England vs West Indies - Final Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

vs West Indies
West Indies
Sunday, 3 April 2016 at 13:30 GMT / 14:30 UK / 19:00 IST
Eden Gardens, Kolkata


Zia Rana

England vs West Indies - Final Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

England deflated the smooth going New Zealand in the first Semi-Final while West Indies bull dozed India in the second one and both winners will play the Final.

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    Match Winner Prediction


    So here we are waiting for the grand finale minus all the brouhaha as Indians are out. WI have been impressive with their overall performance well almost except that they were shaken by Afghans. England somehow muscled their way to the final which is rare for them in sub-continent.

    On paper WI are obviously favourite due to their overall supremacy. England match them with batting but not with bowling.

    Eden Gardens pitch is slow and not high scoring. One very interesting stat for this ground is that 155 is the highest score successfully chased at this ground so team batting first will be fav.

    However given the batting prowess of both teams don't take 155 as a safe target. I'll say 165 will be safe on a slow Eden Gardens pitch. So team batting first and scoring 165 or even 160 can remain fav to win.

    If it turns out to be flat pitch then WI will have no match.

    Overall WI are fav to win. If they bat first and score 160+ on a slow pitch then they can defend. England on the other hand can't be so safe even of they score 165 on a slow pitch. On a flat pitch WI can chase down any score.

    ===== Dew Factor ====
    If there is dew which is very likely then chasing side will win.

    It seems that despite all my effort some of you are still not able to understand what to do with my prediction. As I've told many times it's not a fucking quiz game where I predict 100% accurately.

    If you follow my prediction and back the team which I say will win then lay the same fucking team when odds ore short and make profit on both side. If this is fucking so hard to understand then you shouldn't be here.

    Don't ever come back saying that my prediction fails. If you are dimwit and can't follow this then try trading tips.

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    Toss Prediction


    Back Eng.
    I've explained many times how to play toss. Don't fucking blindly put your money without insurance on toss. If you bet Rs. 1000 on toss then make sure to recover this in trading or from other market. It's again not a fucking quiz game. Learn to fucking trade or quit.

    • Kalle bahut josh me hai aur Kolkata ki pitch par hathoda shots nahi chalne wale.Buddha Atkinson bahut jor lagayega par flat tracker nahi bana paayega...Angrez spinners will be handy in play....all in all Angrezon pe accha bhav hai aur in play badhe to lapakte chalo.

      England to win

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    Trading tips


    There is 90% chance that this pitch will be slow and low scoring. There is also slight chance that this can go opposite which we will never know unless seeing few overs. The best option is to apply lay betting on any team bating first. If it is slow pitch then we will have jackpot in first innings itself. If it's scoring pitch then wait for interval and lay team batting first at whatever lower odds you can get, hedge in run chase. Both teams are more or less equal so what one team does others team will do the same so expect a jhula.

    • Trading tip spot on. As I predicted it turned out to be slow pitch. Trading tip PASS.

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    Updated Tips and Pitch report

    I'm watching women's match and it looks like high scoring pitch. If pitch doesn't change a lot then expect fireworks and 180+ score. Dew is the most important factor in this match and we have to wait and watch for that.

    • Thx bhai meaning which ur trading tip is same right lay betting on team batting first na

      • Yes applying lay betting on team batting first is the best option. It will take care of dew factor as well. But it all depends on dew. If no dew then equation will change. So it's better to start laying team batting first after 15 overs or so. It looks like scoring pitch so they will score and odds will shorten towards 15-20 overs and if dew is there then lay team batting first.

        • Thx bhai 15 over ke baad karenge

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    Trading tips after toss


    WI won the toss and will field first as expected. WI are fav here. So keep laying England as their odds shorten. If there is dew then WI can take this match away.

    • Shld we lay from the start or after 15 overs

      • With small stake you can lay since start to catch early fall of wicket. Keep majority of stake for shorter odds. Apply lay betting with incremental stakes.

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    Updated Trading Tips


    Apply back betting on WI from here and keep greening up after fall of wicket.

  5. 3663 tips (Pass rate: 96.09%)

    Trading tips for run chase


    Lay WI and balance profit on both side.
    It's not a bad total probably 10-20 runs short. No sign of dew so far. Pitch is strange it has something for everyone. It doesn't look like a walk in the park for WI. Spinners can play crucial role.

    I expect few early wickets so the best trading option is to move more profit on England. If WI odds shorten further then lay WI and move more profit on England and wait for wickets to fall to hedge.

    Under no circumstances let your profit go in red, play within the profit limit and recycle profit.

    • One more jackpot, back WI and hedge. Balance profit on both side. Exit trading and go party.

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10 Responses to “ England vs West Indies - Final Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview ”
  1. hhi muna bhai any perdection pls rpy

    • Already wrote Ramayana and Mahabharata above. Lay England as their odds shorten. WI will remain fav and dominate, if dew comes then WI will win easily.

  2. Lelo pehle over me hi jackpot.

  3. 2 jackpots already.

  4. Super jackpot match prediction PASS and massive milking from trading till last ball.

    • A big thanks bhai. This was super jackpot of the world cup. I made total 15 peti profit in this world cup. Can't wait for IPL. I'm targeting 50 peti profit.

    • Grand finale bhai 2 peti profit liya. peheli baar life me kisi tournament me profit mila. aise hi dete raho tips bhai.

    • sabka baap jackpot milya vi. 2 peti profit.

    • Brilliant prediction and trading tips. Booked total £4500 profit in this tournament. Keep guiding us in IPL as well.

  5. ke baat he bhai chappar phaad ke maal mila aaj

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