Bangladesh v Scotland World Cup Match Prediction & Betting Tips

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Betting
vs Scotland
ScheduleWednesday, 4 March 2015 at 22:00 GMT / 22:00 UK / 03:30 IST
VenueSaxton Oval, Nelson

Bangladesh has captured three points from even games and find them at the third spot of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 that is one step ahead of Australia. They won the first match against Afghanistan by a big margin of 105 runs, got one point from another encounter vs. the Kangaroos since that was abandoned because of rain and Sri Lanka beat them convincingly with a difference of 92 runs. Team Scotland lost all three games in Pool A played against New Zealand, England and Afghanistan. They are still searching for their maiden victory and will anticipate that vs. the Bengal Tigers who look better than them.

Shakib Al Hasan - Supreme all-rounder of Bangladesh
Shakib Al Hasan - Supreme all-rounder of Bangladesh

Players to watch

Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim were three batsmen who batted comparatively better than rest of their fellows vs. Sri Lanka. The trio scored 53, 46 and 36 as Anamul Haque, Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mominul Haque and Mahmudullah can prove better with the willow in the forthcoming games. Their bowling revolves around Mashrafe Mortaza, Rubel Hossain, Shakib Al Hasan, Taskin Ahmed, Mahmudullah and Sabbir Rahman.

Most of the Scottish batsmen took start but were unable to capitalize it, got dismissed in their thirties and twenties against Afghanistan. Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Matt Machan, Hamish Gardiner, Richie Berrington and Preston Mommensen should re-assess their weakness with the willow. Berrington was their supreme bowler with four wickets while Josh Davey, Iain Wardlaw, Alasdair Evans and Majid Haq are assisting him nicely.

Time & Venue

Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 22:00 GMT, 11:00 local at Saxton Oval, Nelson.


Mostly sunny with the temperatures around 19-27ᵒC.


The winning skipper might opt to bat first on a placid wicket.

The Pitch

The previous two games of the tournament played at the same venue ended up as high scoring ones and were enjoyed by the batsmen.


Bangladesh – Mashrafe Mortaza (C), Anamul Haque, Tamim Iqbal, Soumaya Sarkar, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Sabbir Rahman, Mominul Haque, Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed.

Scotland – (From) Preston Mommsen (C), Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Hamish Gardiner, Matt Machan, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Majid Haq, Alasdair Evans, Iain Wardlaw.


Bangladesh will be the most likely winners in the coming match.

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57 Responses to “ Bangladesh v Scotland World Cup Match Prediction & Betting Tips ”
  1. After long time we will have some scope for trading again. I'm tired of minnows, kick them out of WC. Both teams are unreliable and plenty of wickets will fall which will give us plenty of opportunity to scalp wickets many times over and over again. If you follow my strategy then you can make around 500% profit from just this match. Keep scalping wickets till the end of match unless it goes one way which you will know by interval.

    6 -2
    • It's high scoring ground and expect 275+ score if BD bats first. BD is favourite so trade accordingly. Can't trust Scots.

      • Munna bhai
        don't you think 20p for Bangladesh is far too less.
        I know the bookies have been giving such mediocre rates in all the WC games.
        But Scottish can give a run of money, they aren't Afghans who'll succumb to a collapse....
        What say bhai.. ??

        • *run for money....

        • They are fav to win and hence the rate. When a team is strongly favoured to win then odds will be obviously low. You are not going to make any money from gambling so good luck. If you want to be rich then the only option for you is to trade.

          Another option for you as gambler is to keep backing minnows all the way in series by increasing stakes (doubling the stake or adjusting stake to make sure you recover losses and make some profit) as you lose and expect that at least one of them will win. In this case forget even bother who is playing who and pitch conditions. Just blindly back underdog with odds over 2.0 and doubling the stake will give you profit should one underdog wins.

          This is an adaptation of bloody well known gambling strategy known as Martingale and there is no secret in it. The only concern is how big your bank balance is to keep going on a losing run. Even if you start with £2 stake you will end up with over £1000 in 10 losses in a row. And no gambler has enough balls to keep going for 10 losing streak and hence this strategy never pays off in short term.

          You can apply this to any sports any market as long as you always get odds > 2.0.

          I've mentioned this here on hundreds of time only if someone listens and understands what I'm saying.

          It's painfully long strategy which requires a lot patience to reap fruits and gamblers have no patience they want to be rich overnight.

          There is no other way to make profit from gambling even if you get 99% correct predictions. 1% will wipe out all your profit with one blow and you will be back to square one.

          • Thank u sooooo much munna bhai...
            the day is not far when I'll have my own account.
            Till then I'll have to gamble on my luck

    • munnabhai kitna confidence hai bangladesh ke jitane per?

      • Palat ke bolata hun mein, 70% confidence hai Scotland ke harne per. Baki math tum karo kuch brain ki bhi warjish ho jayegi.

    • munna bhai kuch session aur lambi ka bhi bata do to hume bhi khelane ka awasar mile.

