Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

IPL 2016
Kolkata Knight Riders
Kolkata Knight Riders
vs Kings XI Punjab
Kings XI Punjab
Wednesday, 4 May 2016 at 14:30 GMT / 15:30 UK / 20:00 IST
Eden Gardens, Kolkata


Munna Bhai

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

Coming back off an impressive win over mighty RCB, KKR should be expecting easy win over rock bottom team KXIP.

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  1. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    Toss Prediction


    Back KXIP.

  2. 5306 predictions (Pass rate: 79.06%)

    Match Winner Prediction


    It's again a chasing ground and chasing side will come as fav or strong fav to win. Chasing side can also go on winning the match provided target remains < 180. KXIP in chasing will come very strong fav.

    KXIP are also capable of chasing provided they restrict KKR to below par 165.

    Overall it's chasing-side-wins the match scenario again.

    • Bhai match winner prediction paas kaise ho gyi...u clearly told dat chasing Syd will win if score <165...how?

  3. 420 predictions (Pass rate: 68.56%)

    Session (6 & 10 over runs) and Lambi (1st innings score) Prediction


    6 overs session is looking good for NOT. 49 NOT.
    10 overs 67 YES, 89 NOT
    Lambi YES if it's not collapse and runs are coming easily. 165 YES in this case. Take lowest range for YES.
    Don't take NOT unless it's a collapse like situation.

  4. 8 predictions (Pass rate: 100.00%)

    Vikram Bhai's Prediction


    In last Ipl I have given more than dozen predictions with script with side bets. Due to personal commitments I couldn't spend time on ipl. But will b betting from tomorrow again.

    After my analysis of tomorrow's match following is my prediction. Follow at your own risk. I will play the below bets:

    1. KKR will bat first regardless of toss
    2. Chris Lynn is my pick for side bets to score more than 22+ runs
    3. I will never lay KKR through out the match. I'm backing KKR with my half limit and keep backing them as the odds increase on KKR. Remember 50 pese on KKR is laying odd and hence market will lay KKR and wait for eternity to shine on them. Don't fall in this trap if KKR is batting first. I'm expecting big score tomorrow 160-180
    4. I'll back KKR to make 160+ score for lambi. Single entry.
    5. In second innings will book profit if KKR is at 30 pese

    IF KKR DOESNT BAT FIRST THEN IM NOT BETTING. Only patience gets rewarded. Enjoy predictable betting. Don't make it as a habit or obsession. You will setup yourself to doom if u bet every freakin match.


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    • Very bold prediction.

      2 -1
    • Welcome bhai. Session bhi bata do.

      0 -1
      • Please watch this space post TOSS.

        Thanks Munna Bhai. Hope you remember me.

        If my prediction goes right then wil let you know the secret of this match.

        • Aawo bhai aapka hi intazaar tha, munna bhai akele hi 31/31 me profit dilwa rahe the peti pe peti. Aapki chal geyi to 2 peti aram se har match me.

    • I remember you bhai from last IPL. Kya dhansu prediction diya tha last ipl me. Yeh Lynn kaun se bookie ke paas milega? Online bookie pe nehi mil reha hei.

      • jab batting karne aayega to kisi bhi online bookie pe milega. PP pe try karna.

    • Vikram bhai last year your predictions were spot on. I made loads of money. I hope this year too all your predictions will pass.

      • Sailesh Bhai, Predicted just on calculations. No contacts with any bookie :-) Aaj pehli match khel raha hoon. Hope jeet jaye. Yaad rakhna hamara team KKR and it must bat FIRST.

    • Freaking awesome predictions.

      • Thanks Munna and Murali. Don't want to brag but I spend 3 hours to prepare my script and learnt a lot from couple of people on how to predict. A guy named Jayant from Rajasthan taught how to predict.

        If I can crack the match for tomorrow will surely post. Please keep encouraging and motivating.

        Last request prediction galat Gaya tog MCBC Gali matt do. I can't take it.

