ᵒC.


Hobart Hurricanes have opted to bat after winning the toss once while Adelaide Strikers were unable to get the coin side in their favour but most probably they will go for bowling.

The Pitch

Adelaide Strikers enjoyed batting in their previous game against Melbourne Stars at the same venue, won it by eight wickets and their bowlers grabbed seven wickets.


Adelaide Strikers – Johan Botha (C), Craig Simmons, Tim Ludeman, Travis Head, Brad Hodge, Kieron Pollard, Kane Richardson, Alex Ross, Trent Lawford, Adam Zampa, Ben Laughlin.

Hobart Hurricanes – George Bailey (C), Ben Dunk, Alex Hales, Tim Paine, Jonathan Wells, Darren Sammy, Evan Gulbis, Joe Mennie, Ben Hilfenhaus, Cameron Boyce, Xavier Doherty.


Hobart Hurricanes can add two points to their tally.

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61 Responses to “ Adelaide Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes, Prediction & Betting Tips ”
  1. Strikers

    2 -2
    • Yes

      2 -3
      • Strikers

        0 -2
  2. My prediction is 50:-50 so play second batting and gain your profit :-) average score ll be around 160 or 165 easy chase@

    1 -3
    • u r right...,

  3. who will win Praveen bai

    • Praveen bhai thnq u so much.....

  4. rudhra bhai where are you bhai plz pridict who will win

    • Adilade khel lo jeet pakki

      • Next match rudra..

  5. Mumma what happen to uh sb galat news de rhe ho is match ka tho confirm btao

    • All are only predictions...confirm news/tip kuch nahi sensibly...according to movement of odds...

  6. Bhai jis k paas kal k match k tips ho vo pls hlp krdo...

  7. Kal mujhe
    strikers hi lg rhi kisi k paas Hobart jitane ka koi reson ho to pls share zrur krna ....

  8. Bewakuf na bno hobart pe lagao...95%hobart win this match

  9. 100% hobart hurricane won my jujment

  10. strikers jitega hobrt first batting karegi 10 over ka session lambi nd 2nd inning ka session sab paas hoga kama lena jisko jitna kamana h!!!!

    1 -1
  11. i lose 75 thousand.....

    i think hobart????? what say???

  12. Again sure shoot no loss at all
    If 1st batting score 166 or above then it will win by 1 st bat ...
    Min run 161 ....and play 1st batting and make book at 20p...

    Over all Hobart may bat 1 st and stickers will chess ...

    If Hobart bat 1st and score below 160 then it will win by stickers if above 166 then Hobart will win or come 20p....

    All the best

    All tiper fail so at logicly
    And don't loos ur money
    Cover ur out going loss as u get chance

  13. I'm back in business, For tomorrow match i don't get any information yet. Tomorrow at 12.00 AM i'll get the prediction. I paid 2 lakhs for this prediction. I'ii share it for all losers..................hope their loss will minimized. Thank u

    NB: Don't Bet blindly as my prediction, u all have your won brain, make it cool & then do as your wish.

    0 -1
    • H.H WILL WIN THAT EVERONE KNOW !! for this easy prediction u paid 2 lakhs ??? Than how much u bet the the game ???

    • 100% right

    • Dear Bigboss,
      have u seen the letest IDEA advertisement"ULLU MATH BANAAV".

  14. Easilest prediction !!! H.h will win for sure no other chance back with & win !!

  15. Mere pass h cnfrm report
    ki kaun jeetega
    100% cnfrm

  16. aur rsn b de skta hu ki meri btayi hui team q jeetegi

  17. hibert haricans 1000%%%%% WINNNNNN

  18. hobert haricans 1000%%%%% WINNNNNN

  19. Adelaide Strikers will win 100% because memory of Phil huge and its their home ground.also it is the last game of their home in 2014. Travis Head, Brad Hodge, birthday.So at any cost ADELAIDE STRIKERS will.

    1 -1
  20. Dear guys,don't give single line predictions,bcz its just like lottery,if u have any report pls post detail analysis.otherwise just close all organs immediately.,if any person have knowledge in cricket,pls post strength and weakness of both teams.that's helpful for us.just think guys,just compare POLARD AND SAMMY, who is hard hitter?? and blind hitter??? and in DEATH OVER.WICH BOWLER IS BEST???in both teams.
    these two factors are playing important role tomorrow,
    if my opinion is wrong pls give will helping to all...

    0 -1
    • It pays to watch the game develop, and then gradually edge into the more favoured position. I am a cricket novice, but in the past 2 weeks have made over £1,000 by waiting to see how the first batting team has done their innings, and then taking sides, being aware of how their average T20 scores have been in the past 5-6 matches. Twice out of 6 matches, I have to admit I was lucky - it went to the last ball before I won. But it pays to wait for some clarity, and accept lower odds with more certainty.