      • This WC is going crazy with runs. Every team is trying to outdo others in scoring highest score. BD batting first might get close or even above 300. Scotland batting first can score anywhere between 265-285. 300 might be out of reach from Scotland in this match as BD have good spinners and Scots will find it hard to keep hitting boundaries. Session ka prediction mein nahi deta, yes sab chityapa hai, harne ka addiction hai tumhe to khelo session per.

        It's less likely to be one sided match, there will be ups and downs on both sides and we might see another nail biting finish which top teams, except Aus-NZ, have failed to produce so far.

        Jackpot match hai trading ke liye.

    • bhai can I lay if scotland odds is low? can they bounce back?

      • wahi purani kahani ek tha raja ek thi rani....

        Why do you want to lay underdog? Wouldn't it be more reliable to back fav. instead? Another problem in trading is that you don't get much liquidity on underdogs unless they have been dominating the match for long time.

        Better back BD first if they are batting and lay later to hedge. If Scots bat first then wait and back BD at higher odds. BD should be able to chase < 285 runs. If Scots score 300+ then it's going to be tight and risky in run chase.

      • मजनूँ तूने यह अपना नाम हिंदी में कैसे दिखाया?

        • bhai aap to expert ho humse puch ke hume sharminda mat karo.
          Edit My Profile me jaake first name ki field me Devnagari script me apna naam daal do. fir neeche "Display name publicly as" me jaake hindi wala naam select karo.

          • धत्त तेरे की साला इतना सिंपल था यह।

        • Bhai aap kaam dhanda ka baat kahe na karat hayi...
          kitna tak bhao upar jaee ???

          • एकतरफा मैच न भईल त १ से नीचे रही भाव हमेशा। ४०-५० तक जा सकेला। अगर स्कॉटलैंड पहले बैटिंग करके ३०० से ऊपर रन बनाई तभी बांग्लादेश क भाव १ से ऊपर जाइ। बांग्लादेश पहले बैटिंग करी तब भाव ऊपर आवे क चांस काम ह। ३-४ विकेट धड़ाधड़ गिरी तब भाव १ से ऊपर आई.

    • Anna, how to trade and where to trade teach me bro!

    • bhai rate is too low in this match. tell me how to make more profit.

      • Try live betting and wait for odds to go up and then back. This will give you good rate to back a team. Whether you make profit or not is up to your strategy.

    • A blunt question for you. Do you always make profit from all Cricket matches?

      • A blunt answer for you - No.
        No one can make profit on each and every match. You will have to take loss in few matches. If you are looking for something called "sure 100% profit making trading strategy" then you will be disappointed to know that this is rara avis. "Holy Grail" of Cricket betting is as imaginary as the actual Holy Grail.

        • Someone once revealed in a forum that he makes profit in all Football matches which was termed as "Holy Grail" of football betting strategy. What's your say on that.

          • I don't see that dude on the Forbes' "The World's Billionaires" list so I assume he is just another broke gambler who is venting out his frustration after losing his all possessions, property and now living off UK's generous benefit system.

            • LOL!
              What if he really makes profit in (almost) every match but due to certain limitations he can't make big profits. I don't see a reason why can't play with big stake but just let's assume that he does make small profit on all matches. Is this possible?

              • Making profit in every match is as impossible as a man seeing in future or time travel. Once we start seeing in future and Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown turns his car into a time travel machine then we will also start making profit in every match. Then every one will start making money from every match. Then every bookmaker will go bankrupt and betting industry will disappear and then betting will cease to exist as everything will become predictable. That will lead us nowhere but chaos. Nature doesn't allow chaos which negate our assumption which leads to the fact that neither we can see into future nor Doc invents time machine.

                Which means that natural order will continue to exist and gamblers will keep losing money.

                So stop bothering yourself with the distant dream of finding the Holy Grail of betting strategy.

    • Sir ji what about local bookies.. Uspe kaise krna ye b bta dijiye.. M in a huge loss

  2. 1 hello munna bhai i wanted to know if you have any idea about back lay sure bets providing websites
    2 i know all the risks involved like void bets,change in odds,etc
    3 but if u have any website which provides very good arbitrage betting opportunity please help me

    • Forget about such stupid strategies. Chances for Arbs exist but they are rare and it doesn't make any sense to waste your time and money for .01 odds differences. I was once lucky to get a massive arb bet on a bookie site only to find out that they reverted odds back to match other bookies' odds and I ended up with no profit. Most of the times these arbs are bookie mistakes which, as per their t&c, can be corrected later on and they will change the odds which you backed/layed with to match other bookies' odds.

      Lay odds at BetfairBetfair will be always higher than highest back odds offered by any bookies to close any Back/Lay arb opportunities.

      So just forget about these silly things and focus on live/in-play trading.

      The only way to make profit from trading is where bookies have no control over odds and that would be live betting & time. Time is the profit in trading as bookies can't predict what going to happen in future no matter how many billions of combination of data they analyze. This is the only way you can beat bookies.

      The safest way to make profit in a Cricket match is to scalp wicket or scalp runs.

