Pakistan vs Australia 1st ODI Prediction

Zia Rana Oct 6, 2014 48 Comments 106,953 views
Pakistan v Australia 2014
vs Australia
ScheduleTuesday, 7 October 2014 at 10:00 GMT / 11:00 UK / 15:30 IST
VenueSharjah Cricket Stadium

The new look Australian T20 squad well led by Aaron Finch humiliated the seasoned Pakistani side in the only game. The Kangaroos will be looking forward to continue with the same spirit and clinch the forthcoming three One Day International series. Two countries have faced each other in 89 ODIs, the tourists have won 54, lost 31, one ended as a tied and three produced no results. It will be a different ball game since the home side will try to make an impression while beating the visitors.

Glenn Maxwell - Main threat for Pakistan in bowling and batting
Glenn Maxwell - Main threat for Pakistan in bowling and batting

Players to watch

The skipper of Pakistan, Misbah-ul-Haq is currently out of form and has scored just one fifty in the previous seven innings so he needs to lead from the front with healthy scores. Mohammad Hafeez is injured and will be unavailable for the coming two weeks while the burden of batting will be on the shoulders of Ahmed Shehzad, Asad Shafiq, Fawad Alam, Umar Akmal and Sohaib Maqsood. The bowling department is equipped with Mohammad Irfan, Junaid Khan, Wahab Riaz, Shahid Afridi and Raza Hasan.

George Bailey will be marshalling the troops of the Kangaroos and they have a strong batting line up which consists David Warner, Aaron Finch, James Faulkner, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith and Mitchell Marsh. Maxwell mesmerised the top order batting of Pakistan in the only T20 with his off break bowling whereas Mitchell Starc, Sean Abbott, Mitchell Johnson and Nathan Lyon are capable of handling the pressure of the rival batsmen.

Time & Venue

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 @ 10:00 GMT, 14:00 local at Sharjah Cricket Stadium.


Hot and humid conditions for the game but no disturbance as far as weather is concerned with the temperatures around 28-35ᵒC.


The winning captain will not hesitate to bat first and set a hefty target.

The Pitch

Sharjah Cricket Stadium was established in 1982 with a seating capacity of 27,000 and hosted 206 One Day Internationals. The strip is an ideal one for the batsmen and a lot of runs have been scored in most of the innings by all participating teams.


Pakistan – Misbah-ul-Haq (C), Ahmed Shehzad, Anwar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Fawad Alam, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan, Raza Hasan, Sarfraz Ahmed, Shahid Afridi,Sohaib Maqsood, Umar Akmal, Umar Amin, Wahab Riaz.

Australia – George Bailey (C), James Faulkner, Sean Abbott, Aaron Finch, Brad Haddin, Phillip Hughes, Mitchell Johnson, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Kane Richardson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Starc, David Warner.


The unpredictable batsmen of Green Shirts can let them down again and the Kangaroos will be the favourites to win the encounter.

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  1. Munna bhai prediction batao

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    • munna baiii today predic plz

  2. Munna bhai match tip

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  4. Munna bhai your prediction

  5. Munna Bhai,

    I have submitted so many requests to you. Please responds to me

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  6. Prediction coming soon. I've to do some analysis before I publish my report.

    • munna bhai,iam still waiting for u r report,iam totally minus....

  7. Ok guys I'm finally here with my prediction.
    ODI is a tough beast to predict in among all 3 formats. T20 is the most predictable, Test is next easier to predict however when it comes to ODI predictions are as worse as a politician's promise. The reason for this is the ODI's inherent nature of volatility. On one side it's as slow and dead as Test Cricket and towards the end it comes alive and can even beat T20 in finishing touches.

    In ODI no team is fav or underdog and any team can win no matter how much analysis you do. Who could have predicted that India would won ODI series in England after Test humiliation? My intuition said that India might win the series as they are the best in ODI business but I would have never predicted them to for a series triumph.

    Coming back to this ODI between Pakistan and Australia. Anyone who is following Pakistan and Australia recently would easily say Australia will win. And I would predict the same at the end of my analysis but remember Pakistan is not a team to easily underestimate after few losses. They rise from their humiliation like phoenix rises from the ashes. One book boom Afridi can take away match from the jaw of victory from both side bowling or batting.

