Swansea vs Liverpool Prediction - A Complicated Test For The Reds

Joel Amorim Mar 14, 2015 21 Comments 67,803 views
English Premier League 2014-15
Swansea City
Swansea City
vs Liverpool
ScheduleMonday, 16 March 2015 at 19:00 GMT / 19:00 UK / 00:30 IST
VenueLiberty Stadium (Swansea)

Next Monday, 16th of March 2015, the super Liverpool will travel to Wales to measure forces with Swansea at Liberty Stadium for round 29 of the English Premier League. The Reds are on an fantastic streak and they will try to extend their good moment on a predictably complicated clash with Swansea, who are usually a very complicated team when playing at home.

Will Coutinho continue to spread his magic against Swansea next Monday?
Will Coutinho continue to spread his magic against Swansea next Monday?

Liverpool’s recent good form is creating an understandable fuss on their supporters who are now fairly more optimistic regarding what the team may still achieve this season. Despite the team’s home draw, last weekend, against Blackburn for the FA Cup Quarter-finals, a match that the Reds have controlled from the first to the last minute, Liverpool have a fantastic streak of wins on Premier League matches and have their head coach, Brendan Rodgers, to thank for that. The Northern Irish boss has managed once again to rebuild a team that had caved in with the departure of their most important player, Luis Suarez, last Summer. The team’s dependency on the Uruguayan striker was a known fact, but Rodgers has found a way to change things and it is fair to say that now Liverpool are a solid and well structured team that does not seem to depend on one single player anymore.

Next Monday’s match at Liberty Stadium will definitely not be an easy one for the Reds, especially if we have in mind, for example, what happened to Manchester United during their recent travel to Wales. For that particular clash, Brendan Rodgers will most certainly not be able to rely on the contribution of Lucas, Jones, Flanagan and Ibe, all sidelined due to injury.

As for Swansea, the Welsh team has already proven to be fairly inconsistent so far this season but they will certainly look to cause Liverpool a major upset next Monday.

Two weeks ago, the Swans succumbed at the hands of Tottenham at White Hart Lane, 3-2, thus conceding their tenth defeat of the season. The defeat at London put an end to a very positive streak for Garry Monk’s boys, that included three wins on five matches, one of them against Manchester United at Liberty Stadium.

For the upcoming clash against Liverpool, Garry Monk is not yet certain if he will be able to rely on the contribution of the powerful French striker Bafetimbi Gomis, who has only returned to training two days ago, after fainting at White Hart Lane in his team’s match against the Spurs.


Stats: W-2 L-2 D-1

Recent Form - LWWLD


Stats: W-3 L-1 D-1

Recent Form - DWWLW

Possible Line-ups

Swansea (4-3-3) – Fabianski - Naughton - Fernandez - Ashley Williams - Taylor - Ki Sung - Sigurdsson - Cork - Shelvey - Routledge - Gomis

Liverpool (3-4-3) – Mignolet - Lovren - Skrtel - Can - Johnson - Henderson - Sterling - Markovic - Coutinho - Sturridge - Lallana


Swansea 1 Liverpool 2

0 0


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        • BetfairBetfair that's best site to study odds. you have to study live matches. Historical data can help too but first do the live ones then search for historical data.

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