Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

IPL 2015
Kolkata Knight Riders
Kolkata Knight Riders
vs Delhi Capitals
Delhi Capitals
Thursday, 7 May 2015 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST
Eden Gardens, Kolkata


Zia Rana

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips

One of the reasonably nice going team of the Indian Premier League, Kolkata Knight Riders, will fight with a balanced side, Delhi Daredevils, in the next match.

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    KKR v DD Half Time Prediction Update


    Guys it should have been easier for you to pick. KKR is always the favourite under any circumstances and on any pitches. they bat deep and their bowling squad can strangle and potent batting attack. We have already seen one more example of this in this match.

    KKR are 171 which is well above par for KKR to defend. Their bowling have been always impressive and in this IPL it has matured more. And guess what Naraine is playing today young Hogg is also in form.

    KKR are well capable of defending this match and if they can get early wicket then kiss goodbye to DD.

    I've already made profit and I'm out of trading.

    • humhe vi sikhaiye na munna vai....kese kartehe

    • This prediction also passed. Today was double jackpot, made profit in both matches.

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42 Responses to “ Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Prediction, Preview & Betting Tips ”
  1. KKR will win. This time DD will not get a chance like MI.

  2. jackpot match dd will won.....this

    0 -1
  3. Kolkata vs Delhi

    Kolkata Achi team h both department me betting and bowling but Delhi ki bowling to thik hi h ab Delhi ka middle order b strong ho gya h yuvi k last match me chalne se,, trading k purpose se best h match,,, favorite Change hoga or I think kal Delhi ka day ho but risk mat lena one side khlekr favorite change hoga both side profit kro sabhi, Gud luck to all my frds.......

    • Tell me yash panchal Who will win todays toss...rr vs srh...waiting...

    • Who will win todays toss yash panchal kkr vs dd...waiting....

    • Thanks yash today i went opposite to you so i loose day match but i won the night match after choosing kkr anywany thanks to i still appreciate your predictions.


  4. Nothing to do just start trading with Mumbai ,kolkatta,Bangalore and chennai..Bangalore will win ipl 8

    0 -1
  5. Play on KKR each and every rate.....
    KKR win 100% book save karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai....best of luck

  6. Play on KKR each and every rate.....
    KKR win 100% book save karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai....best of luck

  7. KKR 90%

  8. Lunch fav kon rahegi aur kis bhv se in case:
    1) Kkr bats first
    2) dd bats first

    gaddha(30 Run window for inng total) suggest kro
    1) kkr bats first
    2) dd bat first

    need ur opinion and suggestions guyz


  9. Finel Result of match.... match Delhi jitegi. Delhi Jitegi. Delhi Jitegi.

  10. kkr won dis match 101%
    cutring karne ki bhi jarurat nahi h.. koi risc nahi lena chahta to unk liye, jaldi hi kkr 20-22 pese aajayegi so book save kar lna.. best of luck

  11. kkr won dis match 101%
    cutting karne ki bhi jarurat nahi h.. koi risk nahi lena chahta to unk liye, jaldi hi kkr 20-22 pese aajayegi so book save kar lna.. best of luck

  12. kkr won dis match 101%
    cutting karne ki bhi jarurat nahi h.. koi risk nahi lena chahta to unk liye, jaldi hi kkr 20-22 pese aajayegi so book save kar lna.. best of luck

  13. KKR jeetega.
    Delhi's bowling unit is looking weak now as Tahir is not performing well and moreover you can't depend on bowlers like mathews, they have a history of going for plenty runs. If Albie Merkel gets a chance to play then we might have a close contest. But if that's not the case I see an easy victory for KKR.

  14. Dd will win the match????

  15. Munna Bhai,

    Am quoting an excerpt which I feel strongly about it and I too have experienced it from a Betfair trader Blog--------------- Should Sports Exchange Traders get a "real" job?

    ***--------When I started dabbling with Betfair trading in 2005 I believed the sales blurb from the software maker that it wasn’t gambling. Now I am sure that it is gambling. But I do believe that trading is a subset of gambling that probably has a higher likelihood of success (albeit still very small)
    When betting, you only need to produce your stake for the next bet, whilst when trading, you are intentionally using far larger amounts of money than you intend to risk. The problem is that if it goes badly wrong, then a form of Parkinson’s Law can rear its ugly head – Losses expand to fill the size of the bank available! Looking at the path I’ve taken in the past 5 years – and losses along the way – surely does mean that trading is gambling and the losses can be horrendous"----------------***

    Trading can't be done with small amounts since in trading too you get it wrong more often like betting and one loss can wipe out all 10 trading profits. Your comments Bhai

    • Well said but I don't entirely agree with this. He is talking about staking more money in each match in expectation to get small profit, let's say 2-10%. That's one way to trade. I don't trade in that way. I trade small amount in each match and make profit always. No risk not huge loss. This is for Cricket. for other sports I go for full season rather than focusing on individual matches which works perfectly for me.