    At this ground Pakistan's record has been slightly better than Australia. Pakistan have won about and above 75% of their ODI matches at Sharjah while Australia have just managed below 50%. However against Pakistan Australia's winning record is better. Kangaroos have won over 80% of matches against Pak on this ground.

    Sharjah is an interesting breeding ground for nail biting finishes. Who could forget Miandad's last ball six? It offers help to everyone, batsmen, spinners, seamers and pacers.

    Predictions - unless match is not fixed and Pakistani's are not high on Ganja
    Match: Australia, batting first or chasing.
    Score: Pakistan 250+ batting first. Australia 275+ batting first.
    Afridi will shine

    • Munna Bhai : Do i need to prefer first batting or second batting!!! As you said Aus will be the favouate and ratio will go like 1.8 to 1:2. Give one good suggestion i am going to play only 2k so for which team i need to fix ? i wont feel much if i lose also. i earned some good money because of you !!! WAITING for your valuable reply Bhai... Daily i am going to follow you not only in cricket betting and i need some help on opening a account in betfair .

      • By the lunch time you will be in a position to predict the outcome within 90% of accuracy so always green up by lunch time. You need to continue trading in second half only if you couldn't green up in the first half. When you have to enter into second half then try to green up as early as possible, probably max 20 overs in ODI and 10 overs in T20.

        The odds doesn't matter at all, don't bother about odds. You are not betting but trading. In trading you make money with the odds fluctuations and not with the actual odds itself.

        E.g. Australia is 1.46 to back and 1.47 to lay at while Pakistan is 3.1 to back and 3.15 to lay. Odds of 3.1 gives butterflies in the tummy, your brain will instinctively do the math to come up with a hefty 2 times profit of your stake. A bet of £100 with 3.1 odds will give you handsome £310 profit. You will be itching to bet on Pakistan with such high odds. On the contrary an odds of 1.46 will pay you just £46 for £100 stake and you would be discourage to risk £100 for £46 profit. No wonder why people people back underdogs with high odds in the anticipation of and upset and fantasize to make instant profit.

        That was fixed odds market and with above strategy you will loose in long term. If you don't trust me then you can try it on PaddyPower which is one of the best online bookmaker for fixed odds. It's simple to use, faster and offers a pleasant betting experience. In my initial days I always used PaddyPower even though I have accounts on all bookies. Try it for 6 months or so and see the results. If you make money then declare yourself genius, if you lose then come back to me and I'll show you the light.

        Now let's see what we do in trading at BF. In trading we don't look at odds so 3.1 will not attract me and 1.46 will not distract me. I wouldn't even bother about who is favourite or underdog. All I would do is to anticipate the odds movements in next few overs and bet accordingly on whichever side's odds is going to drift more.

        Let's apply this strategy to this match.

        Suppose boom boom Afridi wins toss and if he drunk or match is fixed he will choose to bat. Choosing to bat first in ODI is suicide even if it's going to help batsmen first. The reason is that chasing side has so much time to think and plan innings that it becomes very difficult to defend a low or average score. Even 350+ scores are chased down, this is fact.

        So boom boom team went to bat. You know that kangaroos have got pace and some good medium pace and few spinners. Even a dhakkan bowler like Maxwell takes wickets. So your anticipation will be that Pak will loose early wickets and with wickets odds move a lot. Pak's odds will go up 6-10 ticks while Aus's odds will go down. I would back Aus early and as wicket keeps falling I would lay at some point of time to green up take a profit and go fishing. This is low risk strategy because Aus is favourite and even if Pak manage to put up average score odds will still be under 2 at the end of first half and it will go down further should Aus have a good opening partnership. And by the 30th over is Aus are strong odds will go as low as 1.08 or something and remain there till the end of match unless there are no further dramas in last overs. Even if I don't green up I can always keep the back odds and let it win as Aus wins pocketing all profits and not trading.

