Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings IPL 2015 Final Match Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians
vs Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings
Sunday, 24 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST
Eden Gardens, Kolkata


Zia Rana

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings IPL 2015 Final Match Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

The title holders of the Indian Premier League 2013, Mumbai Indians, will anticipate another feather in their crown after winning the current final vs. CSK.

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    Toss Prediction



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  2. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v CSK Match Prediction


    So guys finally we have arrived at the finale of the madness called IPL. Two best teams of this season have made it to the grand finale. Match fixers CSK finally found a team who was also fixed in the Q2 so as we have already seen this was mere a tamasha on a grand scale. What a bunch of losers. I wonder how much Raina got for his acting career.

    Though it's home of none of the teams that doesn't mean that they will not get support from the best spectators in the country. This year CSK has painted the whole nation yellow and they will have plenty of support at Eden Garden too.

    Keep tuned for more updates...

    Here is my updated prediction. Stat wise it's a hotchpotch and no clear picture is emerging.

    Head 2 Head MI have won 11 and CSK 10 and this season too MI have won 2 matches while CSK won only one.

    At Eden garden MI have 6-2 in records while CSK have 4-4.

    CSK have won most of Last four stage matches against MI with 4-2 records.

    Team batting first has advantage of winning the trophy.

    Trade on team batting first to be on safe side.

    • Bhai any chance this match will be repeat of Q1?

      • Good that you reminded me. I almost forgot to update the prediction. It's Cricket, anything can happen. Forget about match result, keep trading, you are on right track. Follow match closely and switch sides if you have to depending on situation. Make early profit and exit early.

        • You saved my ass again bro. If I had listened to other guys here and backed CSK then I would have wiped out all my little profit which I made trading. Look at those poor punters who lost everything by gambling after following others. I'm done with gambling now.

          I've taken oath not to gamble again. I'll now only trade even if I make 1k per match I would be happy soul.

          This was my first IPL in which I made profit.

          Keep providing trading tips bhai and keep saving us.

    • munna bhai is match ko jita do, last match hai profit chahiye.

      • tu to aise bol reha hai ki match na hua circus howe yeh IPL. re chokre mere bas ki baat hoti to mein sabko malamaal bana deta. trading seekho jaat puttar

    • "Trade on team batting first to be on safe side."
      How true it turned out to be. I followed the same, traded on MI, made safe money early and watched rest of match in peace.

    • made small profit following ur trading strategy.

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    Session Prediction

    65+ is safe at this pitch.

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    Lambi Prediction

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    Total run outs


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    MI aur CSK final match ka prediction, sess uar lambi prediction


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    Aslam Bhai ka 100% guaranteed prediction - toss, session, lambi aur top batsmen prediction


    suno sattebaazon kaan khol ke sun lo yeh ipl ka last prediction.

    match Mumbai jeetegi likh lo aslam bhai ne bola hai. andar ki khabar hai. match fix hai csk haaregi.

    toss mi
    match mi
    sess 75
    lambi 175

    mi top batsmen simmons, rohit
    csk top batsmen smith, dhoni

    1 -1
    • toss mi => FAIL
      match mi => PASS
      sess 75 => FAIL
      lambi 175 => FAIL

      mi top batsmen simmons, rohit => PASS
      csk top batsmen smith, dhoni => PASS

      mene bola tha follow karo aslam bhai ko aur profit banawo.

      follow karo meri prediction ko loss recover karna hai to.

      fir aunga mein 100% prediction leke.

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    MI v CSK Final Match Prediction with Toss, Session & Lambi


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    आईपीएल फाइनल मैच का प्रेडिक्शन भोजपुरी में ले लो। टॉस, सेशन और लम्बी बोनस प्रेडिक्शन


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    • jiyat raha e bihari bhaiya i match me jeeta da t Ganga maiya k kasam Kashi Vishwanath baba ke 10 kilo dudh se nahaib. Humar 75k daawn pe lagal hai. Ya t aar ya paar ke naubat aa gail ba. Kaal Gangaji me naha dho ke savere savere Vishwanath baba ke darshan karib aur fir jaise bolala waise khelab. Aaj kal hum Banaras me aaiyl hai apne rishtedar ke yahan. Safar safal howe ke chahi.

      0 -1
    • Ka bhaiya i ka ho gayil, i t bhole baba k motka wala L lag gayil.

      • अरे बुरबक तुम लोग घबरा काहे जाता है भाई थोड़ा सब्र करो। चेन्नई चैंपियन टीम है और २०० रन चेस करना तो बाएं हाँथ का खेल है। ज्यादा लॉस हो रहा है तो चेन्नई को खाना सुरु कर दो और रिकवर कर लो।

        0 -1
        • Khaye toh tab na jab chennai fav aaye.

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    Trading tips if CSK bats first

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    • According to you which team will win the final...Csk or mumbai?