      I've made over £2000 in one Football league so far by risking not more than £10 in every match and a max of £50 when I was in loss recovery streak. And this league is not yet over.

      If you have done your home work and have prepared a long term strategy then you don't have to risk huge amount. you risk huge amount when either you are greedy or you have no clue what you are doing.

      That guy must have burnt shit load of money in Horse Racing that is for sure. That's sport where you stake big for smallest profit. These idiots waste their precious time in risking £1000 for making £10 with 1 tick profit. 1 loss will wipe out profit made from 100 strikes. They are all bunch of losers.

      • Bang on target Bhai.....he was doing horse racing and thanks a lot for your precious comments for my understanding....i too raised stakes earlier when i earned a bit only to know how foolish it was but now profits are less and miniscule but its working much better than previously

        • Those idiots can't even predict sports involving humans only and they are trying to tame a sports involving humans+animals.

          • Hahahaha.....but thats what they learn from Peter Webb and other so called self proclaimed masters attending there seminars and then want to replicate the same without knowing the exact technique.

            • Hawaldar bhai .... Classic example of how dangerous trading could be is the recent Serena Williams match where she was sure shot favourite, and then ended up 0-40 down and facing 3 match-points.... I must admit honestly that I was in heavy loss at that moment on Serena losing the match ... It was just a miracle that she managed to still come out as winner, and I heaved a sigh of relief ....

              I greened up my book in the first set, and should have exited from the match then and there.... But I was greedy to pursue more profits and ended up being in the most f****ked up situation ever in trading ....

              Trading is not easy and is not risk free.... If your initial bets were on a team/ person, who starts losing immediately after you place your bets.... then either you have to chose to exit the trading with loss on both sides, or you have to start gambling on that match "hoping" that your team/person wins....

              Another example is recent Wawrinka tennis match just yesterday..... Wawrinka was a clear favourite from the beginning and most trader would have backed him.... he eventually lost the final set and the match.... Somehow, my sixth sense told me not to bet on Wawrinka and I got lucky, as immediately after that, Wawrinka's serve broke.....

              Bahut khatarnaak khel hai yeh bhai log..... Aag se khelna hai.... Kabhi bhi haath jal saktein hain...

              Trading master karne ke liye Munna bhai jaisa years of experience aur intutive mind chahiye.... har kisi ke baat ki nahi....

      • Munna bhai... Small stakes trading ($10) ke liye bahut time dedicated chahiye, like regular trading of 3-4 hours each day.... Itna time nikal paana mushkil hai... If I am wrong here regarding time required aspect, please correct me....

        • No you don't need to sit for 4 hours to make profit. In 90% of time I make profit in 10-20 minutes after kick off.

          • Munna bhai... Kaise karte ho aap yeh kamal !! :) .... Small stakes, least time, great profits.... I don't know whether I will be able to manage this feat ever....

  16. KKR VS DD
    It is a Do or Die game for Delhi a loss now will make them out of the tournament..
    But KKR is a superb balanced unit..
    The team performs together...the bowling nd batting unit is in tremendous form..
    Though DD will perform its best..but IT wont be too much to defeat KKR..


  17. Prediction:
    Lambi. : Kkr 165 180
    DD 155 170
    STAR: KKR GG Uthappa Yusuf Russell nd Hogg
    DD Duminy Mathews nd Mishra
    Dirty: KKR Piyush..
    DD Tahir..

    • Ram villas ji plz gv prediction always about lambi n session...plz

  18. KKR will win the match.
    DD ka itna dam nehi KKK ko hara sakhe.

    1 -1
  19. if did bat first both sides profit hogyega lekin if KKR bats first it one side ayega ajj both match's batting first win ayega risk math karo trading karo is best for everyone lekin the IPL comes an end so becareful bookies made large amount of loss to the betters so becare dont play every match blindly

  20. KKR is favourite to trade if did bat first Lenin dd jetega

  21. munna vai kaha ho.?
    Kon jitega kkr or dd?

  22. Go For DD

  23. Munna bhai ......

  24. Bahi log lambi kitni ho gi

  25. How much kkr will score? ???

  26. #Munna bhai......?

  27. #munna bhai nahi ...
    @bin baadal sab soon

  28. After fst strategic timeout in 2nd innings who will win the match any predictions.....

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