        Let's see the other side, you can choose to lay Pak in the anticipation that if wickets fall odds will go up and you can green up. Let's say you layed with £100 with a liability of £215 (loss if Pak wins) and profit of £100 of Pak wins. Wicket falls and you can back Pak to green up. Easy one but risky. If Pak manage to score 350+ then odds will never go beyond 3 and you will be always in loss till the final overs. This will keep your heart racing throughout the match and not good for your health. Not to mention that you lose more in this case then you would lose if Aus loses. Laying is more risky with odds > 2. If odds are less than 2 then you can lay first and back later but a general trend is that odds less than 2 will always go down specially if other team's odds are >3.

        Enough food for though today buddy, keep thinking...

        • Simply super G... I want to have a touch with you. Please help !!!!

          • I will appriciate you. Do u know y ??? No one will spend a single sec to educate others. Also you are so smart :)

        • Once again Bhai superb insights, thanks a lot for helping so many guys like me who were so ignorant betting just on sites like bet365 etc where there are fixed odds and you cannot even square off your bet if you are in loss, its more of a sought of putting it with your local bookie .
          Just stay and be in touch here for your invaluable suggestions and the match previews which helps a lot for many of us.
          On a lighter note i loved that line of yours "boom boom Afridi wins toss and if he drunk or match is fixed he will choose to bat"(last match he was high on weed i guess)

  8. munna bhai please phele das overs me kitni run honge ye b batao or 20 over me kitne honge ye b batao or 30 me kitne honge ye b batao or 30 to 35 overs me kitne honge ye b batao or 40 over me kitne honge ye b batao or 50 over me kitne honge ye b batao ? i have many big loss in t 20 match :(

    • Why you guys put money on runs and overs stuff. In long term you will go bankrupt. These are tricks run by bookies. They know very well that they will make money on these markets always and all the time. Stop draining your hard earned money on all these markets work. I've already done it extensive research and analysis. I even wrote a software which collects all the records and predicts things like toss, runs per 6/10/20 etc overs, sess, lambi, chasing records method of dismissals, top bowlers, top batsman and a lot more other possibilities. I ran this software during IPL 2014 against previous IPL and it all failed. That's Cricket and that is why there are millions of money placed in just one Cricket match. Unpredictability is the nature of this sport and if you bet anything in this extremely unpredictable market you will lose. No stats, analysis or crystal ball prediction will help you.

      The only way to make money is make profit out of ups and downs during the match which is called TRADING (not betting or gambling).

      So to replay to your query predicting score in 10/20/30 overs, it is just useless. I can run my software and predict scores in these overs with 99% accuracy but as I said you this is not a long term betting strategy.

      Go to open account and do some trading. I've already give more than enough hints on how to trade. No one gives free advice on such secrets. When I see that you guys loose your hard earned money to bookies I feel pity and hence all my free advices.

      Stop squandering your money on all these 100% loss markets like toss, sess, lambi etc.

      • manna bhai, really you are grate,ur report is precious. thanks for ur support,

      • Great reasoning. On dot.

  9. munna bhai.. i donno wat z dis trade n all.. if u r in fb plz tel me il send reqst.. i wana tlk to u in phone bhai..

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  10. munna bai plz give strategy for this macth l don't known what todo first .l lost..

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  11. @raju bhai : I am waiting for your prediction.We are missing ur predictions for last few matches.Can you please post your prediction so tat it will be helpful to us. U had separate fan base in dis page.

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  12. Dear Bhai, u r report is amazing,iam very thank full to u,is there any chance for Aus.... to fix the match?????
    because the match is at Dubai...

    • Less chance for Aus to fix match, Pak's chances are more. It's easy for fixers to involve Pak rather than Aus. But who knows, fixer can do anything.

  13. hello sir....i just found out ur website and related articles....they are too informative for punters like me...i am very much new just wana ask if there is another mode of communication to be in touch with you...or is it just that we have to post our queries here only.....
    can u please elaborate the startegy for pak aus odi

    when to back what odds...and when to lay will be very helpful if u keep us updated about the startegy during the game...
    thanx a ton sir...

  14. i need lambi and session report plz munnabhai help me...

