Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians
vs Delhi Capitals
Delhi Capitals
Tuesday, 5 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST


Zia Rana

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

The no.7 and 8 teams of the IPL 2015, Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians, will fight for two points in the forthcoming match that can enhance their position.

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  1. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v DD Prediction

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    • munna Bhai can u pls tel me who il be d winner b/w Mumbai vs Delhi match

    • Kindly guide me when to lay and when to back in this match and please guide other trading strategy regarding this match as well. I am just baffled about it.

      • Remember mantra: BHLL or LLBH
        Back Hihj, Lay Low
        Lay Low Back High.

        When to back and when to lay is, as I always say, million dollar question. If you can figure that out then you could become millionaire in just one day.

        On a typical IPL match over £20 million of money is traded.

        • LoL that is the answer I need . Have you figured it out yet? and I hope you mean zada lagao aur kam khao by back high lay low? Explain that aswell and what about me opening an international account which can not be banned by companies like I have still got a paypal account with money frozen in it.

    • Bhai, how to open skrill account and betfair account. please help me. I'm from India

      • The guide which I sent you has everything you need to know to open accounts and get it all set up. You asked about trading earlier. First open accounts, verify get hang of these sites then I'll teach you trading. Have some patience trading is more of arts than science.

        • Thank u bhai it will help me alot

        • Munna Bhai can you send me bible??

        • hey munna bhai...send me the guide

        • bhai snd a bible and guide to open account and to withdrwl money from bet365

        • bhai send me your bible

        • I need your help

        • munna Bhai, please can I have your bible on trading!

    • Munna bhai
      Trading kaise karte hai
      Zara detail mai smjhaiye

      • BHLL = Back High Lay Low.
        LLBH = Lay Low Back High
        In simple terms back a team when it's odds are high and lay when it's odds come down.

        You can reverse it as well, lay a team when it's odds are less and back when odds go up.

        You will have to adjust the stake while backing and laying to make sure you make profit on both sides.

        Which team to back and lay and when to back and lay is million dollar question.

    • Bhai both side fav agaya

      • aa sakta hai nahi bhi aa sakta. Agar dono ke fav aane ke intzar me baithe rahoge to loss ho jayega.

    • Poor prediction from Munna Bhai. DD will be the possible winner. They have planty of bowler to defend.

      • I don't predict dude, read again. I always say who is fav to trade. Why it's so hard to understand this simple statement => "MI is fav to trade" where does it say who will win?

    • munna bhai plz guide me how to open acnt on online site and how to withdwral money
      on my mail id or ur bible also plzz hlp me

      • Wait for my account opening guide. I'll send by EOD Thursday London time.

    • DD 100%win

    • Munna bhai plz say that if delhi bat first is there a wining chances to delhi

      • Sorry dude, I don't give prediction on match winners.

        Coming back to your question, it all depends on how their opening partnership pans out. They have solid batting line up on the paper which keeps on failing. All of following are well known good batsmen but none of them fires when required.

        "Jean-Paul Duminy (C ), Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer, Saurabh Tiwary, Kedar Jadhav, Yuvraj Singh, Angelo Mathews "

        Looking at their recent performances ask yourself can you trust Delhi batsmen to put up 180+? What's your confidence level? If answer to this is coming in favour of Delhi then back Delhi at your own risk. If you are not confident then don't back.

        Do your own homework it's not a rocket science.

        • Thnk you munna bhai but if thy have good bowling line up thy can defend d score na

          • The beauty of IPL is that all of teams are equal in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. IPL is not India v Ireland T20 match which you can easily predict. IPL is not even SA v Aus T20 match which you can predict as well up to some extent. Barring CSK which wins 80-90% of matches no other team can be predicted. This is the reason why you get so good odds on almost every match. And this is the reason why millions of money is traded on every IPL match.

            So forget predicting the winner and go all in for trading. All I can assure with 100% guarantee is that odds will move. It will go down and it will come up. It can't be always a straight line one way. Read the curve and milk money.

    • Bhai please send me guide to open ac and how to load &withdrawn the amount

    • Thanku manna bhai ur the best nd ur not 94 % pass rate ur 101% pass rate.

  2. 157 predictions (Pass rate: 62.70%)

    Mumbai v Delhi match ka prediction hindi me le lo

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  3. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v DD Lambi (first innings score) if MI bats first

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  4. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    MI v DD Lambi (first innings score) if DD bats first

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  5. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    Total number of sixes

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Total 2 tips
  1. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    Toss Prediction

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    • Warner kaha se aagaya sir..