      • Yes great you are fucking smartest guy on the planet. Now start selling that shit called guaranteed profit system and make more money selling the system because your fucking system has already made you bankrupt by the time you figure out how the fuck it worked in the first place itself and then burnt big hole in your back.

        Welcome to wonderful world of sports trading where every motherfucker who can pronounce betting is a winner and doesn't leave any stone unearthed to let the world know that he has got it all figured out.

        If all these assholes are winners who the fuck are losers? Who loses money? Bookies don't grow money in their backyard and donate to these smartest guys on the planet. If these guys keep winning then there must be millions out there getting busted. Since world hasn't come to its end it means other ain't bankrupt yet which leads to the point that suckers like you are just bubble for few days. Watch out before you get busted, it will hurt and you will end up declaring yourself bankrupt.

        And stop fucking others. Once you have made millions then come back again till then piss off.

        0 -2
        • what was all that for? I was just sharing the excitement of finding something that seems to work, pretty well. And it might be a good thing for you to try. My, you sound bitter! Does every potentially good idea shared get you this way?

          • Yeh, I got excited too with such exciting idea. Why didn't you show proof first before sharing your excitement with the world? I'm not being bitter, I just go after anyone who pops up out of no where and without any proof and declares himself a trading genius. It takes years of hard work, meticulous recording, sweating and massive losses before someone can stumble upon a working strategy which gives 10-50% consistent profit over years. And just to let you know none of such strategies exist in public domain. Those who have it will never share it and hence no one will ever know. What are available publicly and shared in this Wild Wild fucking Net are all failed strategies like LTFD (Lay The Fucking Draw - It's my copyrighted term, the well known term is LTD - Lay The Draw) strategy in Football. It used to work donkeys years back but not anymore. It's still out there are there are genius traders out there who keep messing with it by topping it up with some kind of fucking insurance bet. Some even go beyond their insanity to declare they have found a fucking holy grail of Football Trading. And there are thousands of idiots who keep searching for the holy grail which doesn't exist.

            Did you realize that there are thousands of naive punters who just follow anything posted on this website and keep losing money on daily basis?

            So hold your horses for a while, once you have perfected your strategy then you are most welcome to share it.

          • Instead, why not give me some nuances to look to use, to add to this idea? Since I admit I am a novice (really am!), and millions, such as yourself, could add some real texture to the idea, things to watch out for, etc. Instead of trolling, this could be good for both of us. It might help me avoid a bad mistake - using a good idea that has faults. So how about it?

      • Hi Yankee,
        Could you throw some light on how much you staked to make 1000pounds at your "accepted" lower odds because that is what makes all the difference.Every other guy who is in this trade and is serious starts with the thing you have mentioned so whats new in that.Whats striking to notice is that you are saying absolute rubbish when you suggest to "accept lower odds with more certainty", that is bullshit .Is there anything certain at any odds??If it is then why those odds are also offered by bookmakers.
        Leave alone trading , if you are pure betting and speculating the thumb rule that every experienced punter knows is to choose the higher odds wisely , then only you can make your bank grow with time even with losses else sooner or later you gonna burn all your bank.Either you are pretending childish or too naive

        • To start with, let me say it is not a truly "scientific" method. But from my log book, here is what has happened (I am still surprised, and worried it might all go wrong, but it has been good so far):
          22 Dec: Sydney v Hobart 4/7 £105 won £60
          26 Dec: Perth v Renegades £415 won £230
          27 Dec: Sixers v Thunder £1000 won £460
          28 Dec: Brisbane v Melbourne £1460 won £385
          29 Dec Renegades v Sydney £600 won £50
          Usually, the amounts above were not place all at once, but in smaller pieces, 4 or 5 usually, as the game developed. The main thing I watch is the cumulative run rate, and how it is comparing to the team's average in the recent past. Usually, wickets do not matter as most of the time a T20 will not use them all. I almost never place a stake before the match starts, as I can see far too little about the day's performance. Only the last bet, did I do all at once, because I was to worried about a rally by the other team, as the run rate was too close for most of the match, so I accepted a 1/12 price to capture a little profit (but was scared doing it). The main thing that helps me is that I watch each over like a hawk, and calculate the rates and required rates with each over, because the bookies sometimes are too influenced by a fall of wicket when there are plenty left (at least Ladbrokes does). Hope this helps some. RM

