Queensland v Victoria Prediction

Zia Rana Oct 12, 2014 40 Comments 110,172 views
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup 2014
vs Victoria
ScheduleTuesday, 14 October 2014 at 23:00 GMT / 00:00 UK / 04:30 IST
VenueNorth Sydney Oval, Sydney

Queensland has done reasonably well by winning two matches out of four in the BBQs One Day Cup, 2014-15 and are placed third in the queue with 11 points. The ill-fated Victoria is almost at the bottom of the table with 3.5 points from four games after achieving a solitary victory. Two sides met each other in the opening game of the event where Queensland demolished the batting line up of Victoria and beat them by a vast margin of nine wickets.

Joe Burns - A magnificent hundred vs South Australia
Joe Burns - A magnificent hundred vs South Australia

Players to watch

Joe Burns powered a century for Queensland against South Australia in their last match, Peter Forrest and Nathan Reardon contributed 98 and unbeaten 75 runs while Usman Khawaja and Chris Hartley are in good nick. Peter George clinched five wickets, Ben Cutting and Luke Feldman are assisting him nicely.

Cameron White smashed a ton for Victoria vs. New South Wales in the 10th game of the tournament. Rob Quiney along with Marcus Stoinis chipped in with fifties and David Hussey can surprise the rival team with his express batting. Scott Boland, John Hastings, Clint McKay and Jon Holland are their front line bowlers.

Time & Venue

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 @ 23:00 GMT, 10:00 local at North Sydney Oval, Sydney.


Prediction of rain and thunderstorm with the temperatures around 13-28ᵒC


The winning captain will prefer to set a target.

The Pitch

The surface is perfect for the limited overs game where batsmen will get more out of it.


Queensland – James Hopes (C), Usman Khawaja, Chris Hartley, Joe Burns, Peter Forrest, Nathan Reardon, Ben Cutting, Simon Milenko, Cameron Boyce, Luke Feldman, Peter George.

Victoria – Matthew Wade (C), Rob Quiney, Daniel Christian, Cameron White, David Hussey, Marcus Stoinis, John Hastings, Peter Handscomb, Clint McKay, Jon Holland, Scott Boland.


Queensland are favourite to win the game.

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  1. Seriously dude, do you guys bet on these matches?

  2. Hii munna bhai thanks for all ur valuable predictions. .....ya bro I play these matches can u help me bro

    • Humm!
      I've to first get into this series do some research and follow few matches in order to predict. Let's see if I get time to do it.

      • Munna bhai....pls gve prediction for this match.....

  3. Bro plz help me I beg u.........

  4. Queensland had defeated Victoria comprehensively in the inaugural match of the series. They are strong team and expected to win again.

    Bet on Queensland. Usual risk and disclaimers apply.
    Good luck!

    • Thx bhai I bet on it.....disclaimers apply means ??

      • Some of my usual disclaimers:
        Don't bet ur savings, don't bet to cover your previous losses and don't curse me if you loose ;)

        • Bhai is that got any sports easy to win mostly ??? Because I lost lot of money in tennis....any tips on tennis betting ??

          • Again you might have used 365 to bet on Tennis. You will always lose in fixed odds betting which is gambling. You will be surprised to know that Tennis is the best sports to make money in less time.

  5. QULD 98% win chance

    0 -1
    • Dude 98% isn't a way to say that a team will win specially in a sport like Cricket. You say 98% of winning chances only in the matches between Top team and associates or bottom teams e.g. South Africa v Zimbabwe. 98% chance converts to odds of 1.02 which is very rare in Cricket. You can find such odds in Tennis or sometimes in Football but certainly not in Cricket. 98% chance can be compared to a chasing team requiring 2 runs in last 2 overs with 8 wickets remaining. So don't be so sure of chances in betting or you will be burnt one day.

      • Munna Bhai,
        Jo maza strong team ke 1.10 -1.25 pe lay karke jab vo pressure me aa jaye tab greater than 2 pe back karne hai...vo back karke lay karne me nahi hai...saying this in my case only....and its in cricket matches which get this kind of swing most of the too but not like cricket...Please share some strategies for tennis too...i bet mostly on tennis matches

        • 1.25 is risky. If you really want real maza then try 1.08 which is not so rare in Tennis. Follow top 4 seed players and when they are up against dhakkan players then they will have such odds. But do it only in ATP and certainly not in Grand Slams. In GS they become a different beast and can dominate the match since first point. In ATP they just show up to get money and not really interested in winning the match and they don't stretch too much not to damage their million dollar health. Underdogs really go to miles in ATP tours to gain ranking and they always stun top seeders. Guess who was in the finals of Shanghai open?

          There are some top chokers, like Andy Murray. All British bookmakers offer low odds on him just for the patriotism and they know that irrespective of low odds Brits would back him anyways. He always chokes in the first sets and then might comeback. It opens up bank locker for you, grab as much money as you can while keeping 0 liability.

          You can't be so sure with 1.02 all the time. Once I layed a top seeded women's player with 1.02 and backed at few ticks up in the hope that women being women are always unpredictable and I'll hit the back bet anyways. It didn't happen and I lost. You can probably do 2 ticks with £500 or liability or so but more than that is risky.

