South Africa v West Indies World Cup Match Prediction & Betting Tips

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Betting
South Africa
South Africa
vs West Indies
West Indies
ScheduleFriday, 27 February 2015 at 03:30 GMT / 03:30 UK / 09:00 IST
VenueSydney Cricket Ground

Two commendable sides in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, South Africa and West Indies, will appear in an interesting match of the event. The Proteas won their opening game against Zimbabwe comfortably by a margin of 62 runs but surrendered the next one vs. India with a difference of 130 runs. Ireland surprised The Windies by grasping the encounter by four wickets and the latter got back into the stream while conquering the unpredictable units of Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The Caribbeans are placed second in the pool with four points, the Proteas managed two and will anticipate a victory which can pave their way for the Quarter-finals.

Chris Gayle - Maiden double hundred n the history of World Cup
Chris Gayle - Maiden double hundred n the history of World Cup

Players to watch

David Miller along with Jean-Paul Duminy are the top runs getters for South Africa but they need solid support from their skipper, AB de Villiers, Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis and Quinton de Kock. Imran Tahir and Morne Morkel have bowled well in two matches whereas Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn and Wayne Parnell are struggling with their form.

Chris Gayle became the first batsman in the history of Cricket World Cup to power a double hundred and blasted 215 off 147 mere balls. He created another record in the history of the ODI cricket by hammering 372 runs with Marlon Samuels who smashed 133 runs. Dwayne Smith, Jonathan Carter, Denesh Ramdin and Lendl Simmons form a strong batting line-up. Jerome Taylor is the leading wicket taker with nine as Jason Holder, Nikita Miller, Gayle, Samuels are doing fine with the ball while Darren Sammy and Andre Russell are supreme all-rounders.

Time & Venue

Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 03:30 GMT, 14:30 local at Sydney Cricket Ground.


A fair weather with plenty of sunshine during the day and a pleasant evening with the temperatures around 20-29ᵒC.


The winning captain will prefer to bat first and set a healthy target.

The Pitch

The wicket will be perfect for batting and the accuracy for the bowlers will be a key for their success.


South Africa – AB de Villiers (C), Quinton de Kock, Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, David Miller, Jean-Paul Duminy, Wayne Parnell, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Imran Tahir, Morne Morkel.

West Indies –  Jason Holder (C), Chris Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Marlon Samuels, Jonathan Carter, Denesh Ramdin, Lendl Simmons, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jerome Taylor, Nikita Miller.


South Africa is capable of bouncing back and will win the match.

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43 Responses to “ South Africa v West Indies World Cup Match Prediction & Betting Tips ”
  1. Gayle finally woke up and we have already witnessed the devastation he caused. Captain Holder was so correct in saying that if WI could manage 300+ score without Gayle then imagine what WI could do if Gayle scored. They have gained confidence and not to mention crucial point after humiliation from the hands of Irish.

    South Africa were made to eat their own pie by our boys in blue. Both teams will enter SCG with the burden of humiliation an SA will be seeking a redemption against a team which has already touched the rock bottom.

    Don't write off SA yet and don't carried away by Gayle storm. Storms come and go and we all know what last longer - consistency which SA have and WI don't.

    I'm surprised to see just 1.33 odds for SA which is rigged. SA don't deserve less than 1.60.

    I'll still favour SA and trade on them. If SA bats first then it will be jackpot match, back them before start of match and collect higher odds to hedge at interval.

    If WI bats first then don't risk money and wait for interval. If WI score is less than 285 then back SA. Chances are that some freak from WI can fire and take score to well above SA's reach. Successful chases are not the norm in this WC. 300+ and team batting first has 90% chances of winning.

    I expect ABD to fire along with Miller or one more.

    SA will bat if they win the toss. Everyone knows the formula in this WC, score 300+ batting first and victory is ensured if you are not caught napping in the field.

    Looks like it's going to be good match to watch, fireworks is guaranteed from both sides.

    • Bhai,
      Is it advised to place at current odds for SA if they bat first or should go after 1-2 wickets for better odds down since De Kock's form is very miserable(don't know if they replace him with Roussow)

      0 -1
      • Put some money at the start and then wait for wicket to fall. It will give you 10-20 points increase in odds. Keep collecting higher odds at every wicket fall.

        2 -1
    • munna bhai I'm hoping you will help me. I'm not getting good rates for any of these matches. Most of the times it's just 40p offered by local bookies. With this bhav I've have to win 3 out of 4 matches to be in profit. It doesn't work in long term and it's frustrating. I see you have been advocating using online bookies but they also don't offer any better bhav. Most of the time my local bookie offers better bhav than online bookies.

      So guruji how do I make profit? Give some gyan.