          • Next match, Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes, 31 Dec, for example, is far too close to call ante-post, despite some strong opinions I have read. Adelaide has a recent (overs-adjusted) scoring rate of 167, vs 160 for the Hurricanes. So I have to wait to see if the first team is having a good or poor day, relative to its average. I might even have to wait 5 overs into the second team's batting, but that's OK. If you want, I will come here and post observations "real time" in the morning (0810 UK time). And you might give me a heads-up on errors I risk making. RM

          • The same thing i used to do last IPL(Indian Premier League) season. Round about similar low odds and putting in smaller pieces as the match goes and watching and analyzing the game like a " hawk" (thats what my perception was too).Had a pretty good streak of luck and then one fine day one fucking match(KKR vs RR) turned on its head from nowhere .Bookies had closed there shop in between second innings of KKR and in a span of minutes all was wiped out that i had made.

            You are playing with fire, take my words dude.I can only say to you is that Somethings are there in life for which you don't need to have a firsthand experience yourself and should take a lesson from others mistake.Rest all your choice

          • Got your point but thats what everyone is doing and its not worth at all.
            I suggest you to stake low at higher odds rather than to stake high at very low odds. In T20 even 2 are not considered high odds , you can easily get 2.5-3 with match can go at any side.

    another 2 days for newyear !! We are so excited to see bettingadda new site with lot of functions !!! Is that possible in two days ???

    ---> It can't be ready in 2 days. It's going to take few months of time. It's still all free for everyone so have some patience while we work hard to create world's best sports prediction website.
    - Admin

  22. 1000% sure.... kal adelaide strikers win

  23. munna bhai_
    plzz add me in ur second batch I had alredy send u lot of emails and evn through ur page bt u din't reply.. plzz I need ur help very sincerely...suffering from huge loss..

    • I didn't get any reply from you after I send you details.
      Can you check your spam folder for my email where I explained how it works and revert back to me via

      • Jisko jitna paisa daalna hai advance me HH me daalo ,, jeet raha hai aaj ,,
        aut agar risk nahi lena hai to bhav niche aaye to as kha jaana 15p tak bhav niche aayega ...

  24. jis jis ke pass jyada paisa hai lagao.sab ke sab maroge.sub fixed hai.please koi paisa mat lago jo gaya wo gaya abb tenson matlo or khuss raho.

  25. @YankeeRed
    I've been doing this charity since long time only if you could have done some search. Head to you might find something useful. I've also uploaded plenty of real life profits with screenshots and strategies from almost all sort of sports.

  26. Hobart toss pe khelo..jarror jitioge

  27. friends choti se report de raha hun is se kma lena hobert k 10ov me 4out hojayenge aur adlaide k 16ov me 5 out ho jayenge kma lo jitna kma sakte ho

  28. toss winner is match winner

  29. Hobart hurricanes have depth in batting line up if they get 2nd batting 100% they will win the match

  30. Phh Rudra bhai kidar ho aap yaar kuch to rpl do ek to tip do

  31. Told u all to play on toss hobart...follow me nd win..

  32. adlaide striker win that is my report

  33. Dear admin..its interval time,right time to shere our thoughts.but u r not published any tips.iam sorry to say that "is there any problem to publish"????.

  34. Last 5 match 5 wrong tips puri maa bahan ek ho gai hai es sal

  35. Dear admin, it seems like comments are not being published as and when they are made, any particular reason? Also, better show time of each comment so that viewers can have a clear picture (if possible).

    --> We moderate each comment and it involves time (and money). We are doing it for free. So you have to live with it. We have to moderate comments as there are spammers and bunch of idiots who will never stop spamming and gaining advantage by posting their contact details.
    - Admin

    • Dear admin, i understood ur problem,but we are following ur tips,its very usefull to all.if maintaining is problem,then why cont u ask for membership? interested persons will joined,think once..

      --> We are working on a new site which will have more features. Till then we have to live with whatever we have right now.
      - Admin

      • Dear Admin,

        Comment moderation is okay but it takes too much time, moderation time should be little. What is the benefit of new site with more features when already you will loose site followers and you can see that in some past days, number of comments are decreasing.


        • hey dude dn`t simply give wrong information !!! 1st commend was published by Jonathan January 11, 2014 for cricket.... James on March 23, 2014 for football in bettingadda.....from January to July u can see all comments are under 31..... just check Hobart Hurricanes v Sydney Sixers, Prediction & Betting Tips on Tuesday, 23 December !!! 206 comments until now !!!! day by day comment keep on increasing not decreasing !!!

  36. Bola tha na hobart will win the toss...meri maan toss pe paise lagao...bahut kamai hogi..apni kismat apne hath..

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