          In Cricket such opportunities are rare but they do happen. I remembered recently concluded South Africa v Zimbabwe. SA had odds of 1.02 or something and I layed them with £10k. Their odds went up, I made quick money and got out before they came back to win the match.

          It also happens towards the end of ODI or T20. Or sometimes in middle when batting first a team puts up good score. I've seen recently odds of 1.08 or something at the half time. Batting first 350+ in ODI is good for odds less than 1.08 and can make good money of other team is India or someone good in chasing. If it's WI, for e.g., then you can risk for few initial overs but once they start falling they fall like pack of cards.

          Sometimes you can get 1.08 in T20 when a team batting first team is on fire and dealing in boundaries only. One boundary drops 4-6 ticks. 4-6 boundaries in 2 overs will knock it down to 1.08, then get into the trade and keep laying as much as you can till it drops dead to 1.01. But there is a risk. If they go too far in scoring runs then odds ain't coming up. And if chasing team looses few early wickets then it will just drift away.

          You see it's not easy to make money with less risk or everyone would be rich. Risking more is gambling and you know gamblers are losers at the end.

          • Thanks Bhai for your examples and experiences.You said don't bet on your savings in one of the posts earlier.When i started online betting with bet365 and was new,impatient and immature i started with my savings only and here you are saying the first disclamier as never bet on savings. I started with less, lost then put some but it squared off and in all these days its just a minimal profit that too i feel so lucky since i don't bet on cricket on bet365 in which square off option is not there on bet365, i was on tennis in which at least if i was in a bit of profil i never took chances and booked whatever small profits i made , but never made big.
            I had heard about exchanges but always thought they were more riskier than here what i was doing and never had gone deep inside to see how it works, it was only here where you showed the way with your simple insights and vast experience which helped me a lot. No i think how ignorant and fool i was all these days, but better late than never.
            I don't have much corpus right now for lay-back one else u can back in some .30-.50 swings, when u have less margin should be more .
            Just a humble request if i can get your views and previews on ATP and WTA tournaments whichever you are following.


  6. Bro plz get me perfect predictions ........which team shall I move bro

  7. munna vi u r

  8. Munnai bhai nsw vs wa who will win ......plz tel me......I am waiting for ur predictions

  9. Munna bhai I am waiting for your valuable predictions ...... new south wales vs western Australia and south Australia vs tasmina two matches plz bro I am waiting for your predictions. .............plz I beg u get ur precious predictions

  10. Queen 372 there any chance for increase odd in queensland ???

  11. Q 98% kaha tha ab to samaj gaye.bro ye astrology hai.

  12. munna Bhai,
    we miss u,in Aus v/s Pak final ODI,idont know what is the reason,i lost money,"hath math chodna Bhai,"

  13. Munna bhai I am waiting for your valuable predictions ...... new south wales vs western Australia and south Australia vs tasmina two matches plz bro I am waiting for your predictions. .............plz I beg u get ur precious predictions plz munna bhai

    0 -1
  14. need perfect prediction contract me.

  15. anyone pls expain me...what currency is better to use in betting account ,,,.pls explain it !!!!

  16. Get me ur num sir plz

  17. Munna Bhai i use Skrill( MoneyBookers) since all others are worst than this option too as e wallets, but the withdrawals has been very disappointing to my Indian Bank Account, there was a loss of as high as 25-35percent Case History…

    1. Default currency in my Skrill(MB) account is INR

    2. Funds received from sites to skrill in EURO

    3. For example if i withdraw 110 Euros from my betfair(which is in Euro)to Skrill(which is in INR) i loss 10 euros in that only, leave aside that now from skrill when i trnsf to my account it again get converted from INR to Euro and then again from EURO to INR to reach my bank account.

    For a transaction of 110 EURO from betfair to it comes to 55 euros to my bank account .

    110 euro from bet fair ---------->>>>100 euro Skrill receives(10 taken by skrill)----------------->>>>>>>55 to my bank account(again so high transaction charges)

    I don’t think that even if my Skrill account was set in EURO or USD, it would have made any major difference.

    Repeated emails to them gave no response.Please guide me

    • That's too much of loss. I use paypal and there are no charges for withdrawing or depositing. BF charges 2% or something for Paypal deposit. Apart from there are no charges and guess what we don't pay taxes on gambling profits in the UK.

      Currency rate will be always problematic but you have to check for skrill charges. Skrill's 10% charge is too much. Can you check their rates again?

      • Bhai Paypal is not given as an option in Betfair for me maybe because of Indian address, i wished they would have given that.Rest 2 Netteller and Click2Pay are worst than Skrill.

  18. Munna bhai predictions plz I am waiting

    • NSW looking strong and I expect them to win.

  19. Munna bhai u have given one match predictions .......another one match is there plz give that also

  20. munna Bhai aaj koun jeete ga

  21. Bhai, pls gve information about that good ??? I'm in malaysia I can use desposite with malaysian ringgit but withdraw ask choose other currency...pls expain about tax and fee...


  23. dol v lion =toss dolphin... match win lion

  24. raju bai where are you. why are u not giving any prediction.

  25. thats right mr vinod

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