  15. Munna bhai I didn't get ur predictions today tel me who will win the match

  16. Raju vai prediction do please.vai bahute loss hai. Vai please bachao.

  17. ok,guys,blessings of Munna Bhai,let belive on Australia.
    All the best

  18. Hi,

    Can anyone clearly explain me the Back and Lay option of Betfair. pls give clear cricket betting example.


  19. Now wat.australia is batting

  20. Update after will be very useful

  21. manna bhai,what about second innings,please update,

  22. nw tat aus have scored 255 is it defendable total at tat ground.. or will pak chase it down pl reply

  23. Run prediction ki waat lag gayi. Pitch turns out to be helping bowlers and specially spin. Pakistan bowled well, Kangaroos were restricted. Good effort from Pak.

    I still believe that Aus will win.

  24. One down, nine more to go.

  25. Thaks munna bai sir

  26. 3 gone - 7 more - Good work Munna bhai

  27. 3 ghus gaye, 4 aur gaye to Pak gaya kaam se. I'm still backing Australia. Australia should have one more spinner. They did blunder not to include one extra spinner, everyone knows sub-continent and dessert help spinner.

  28. Le beta ek aur gaya, Johnson nicked Asad. Afridi ko gira do bas sara profit humari jeb me.

  29. Australia is lacking one more bowler. Not sure why they didn't include extra spinner. Faulkner dhakkan hai. Maxwell or Smith will be called next. Maxwell chal gaya to apun ka kaam to ho jayega. Maxwell fail hua to waat lag jayegi.

  30. Ok guys, I'm trading out on BETFAIR, profit so far is £741.56. It was not so good today. It didn't go as I had planned. I expected Australia to score more. Anyways it's good time to cashout rather than risk. Aus have very less to defend and they lack quality spinners. Freak Afridi is in dugout and he must be itching to take revenge for T20 defeat. If you are on BF then cashout now with whatever profit you have or at least put stop loss with a profit and ride on adventure.

    Good luck!

    See you tomorrow for India v WI clash.

    • Cheers Munna Bhai.....742 pounds.....ahhh goodness gracious and here i am just with 70 euros profit. Just wana ask you Bhai like i am more comfortable with backing first at high odds and then laying to be on greener side.Now tommorow suppose from starting odds of 1.36 towards India how to back up : is it like at every increase of 10 points and till where to backup...there is always that temptation to wait and backup at higher odds.
      I need your insight and suggestion towards this

      • Either way is fine as long as you keep on predicting next event. If India bats first then odds will go down and it will keep going down further. In this case laying first is better option and as soon as wicket falls put stop loss and continue. Laying will have less liability if things go wrong and India start loosing. On the other hand if you back first then it's also fine but if you go with this option for long term - match result - then it will not bring you profit. Stick to whatever suits you and you are comfortable with. Don't go over moon with one win, loss is just around the corner if you get greedy.

        • Dear Bhai you said about laying and putting stop loss. Please explain how to put stop loss or you said like in the way of keeping it in mind where to stop laying?

  31. Thank u munnabhai. U r the best.but one thing munna bhai u seem to be little confused in onedayers.but very confident of t20 matches.y

  32. Pakistan ki waat lagyi fir. Another prediction came true. I hope you guys hit the jackpot.

  33. This sitr is becoming very popular bcoz of munnabhai

  34. @Vivek - Stop Loss
    When a market goes into in-play (or live betting) and odds fluctuate with events then stop loss is an essential way to ensure that you don't loose what you have already won in case there is massive odds fluctuation. Let's say you lay India @ 1.36 odds before match started and India is bowling. India odds will increase as WI batsmen amass run, you will keep seeing green all over and start dreaming about car, house, richness and fame. While you are still in dream Shami strikes back and takes 3 wicket in an over. India's odds will fall below 1.36 while you are still on cloud nine. Before you realize what has happened all your green has already turned in red and you are in loss. If from this point onwards India keeps dominating in the match then odds will never go up and you would loose money.

    So to avoid loss back India with an amount which brings you profit in both direction back India as soon as odds go high. If things go bad and odds start to fall it will hit your stop loss and you will be safe.

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