Stoke City vs Chelsea Prediction - A Predictably Complicated Test For The Blues

Joel Amorim Dec 20, 2014 16 Comments 68,035 views
English Premier League 2014-15
Stoke City
Stoke City
vs Chelsea
ScheduleMonday, 22 December 2014 at 19:00 GMT / 19:00 UK / 00:30 IST
VenueBritannia Stadium (Stoke-on-Trent)

Next Monday, 22nd of December 2014, the league leaders Chelsea will travel to Staffordshire to measure forces with Stoke City at Britannia Stadium for round 17 of the English Premier League, on a match they need to win if they want to maintain their three-points lead advantage over Manchester City at the top of the table.

Will Chelsea be able to return to wins away from home at EPL?
Will Chelsea be able to return to wins away from home at EPL?

After the surprising defeat at St. James’ Park early this month, Chelsea managed to bounce back and returned to wins almost immediately. The defeat against Newcastle hasn’t left any open wounds on the London Blues and the team has won their three matches after it, one for the EPL, one for the UEFA Champions League and another one for the Capital One Cup that granted them a place on the competition’s semi-finals. José Mourinho has done his job brilliantly during the pre-season and so far he has been harvesting the benefits of what he sow. Chelsea are maybe ten times better than they were last season and the arrivals of Cesc Fàbregas and Diego Costa have definitely contributed for that improvement. Together with the newcomers, Mourinho’s tactical refinements brought the team together and more cohese when compared to last season and such improvements are blatantly obvious in Chelsea’s overall performances this season.

Next Monday’s clash will definitely be far from easy, mainly because the Blues will face a team that can go from rags to riches in the very same match and that fact could disturb José Mourinho’s boys. For the Britannia Stadium’s clash, the Portuguese manager will have all players at his disposal as there isn’t any name at the injury list by now.

As for Stoke, the Potters have been considerably inconsistent so far this season and, although they’ve already managed to defeat big teams such Manchester City, Arsenal and even the Spurs, they tend to fail miserably on other matches against teams with similar quality standards.

After defeating Arsenal at home two weeks ago, Stoke failed to grab anything better than a draw from their visit to Selhurst Park. Although the Potters have had plenty more ball possession, they failed to beat Crystal Palace and conceded their fourth draw of the season.

For the important clash against Chelsea, Mark Hughes will probably still not be able to rely on the contribution of Odemwingie, Sidwell, Moses and Teixeira, all sidelined due to injury.

Although Stoke are going through a positive moment, the league leaders, Chelsea, are firm favourites for the next Monday’s match as the Potters might not have what is needed to prevent Mourinho’s boys from snatching the three points.


Stoke City

Stats: W-1 L-3 D-1

Recent Form - DWLLL


Stats: W-4 L-1 D-0

Recent Form - WWWLW

Possible Line-ups

Stoke City  (4-2-3-1) – Begovic - Wilson - Shawcross - Bardsley - Pieters - Cameron - N’Zonzi - Krkic - Walters - Diouf - Crouch

Chelsea (4-3-3) – Courtois - Ivanovic - Terry - Cahill - Azpilicueta - Matic - Fàbregas - Óscar - Hazard - Willian - Diego Costa


Stoke City 1 Chelsea 2

0 0


16 Responses to “ Stoke City vs Chelsea Prediction - A Predictably Complicated Test For The Blues ”
  1. I'm backing Chelsea and O2.5 at BetfairBetfair. No trading no scalping but just plain old back and wait.

    • Same here Bhai...only thing is got more confidence finding me on the same page with you

      • hey Vivek... do you think both team will score ??? I look for Chelsea to win clean sheet ( 2-0 )

        • Yes they can score very well...why to take chances when you can play well with Chelsea win and over 2.5(Cash out when first goal is scored and then put the winning again after a while or start of 2nd half when odds again head up)

          • Thx dude I go for that !!! What about juventus vs Nepoli game ?? Both team can score right !! Pls expain under / over goals !!

        • Wow finally 2-0 that I predict result !!!!

  2. Yes Both teams can score and it will be over 2.5 goals for me.Seeing the current form Juventus are favs

    Munna Bhai request for your Bird's eye view on this SuperCoppa Italiana Match.

    • I've a system which I coded on my own and use for my Football trading. Italians are not the best when it comes to Over 2.5 goals. They basically suck with goals. This is true for Serie A matches. SuperCoppa is off my radar till now. I'll have to do research on it later.

      • Ok Bhai....just asking if you can guide how to trade on football matches riskfree. I always do it with risk , not able to develop any strategy that works.

        • 65' and they are 1-0 that's what sucks with Italians. I told you sometimes back that I'm on the way to build perfect risk free Football trading strategy. I want to green it all up before opening to public. Meanwhile stick to what works for you and stop wasting money on untested strategy. I've been there, done all and all I can say is nothing works no matter what you try no matter how you try. Bookies have got all figured it out and they will never let you win money.

          • Its 2-2 now admin and all to the penalties is it like no perfect risk free strategy in football??

  3. I told you not to count on Italians. It was 1-1 FT. The odds are only for 90'+injury time.

    No there is no perfect strategy as you know of and no one will reveal any 100% successful strategy to anyone else. If you spend more time and do your own research then may be you can stumble upon the treasure trove. Unless you discover it by yourself you are not going to get it. I managed to find it after I've almost given up all my trading hopes.

    All I can tell you is that there is at least one 100% success trading strategy which works, will always work and I'm using it by myself. It works theoretically and follows more or less similar success rate in real life. If you simulate this strategy with past 10 years of Football results then it will always pass with profit. In real life odds are not all same as you would input in simulator and hence little variations in the actual profit.

    This same strategy works for Horse Racing as well provided you know how to use it. I use it only some days for Horse Racing as it takes up your whole afternoon on UK and IE racing.

    However as I hinted earlier it require patience and you have to work hard to earn it. I took away some of my manual work by writing software to do 90% of menial work but I still have to to around all the time to make sure all goes well.

    May be one day I can be able to update my software to take away my menial work. That day I've to do nothing but just keep counting profit. It's not entirely impossible to write that robot which can keep milking money out of millions of BF money. There are already plenty of robots doing it.

    In future trading will be done by bots and humans will be obedient money counting servants ;)

    • Bhai, am pretty novice in forming strategies and what i do is to predict what can happen next seeing current situations(strengths and weaknesses) and then to have a plan and a exit plan if and where i can. Writing software using labyrinth codes is not something i can do and it needs far more expertise to encapsulate all the conditions which are very dynamic. I also understand that successful strategies can't be revealed since if they are they will not be 100% successful then.Still if you can help me out chucking one for tennis would be very helpful to me.


      • Awaiting your comments Bhai.....just help me with a 100 percent fool proof tennis strategy if that can be churned out....please help me Bhai

        • I haven't nailed down Tennis yet. The best I know is serve scalping. This is not 100% foolproof but works 80% of time. When I get some time during this holiday season then I'll think over Tennis strategy and see if I can come up with something.

          • Thanks Bhai....will be awaiting some sought of that if possible for Australian Open

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