      • Open account on BetfairBetfair for true trading.

        Then open accounts on eWallets Skrill or NETELLER for banking.

        Next comes getting the good odds which you can get during in-play or live betting. Next question is when to back a team at higher odds and how to ensure that backed team will win. It's not easy so stick around this blog and learn. You can get some tips on my blog

    • bhai jackpot trading hui aaj to. lekin bhav achha nahi mila sa per. wi innings me mein sa ko khane ki soch hi reha tha ki wi ke wicket girane suru hi gaye to chor diya meine. kuch tips batawo ki aise matches me kaise jyada profit banega.

  2. ट्रेडिंग व्रडिंग के चक्केर में मत पारो। वेस्ट इंडीज का भाव २.३ के ऊपर मिल रहा है तो लगा दो. जीत गयी तो जश्न मनाओ नहीं तो अगले मैच में रिकवर कर लेना। साउथ अफ्रीका का भाव ज्यादा ऊपर नहीं आने वाला। अपसेट हुआ तभी भाव १ से ऊपर जायेगा। वेस्ट इंडीज फॉर्म में वापस आ गयी है और Gayle की आंधी में कोई नहीं बचने वाला। Gayle गया तो कोई और चमकेगा, पूरी टीम भरी है आंधी तूफान से.

    भोले बाबा का नाम ले कर वेस्ट इंडीज पर लगा दो और मैच के दौरान हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ करो!

    9 -6
    • Bihari bhaiya kripya sure shot btaye...aap toh harne ka bhi baat bol rhe hai..

    • Bhole bhandari khush rkhe aapko bihari bhaiya....
      ab aap ee btayi wi mein agar aandhi toofan ba toh sa kaunsa kam haue bhaiyaji...
      wi pe lga deyi ka bhaiyaji ??
      Aap toh bolat hai ki loss oh...ho sakela..

      1 -1
    • Bihari babu pakaa kalaaa win pe kheleenaa... pls bataooooo

  3. munna bhai plz help karo mera loss recover karwao college ki fees ka paisa dub gaya mera.

    0 -2
    • All WI players like Chris Gayle,
      Dwayne Smith,
      Marlon Samuels,
      Jonathan Carter,
      Denesh Ramdin,
      Lendl Simmons,
      Darren Sammy,
      Andre Russell
      can hit sixes! in SA ABD and Miller
      so bet on Most sixes for WI in all WI 9ames!!!!.

      0 -1
  4. Who wil win tommrw south vs west ind.....

    2 -2
  5. MOST match Sixes!
    WEST INDIES all da way!

    0 -3
  6. munna bhai i had one question instead of trading on betfair and paying them 6.5% commisions why cant we use bet365
    yes we cant lay on bet 365 but we can back the opposing team... right?
    just had this doubt because it saves commission and saves on forex charges on neteller because betfair is not available in rupees (ATLEAST I GUESS SO)
    please help me out if i am missing any information &&

    • Fixed odds bookies include their commission on both team's odds whereas bf doesn't get cut from odds. So they make from commission which is still better off than fixed odds site. I pay 4.68% of commission on bf.

      If you compare the odds on fixed odds bookie site and bf then you will see that both are more or less same after including commission. If you add both teams' odds on bf then they will be 100% of the book. The same on fixed odds bookie site will be less than 100% of the book which gives them their commission.

      Read this post, it might help to understand more

      Yes you can use online site to create bf lay like situation by backing other team which I've named Tarazu . I have used this strategy successfully on fixed odds sites before migrating to bf. Once you are on bf you will never look back at fixed odds sites.

      Rupees, forex, eWallet etc will be always there you have to work out on what brings best profit for you.

      • Apart from Munna Bhai's excellent explanation i want to add something

        From India forex charges can never be avoided whether its fixed bookie site or Betfair.And its the same for all sites barring Bet365 .Since all others are in Euro and Pound.Its only since last two years Bet365 started it is in INR but then there too you have to pay two time conversion first from INR too SKRILL(in euros) and then from SKRILL(euros) to INR(your account).

        Better to have Bet365 in euros if you are from India since then you have to face just one conversion.But most guys here are lured by INR like me since then you can bet in very small stakes even up to a rupee and then have to face the double conversion.Betting in INR is never a good idea on online sites since stakes seems very high at times and you tend to put lower stakes.

        Once you choose a currency option on Bet365 you can never change it ever and you can't close and open another.If they find they will shut Both.So new guys have to choose currency wisely

  7. BhaiLog 3.5 bhav mil raha he WI ka bhagwan ka naam lo aur thok do west Indies pe WI hi win Hoga

    0 -2
  8. Bihari babu wi pe lga deyi ki naahi ?
    Confirm kari bhai...