      Back a strong batting team when they are batting and as they hit boundaries lay to hedge and make profit. Most of the top teams have hard hitter openers and they tend to make few runs at the top.

      Keep laying the team which is vulnerable at the top and as soon as wicket falls back them to hedge and make both side profit.

      Avoid matches which involves minnows.

      Stick to this strategy no matter what and don't get deviated or become greedy. This is sure profit over and over again in any Cricket match.

      "No other strategy will work" no matter how hard you try so STOP wasting your money on that.

      I gave you million dollar strategy for free so respect it, take it and make shit load of money.

      • Sure munna bhai i ll definitely stick to the strategy


        and sorry for bringing up such stupid ideas to you

  3. Bihari bhaiyaaa.. Is match ka report bataaaaoooo jaraaaa.... andar ki roprt dena.....

  4. Ka lagat ha bihari babu....
    last 2 matches mein bekare aap minnows k back kre k bolni ka optn sbke pass na hola...
    imme batayi bhaiyaji
    bang ki angrez???

  5. सुना भाई लोग ई मैचवा मस्त होइ ट्रेडिंग के लिए। बांग्लादेश जीती इसमे कोई शक नहीं है। ढंग से भाव ले के लगावा बांग्लादेश पर।

    • Abhi 25p kariban ha bhaiya...
      kitna tak jaeke chance ha bhao??

    • bihari bhai mein Rs. 35k BD per lagane ki soch reha hun. Bolo to laga dun ya risk hai? Bhav 25p mil reha hai baju wale bookie se.

      • एक बात हम बहुते इम्पोर्टेन्ट बतावल चाहित हैँ और कान खोल के सुन ल तू लोग। हमरे भरोसे जुआ मत खेल तू लोग। हम केवल प्रेडिक्शन देहिला, बाकी के प्रॉफिट और लोस्स क जिम्मेदारी तू लोग अपने ऊपर ले के खेला। अगर प्रॉफिट बने टी हमर जैकार मत करा और लॉस होए त हमरे के गाली फककर मत दा।

        हम प्रेडिक्शन देहिला अपने एनालिसिस के भरोसे। और हम अपने प्रेडिक्शन के मुताबिक खुद ट्रेडिंग करिला.

        तू अपने भरोसे ले के ३५ हजार लगावा बांग्लादेश पर हमरे भरोसे नाही।

        1 -1
        • Arey haan bhaiya
          tu o sb baat ka chinta mt kra...
          humke bhi pta ha ki bhagwaan sirf eke ha...
          tu bs eetna bata da apne analysis se ki kitna upar tak bhao jae k chance ba ??

        • Agr hum jeet li toh tohar jai jai kar karab
          aur harli toh tohar nxt analysis k wait karab....

    • Can anyone translate it for me please? Google translate helps me a bit but I wanted to make sure tha tI got it absolutely right. Here is Google translate output
      "For e Macwa Mast brothers heard Hoi trading. Bangladesh won the No doubt about it. Lgava way to get a sense on Bangladesh."

      As I understand he is saying Bangladesh will win?

      • He meant...
        this match is good for trading...
        bet on Bangladesh win when odds are a bit high say at least 40p or 50p..
        bet on Bangladesh at ur own risk n in ur limit....

  6. [Comment censored... refrain from using foul language. We have adopted ZERO tolerance policy now and wouldn't allow filth here. It's warning, next time you get GPL - Admin]

    • Mamu kya ulta seedha likh diya bengali ne?

      • iski sulgi pari hai ki bihari bhojpuri me likhta hai aur isko kuch samazh me nahi aata.

        • yeh sala language ka problem hamesha rahega.

          Bengal Tiger you can try Google translate to translate bihari's script. It will work up to some extent, rest you have yo figure out by yourself. Don't get pissed off buddy if someone doesn't write in a language you don't understand.

        • Ye bengali b ajib hai
          1 bar toh bolta translate krne...
          1 se 1 namune ko sambhalna padhta hai aapko maamu...

  7. Aj 434 aus lambi pe L lag gaye

    • tere ko hamesha hi lagenge laure, kisane bola tha lambi khelo aise one sided match me?

  8. Hahaah sahi baat h sukla ji ...par match m rate b to kuch ni aa raha tha.

    • Toh aaj rest kr lete yaar
      bookie ko lootna h
      aur tum log ho ki khud ki maar k baithe ho...

    • yeh bohot purna rog hai, Rishi Kapoor ke prem rog jaisa. Satoriyaon ko bahut khujli hoti hai agar kuch na karne ko mila to. Aise case me dimag puncture ho jata hai aur public anap shanap satta lagana suru kar deti hai. Dheeraj rakho bhai nahi to sab kuch lut jayega tumhara.

  9. joy bangla....Bangladesh ..

  10. Munna vai(Boss) pls pls pls say who will the possiable winner tmrw match BD vs SCT

    0 -1
  11. munna bhai.. 319 target.

  12. Ha bhai log 318 chase kar lenge bangali ??

  13. Thnx muna bhai.... A win after many days..

  14. munna vai,u r great.

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