      • yaar meri ek bimari hai naam aur team mix karne ki. Duminy hai unlucky.
        "Brain overuse"

  2. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    Method of dismissal

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92 Responses to “ Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
  1. Mi wil win 101%


  3. Delhi vs Mumbai

    Mumbai Indian will b the winner....

  4. trade with DD ... match winner MUMBAI...... 100%.

    0 -1
  5. Trade with DD.... match winner MUMBAI.

  6. mi wil win

    • Mumbai is in a great form. But DD will put a good fight. I am with DD if Tahir & Morkel plays.

      MI - 40%
      DD - 60%
      (If Tahir & Morkel plays)
      MI - 70%
      DD - 30%

      0 -3
  7. Delhi Daredevils Will Win. No chance Mumbai.

    0 -3
  8. munnabai can u pls tel me who will be d winner b/w mi vs dd

  9. What is trading guys .pls samjha do

  10. Bahi log aj bohat loss howa ha kul kon si team win ho gi


    0 -2
  12. আশা করি মুম্বাই জিতবে।

    1 -1
  13. MI will win 85%

  14. Mumbai will's a chance to cover ur lose

  15. Mumbai surely win the match

  16. Bhai send me ur Bible
    And help me how to trade

    • Guide sent. First open accounts, deposit money and get used to online betting sites. Once you are comfortable come back and ask for next step.

      • DD vs MI who will win bai

      • Bhai I have axis bank account and my debit card is mastercard, can I use it for to open account in skrill. Is bank statement compulsory.

      • bhai u help me to recover my loss...plz help me in trading nd likely winner of d match...plz munna bhai

      • Munna Bhai I have open accounts and have deposited money on BetfairBetfair. It has been more than a month and i have been losing money continuously since then. Pls tell me how to trade better for making a profit.

        • You must have been gambling? Trade to make profit.

          • Bhai I have been trading and never gambled on any team, still when I lay on one team odds come down and when I back a team odds goes up. Very difficult to trade. Please provide any suitable tip/tips to recover my losses.

  17. munna new to dis site...nd i hv lost so much mny in trading nd match winners...plz cn u tell who wil be d winner......nd trading in dd vs mi match nd likely winner

  18. munna new to dis site.....ipl mai zyada loss hua trading aur match winner ka....plz help me......nd cn u tell abt winner and trading

  19. munna bhai....i am in a huge loss in ipl....plz help in match winners nd trading.....nd mostly i like to knw match winner........

  20. Munna bhai/Pandit Mumbai pakka jeetengi na ?

  21. Bhai, as I'm from India is there any problem for me from govt' as well as from Bank.

  22. Mumbai ka all batsman n bowler from me hei.and home ground ka hisab se mumbai jetega.if mumbai bat fst then mumbai 100% .if dilhi bat fst then dilhe 70% jit sakta hei.if imran tahir play.

  23. Mumbai ka all batsman n bowler from me hei.and home ground ka hisab se mumbai jetega.if mumbai bat fst then mumbai 100% .if dilhi bat fst then dilhe 70% jit sakta hei.if imran tahir play.

  24. Mumbai ka all batsman n bowler from me hei.and home ground ka hisab se mumbai jetega.if mumbai bat fst then mumbai 100% .if dilhi bat fst then dilhe 70% jit sakta hei.if imran tahir play.

  25. Mumbai vs Delhi at Wankhede it's going to be cracker of a contest...Sunday saw both Favourites winning at home ground.Same will happen but not without multiple bhav swings. Mumbai batting is back to its best but bowling is still not tested fully...I would lay on Mumbai and wait for Delhi to become Favourite.If that doesn't happen in first Inn then I will safe the book at higher odds backing of Luck MI win for me

  26. fst bating 70% wining team

  27. Munna bhai can you plz send your bible

  28. MI ka rate abhi 71-72 hai to starting mein MI lagao aur 20 paise niche aate hi MI khao magar match win by MI .... magar 20-22 paise MI aate hi dono taraf save karo kyuki ye IPL hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai

  29. 100% dd will win... above 70% correct prediction

    0 -3
  30. MI wins 100% sure bt book parofit 20-22 paise mein karke chalna

  31. MI wins 100% sure but 20-22 paise mein book safe kar lena.

  32. **Mumbai** will win this match 10000000000000000%

  33. munna bhai....
    can there be any ups and downs in the match between dd vs mi.
    can dd be favourite during innings.

  34. Both teams r equally balanced in bowling and batting.....I choose chasing team...

  35. munna bhai which is best for trading.first lay or back.

  36. Indian premier league match number 39 between MI VS DD.....
    Match winnner- match Mumbai jitega Mumbai jitega Mumbai rate me 50% limit se khana hai.....bhav under 35 paise mile to 30 % limit se or khana hai....baki under 20% me bachi hui limit se khana hai....match me up down hoga.......risk na lekar......30 paisa Mumbai me both side plus kar lena......good luck......
    ........M K.......

