ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Tournament Groups (Pools)

Shakuni Mama (Admin) Jan 28, 2015 11 Comments 113,826 views

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is divided into two groups which is "termed" as pools by ICC.

Pool A

England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Scotland

Pool B

South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland, United Arab Emirates

ICC World Cup 2015 Trophy
ICC World Cup 2015 Trophy

So far so good who cares the grouping any way? We all know that the grouping is always fixed so that there is no chance any bottom tier team can upset the top 8 which I've highlighted in bold. Good job ICC you still think we are idiots who think this is a fair grouping? I believe they should have created at least 3 groups randomly making it more exciting. I like English FA cup and as we have all seen last week that a league 2 team can upset no. 1 EPL team.

To cut the long story short, all these teams will play against each other and top 4 team will qualify for the quarter-finals. What a joke! Why to waste time and play these group matches when we all know who will qualify for quarter finals. Let's straight start with quarter finals.

Oh hang on! Is this really so predictable? Well it looks like so and there is 99% of chance that there wil be no upset. There are only 2 teams, Afghanistan & Ireland, which might give some trouble but can they topple the 8 big brothers?

Opps! I forgot about Bangladesh in Pool A. Where do they stand? I've to sideline them as they are not looking any serious threat either and it's not the street of Dhaka where they will be playing.

Pool A is looking tough.

Quarter-Finals probables

So here we stand we are going to go ahead with following teams for the quaerter-finals

Pool A: England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand

Pool B: South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe

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11 Responses to “ ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Tournament Groups (Pools) ”
  1. Tx Mamu, Nothing else to add to what you have said. All too predictable for the Q-finals. Love to see some upsets in group matches. Looks like Ireland might pull off one stunner at least. May be South Africa or India this time ;) I wouldn't be surprised to see India going down against Ireland.

    • Bhai what if we back underdogs for upsets, do you think we might have a chance to strike one or two?

    • Minna Bhai plz worldcup final two team ki koi pridiction karo bro.. Bhot acche rate mil rahe hai abhi plz

      • 2 se kaam nahi chalega, kam se kam 4 per lagao.
        Australia, South Africa, England, New Zealand
        meri World Cup report ka intajar karo.

        • Kk munna bhai but aap konsi date ko report doge ???

  2. Mamu why you forced us to register to post comment?

    • This was inevitable and obvious. I had enough with spammers who kept on posting useless comments. An not to mention spammer bots. Fuck WordPress. Registration will keep site clean and focused to my mission, it's good for all.

      • Wow it`s really fantastic !! Finally best Platform and One of the amazing prediction site with (register and Login mode ) !!! thx thx thx thx wow Mamu Keep on looking for More updates thank you so much

      • 100% correct mamu, gandh macha rakhi thi public ne. Ab sab clear rahega.
        Isko naam de do "Swachh Betting Adda Abhiyan"

  3. The teams to qualify for semifinals will be

    Australia , South Africa, New Zealand , England. This world cup will be a total wipe out for the Asian continent.
    Nothing much expected from India barring that they beat Pakistan in there opener and that too will sum up as larger than a world cup win for all Indians. Hope SA keeps calm and makes the cut to the finals with Australia if not it will be a final between the Joint Hosts of the World cup for the very first time.

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