      • Sorry bro, I never predict match result. All my predictions/tips here are for trading. If you are looking for match result prediction for gambling then follow other tipsters here who are better than me in predicting match results.

        Good luck!

        0 -1
        • Whatever tip you give.. No doubt it's cool but am just asking what according to you will be the final result..

          • If I knew that I would be driving Ferrari by now ;)

            • Lol okay

            • munna bhai thoda idea to do yeh match fix to nahiii..aur trading kaise kare aaj..kuch samaj nahi aa raha..bahut loss me chal rahe ..plzz help me..

              • Fix hai ya nahi ye to match suru hone ke baad hi pata chalega. tips de di hai meine dono team par trading karne ki. MI pahle battin karti hai to trading safe rahegi. CSK pahle batting karti hai to locha ho sakta hai. Lekin jaise meine tips do hai dono team ki woh follow kiya to profit aayega. Sab tips BF pe trading karne ki hai.

    • if match is fixed then how to trade? When n how we will now if match is fixed?

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    Trading Tips If MI Bats First


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    • MI batting first, follow this strategy,

      • Done and dusted. Trading started, massive profit, book closed. Now enjoy match.

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    Total no. of sixes


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32 Responses to “ Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings IPL 2015 Final Match Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
  1. Five of the IPL-8 games are under scanner for Spot fixing by ED. Four players of Chennai Super Kings are alleged to be having contacts with bookie and two of them last year on 8th and 9th may 2014 entertained female friend/escort earlier linked to Sreesanth in a Hotel in Mumbai.
    Difficult to say that a full match is fixed or can be fixed but who knows, but this spot fixing is very rampant and effects the outcome of game almost every time.
    I have no faith in Indian agencies or by ICC apppointed ones.Should be handled ina way ECB had done in 2010 with pakistani players spot fixing case.

    • Brother ,

      I'm so surprised that you are still making speculations that matches are fixed or not.

      With all due respect To you Im more surprised that Y are u even doubting about fixing ?

      With no prejudice I'm saying you that 99.9 percent matches are fixed with a complete script.

      Y do they need 2 strategic timeouts in an inning and players changing their gloves which are just 5 balls old. More interestingly Catch drops from faf,Raina,McCallm, and last match Ashish nehra aiming at the stumps hahahahahahahahahaha

      Yeh duniya Lull ho chuki hain dost

      • 99.9 is too bold. With this figure world will come to an end. Cricket is not WWF. In IPL they don't only fix matches but also return favors. You know how we Indians do business. CSK is under tight control of MSD who runs the circus that's why it's so easy to spot CSK tamasha. Whole team follows the script. With rest of teams it comes down to individuals.

        Anyways fuck those bastards, we traders will make money irrespective of fixes.

        • Let me correct my statement Bhai...99.9 % of match(full script) is not fixed

          But ateast there is one market ( Top batsmen,Bowler,6's) is fixed in 99.9% of tournament matches...

          Still dont agreee :-) you can reach me ...will give you evidence which can make you fall of from your chair....

 you said..who caresssssss.....
          Make money is the MOTTO

          • Public domain me daal do idhar bhai yeh sab fix wala pattern. Public hahakar macha rakhi hai idhar loss bol ke. Inka bhi kuch bhala ho jayega aur tumhare bhi +ve karma points ban jayenge. In next life you will be born as well hung billionaire living in Miami.

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    • Bro what's ur plan? Like how to trade?

    • Pls send me your script would like to see

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    • Bhai kya kre maine toh mumbai kha li hai. But score bhut jayada ho gya hai

    • Bakwas prediction.

  4. Abhi bhi mauka hai...Pak-Zim me laga ke thoda profit le lo...IPL final me bade maal ke chakkar me apne L mat lagwao.....match itni baar palti maarega ki ginti bhool jaaoge aur glucose bottle chadani padegi raat me.
    Baaki marzi aapki kyonki har aadmi Sikandar hai yahan.Stay Safe

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    MUBARAK.......30 K WON NOW 70 K KA BARI


  7. ROHIT 25 +++++ Huge Win



    • Phle toh tumne 188 not krne ka bola.

      • Devraj, Please check my post CSK TO BAT FIRST BOLA AND NOT 185

        Poocha karo ..... MUM BATT D FIRST ....

        If u are following me follow all my bets

    • Aaj maine apni saving channei ko jitane main lga di h.

  10. bihari bhaiya ar gyeeee

  11. loss pe poss hota ja raha hai..plz kuch btayeee

  12. SMITH WON 27.5 +++++++ hahahahahahahahahahahah

    • cha gaye guru aaj tum to. Final me sab lapet liya.


    20 k per batsmen

  14. khatam ho gya aaj saara kuch..alvida dosto aaj ke baad kabhi nahi miluga ..doob gye aaj to..bihari bhaiya aap ko follow kiya tha aaj..sorry munna bhai aaj aap ko ignore kar diya....bad luck....

  15. Before purchase this membership almost i won but after purchase i was in minus and also not recover this membership fee.

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