    • तुम लोग साला सब बुरबक है। भाव से सत्ता नहीं लगाया जाता है। कल्लू का भाव ३ से ऊपर मिल रहा है इसका मतलब है की वह हारेंगे। यह सीधा साधा गणित है। कौन साल चुतिया बूकि देगा ३ से ऊपर का भाव जीतने वाली टीम पर? अगर ज्यादा खुजली हो रही है तो लगा दो कल्लू पर, एक दो बार जैकपोट मिल जायेगा लेकिन चुद जाओगे किसी न किसी दिन। मैंने बोला न की ट्रेडिंग करो क्या परेशानी है ट्रेडिंग करने में? सेफ प्रॉफिट मिलेगा इंटरवल तक।

      भूल गए जब गोरों ने वाट लगा दी थी कल्लुओं की साउथ अफ्रीक में? जम गया AB de Villiers तो अकेले ले लेगा कल्लुओं कि. चुदाई उधर से भी हो सकती है, Gayle जम गया तो गोरों की वाट अकेले ही लगा देगा। तो दोनों तरफ से मारा मारी है, ऐसा मैच जुए के लिए ठीक नहीं होता है। ऐसे मैच में ट्रेडिंग करके दोनों तरफ प्रॉफिट कमाते हैं।

      अगर कुछ नहीं समज़्ह आ रहा तो मत लगाओ इस मैच पैर सत्ता।

      • Na lagaib hum...
        parso aus pe lamba thok deb bhaiya...
        aap haii pehle bol le rehni lga do wi per aur match k dauran hanuman chalisa padho...
        aaj kal log du din mein palat jala...kono baat naahi bhaiyaji...
        kal hum araam kr leb...parso aus pe khel lab hum...

        • काल शुक्रवार ह बजरंग बलि के दिन होला मंगलवार, शुक्रवार के दिन बजरंग बलि के आराम के दिन हो तो कहें के ओनके तकलीफ देवे के.

          • Main baat ee ha bhaiya
            hum trading na kral chahi la...
            hum k pta ha trading se safest optn kono na ha...
            sure shot winner pe lagawal hum k pasand ha bhaiyaji...

            • Acha bhaiya aap ke pe khelni ha?
              N upar ja k aap aapan msg padhi...
              aap hae bol le rehni ki trading wrading ke chakkar mein mt padho....

      • Sorry Bhai aap bole to nahi lagaya aaj ka din rest sala risky match he

        • Sahi kia
          roz roz lgana koi jaruri nai hai...

          • Aaj ka recovery kal kar denge Aus vs NZ me

            • Beshak bhai...
              kal bhi aur sunday bhi 2 matches mein thik thak bhao mil jaega lgane layak !

  9. Bhaiyo kal Africa jeetega . West indies first bating karega aur around 270 scr karega. 100% Sa will win

    0 -1
  10. South Afric` is strnng to win this match. All of South African players are fuming with frustration nn losing to Indla which no one

    4 -1
  11. south Africa jeetegi 100% sure report. 45p bhav leke laga do. sa first batting karke 300 se uper banayegi, wi se chase nahi hoga.
    wi 280 ke ass paas nipat jayegi pahle batting karte hue, sa chase ker legi yeh score.
    ABD fire karega, Gayle misfire hoga is match me.

    2 -1
    • sess: first innings 135 se neeche hoga.

    • ye 44-45p ka bhav kahan mil raha hai....Betfair pe to pure 10p kam mil raha hai....

      • nukkad wala bookie de reha hai 40p abhi, baad me upper ayega 45p tak. 10 me koi nahi lagayega, inko bhi to roji roti kamani hai. aram se 30-45p ke beech me denge. online bookies per nahi milega.

        • Panditji puja paat chor k aap yaha a gye...acha confirm pe lamba laga denge...aur agar galat hua toh phir yaha mat aayega...

        • Are nahi bhai Pandit.Online bookie pe 34p ka mil raha hai, 10p nahi.Sala bhav ki to maa-behen kar rakh di hai...chahe online bookie ho ya local bookies

    • wah pandit ji maan gaye aapko, pahle prediction ka tukka bilkul sahi nishane per laga. Itane confidence se meine kisi ko bhi nahi prediction karte dekha hai is site per. app to munna bhai ke bhi baap nikale.

      0 -1
      • Munna bhai predictions nahi dete gadhe...
        Woh satta nahi khelte hai...
        He trades...bole toh trading is the best n safest policy
        smjha kya bidu ??

    • jai ho pandit ji aapki, maja aa gaya aaj to. apke prediction se meine Rs. 35k ka profit kamaya. Aise hi dete raho prediction

  12. Fast bat win...

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