  37. Send me the guide munna bhai

  38. Aj se mera predictions chalu suno sab ye match delhi jetegi

    0 -1
    • aniridh bhai aap aaj se hi prediction bund kar dijiye ..:)

  39. Mumbai Match Nehi harega.

  40. Mumbai will win!!!!

  41. munna bhai send me guide how to open account and online betting im from india(mainly how to withdraw money nd upload money plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ua not rsponding to msg

  42. munnabhai, kindly send me your bible! Nikhil

  43. Toss will be decided who will win the match. Winning skipper of toss will win the match. But I am enough confident with DD cause they have enough Indian batsman who has been playing Wankhere Stadium for a long time. If Morkel & Tahir plays and DD win the toss, DD will win the match.

  44. Dear,winners&Loosers.....DD team still struggling in bowling and batting.MI are in good form, Malinga,will blast today, as Rohith tooo.if MI bat first...100%win. good luck

  45. Koi pls sacral bhasha me trading samjha do team ka naam lekar pls

  46. Saral

  47. thanks betting adda admin to create useful site for punters.and thanks to munnabhai for valuable comments.for today i go for mumbai

  48. ;l;l

  49. Muna bahi apka bohat bada fan hon.plz muna bahi guide me wich team won the match or lambi. muna bahi ma bohat loss ma raha.

  50. Munna bhai aaj kya bat h aajtak kabhi apne match k alawa koi prediction nai diya or aaj lambi runout toss sixes
    Boss ye aap hi ho ya koi or

  51. there's little justification for Delhi being 2.44 chances. They have the bowlers to skittle anyone out and Mumbai don't bat all that deep,,

    • Ah well you know the saying size doesn't matter..

      What they have is not what they deliver on the field. Bowling alone doesn't win the match. Study all IPL matches and you will find that over 95% of matches are won by the team who has been excellent in all 3 fields plus winning mentality. Take example of CSK they don't have best bowling and best whackers all they have is a tightly knit unit which has the mentality of winning matches under any circumstances.

      • bhai according to u dd is not going to win dis match,,,,,,,

        • I don't care who wins the match, I never predict who wins the match. All I do is to pick a fav team and trade on that team.

          • Bhai should I back mumbai on present odds and later lay them when odds drop low. Is this the right strategy to trade? As you are saying mumbai is fav to trade.

            • Place our bets on team batting first.. 100% !!

              0 -1
            • That's one way to trade. Another way is to keep laying Mumbai and wait for wicket to fall.

              What to do first and which strategy to follow is individual's preference and you can only master it from experience.

              some traders only keep laying and back when wicket falls to hedge. Some start with backing first and lay later when odds come down.

              I have my own unique way of doing it.

              You have to change strategy with each match and depending on which team bats first, which players are opening, pitch conditions, recent performance etc etc.

              Blindly backing first and laying later might not work for all matches.

              So keep experimenting and find your own style of trading which works for you.

              • Bhai thanks for the above tip. But as I have mentioned earlier I am in huge losses, so not much left to experiment. But once I read that you advised to trade in one's limit even if its 2$ per bet. So I'll keep trying my best to trade and will also be seeking your valuable advise and tips.

  52. Arjun bro kha ho ji......missing u buddy ur predictions

  53. can any body tell wt is expected first inning score ,toss win

  54. Munna Bhai plz tell me who will be the mostly winner of today's IPL Match.

  55. today dd will win 2000000000%

    0 -1
  56. ***Team Batting first will surely win this match..*** place ur bets on batting team..
    DD can be the one who will win the toss and bat first.. If it happens then guys bet on Delhi as much as u can !! Its a 100cent report ..
    Delhi (1-10) -- 72yes 77not
    (11-20) -- 155-165 (anything above 75not)

    0 -2
  57. Munna bhai send me the bible pls

  58. toss: MI

  59. Mumbai wins.

  60. Play MI each and every rate

  61. its dd...

  62. Dd won the toss and opted to bat first.guys go on dd......

  63. Munna bhai darrarahe ho bhai aap toh.... pls kya karu bata do strategy

  64. Plzzz circuit bhai or munna bhai give the prediction Mi vs DD...i cnt able to trade bcoz my budget is not dat thoda thoda karke total i lost 77k around...mujhe recover karna h plssss give the prediction bhai ....very much needed

  65. Please reply munna bhai
    I wanted to ask is it safe to give my indian documents to betfair for verification?
    Aur kya sirf driving license se verification hojaegi?
    Please reply soon

  66. 4 wickets ke baad dd fav agayithi

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