        Once again thanks all. AAj ka profit 6 bets on just KKR :-) one huge bet on lambi. Chris Lynn is not in playing 11 else he could have been the top scorer :-) Khud Usko yeh baat pata Nahi hain :-)

        • Teach us too mate, mil baant ke khayenge. Aisa phadu prediction aur itne confidence se kam hi dekhne ko milta hei.

          • Mein soch raha hoon ki aap kese predict karte hain aur aap mera prediction K bare mein....:-))))

            I will try my best bro

    • Unbelievable prediction bhai, where have you been so far?

    • latth maar prediction vi, maza aa geya. Aaj dekha hei kal follow karunga, report jarur dena.

    • kamaal ka prediction diya bhai pehle prediction me hi chakke chura diye sabke. koi psychic power hei kya? Aisa prediction analysis ke bas ki baat nehi hei.

    • It's bloody freaking me out mate! How could you predict so accurately in advance? It's certainly not tukka!!! Share some of your wisdom bhai.

    • Vikram bhai ne aate hi atom bomb phod diya.

    • mind-boggling

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    • tq bhai take a break I've already learned a lot n hope I'll make profit in this even if you are not there to provide live tips. All is clear to me.

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    • Greenup ??

      • Green up matlab book set...:-(

      • Greenup ka matlab loss kaat lo jis team ko khaya hei. Uske baad dono taraf profit balance kar lo jisko hedge bolte hein.

    • Greenup karlo pitch ki ma behen ho geyi hei sala seedhe lakir ho geya hei match. Run chase me profit le lena agar abhi nehi liya to. Mein chala kuch kaam dhaam karne.

      • English bro

      • Stil no bets from start . Should i back kkr and hedge after fall of wicket or should i lay kkr and hedge for run chase . Please reply . My mind is not working today

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15 Responses to “ Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview ”
  1. Dew means

  2. Bhai log upar bhi dekho Indra devta khush hone wale hein kal. Barish ki sambhavna hei, prediction ke L lag jayenge. Hedge wedge kar lo jaise hi mauka mile nehi to Duckworth aur Lewis maar lenge peeche se.

    • yes sab prediction aur tips pani me beh jayegi. Maal kamana hei to barish pe hi satta laga do aram se peti nikal aayegi ;)

  3. Vikram bhai ur saying not to bet on kkr if der first is what ur saying
    Can u help me little bit i dnt get u

  4. Bhai khane ka fayde ha ab

    2. LAMBI 160++ HUGE PASS ( 160 -180)
    3. Backing KKR on all odds ( waiting for 30 pese)

    ENJOY....thanks to god for giving me a welcoming first WIN of IPL.......

    Thanks Munna bhai for creating a platform to share my little wisdom.......

    Match ke baad milte.......

    Dont believe in bookies or god sent tipping angels :-) apna dimag lagaoooo...you will be in small profit but can avoid suicides and public embarrassment..

    • Good report Vikram bhai. Sharing is caring share karte raho bhai humara bhi kuch bhala ho jayega. 30 pese aaye ya naa aaye apun ka to nikal aaya profit.

    • vi maare ko to match fixing report lage yo prediction. bina match fixing ke impossible hei aiso prediction karna.

      • aisan kuch Nahi Sumit bhai..aapko. .b sikhadoonga..munna bhai permission diya toh...7/10 sahi jayega

  6. toss, session aur lambi sab me profit mila. trading me bhi profit. rs 55000 balance ho geya hei.

  7. Oye lucky logon aaj kisi ko mila 1 peti profit kya? Murlai bhai bolo aaj kitna pela.

  8. Good Night Champs,

    Match mein 20-24 lag gaya even before power play :-)

    Hope every one made decent profits.

    Lambi and Match...both positive...maza aagaya....

    Munna Bhai, I surrender to your calculation though on TRADING which I haven't believed this match to go down that route.

    If I get time tonight to analyse tomorrows match...will surely post well in advance...for now let me enjoy the money that I got from my dear friend BET365....KAL kya hoga...raam jane...aaj toh HERO hoon....

    I LOVE CASHOUT OPTION IN BET365.....Analyse, BET, Hedge and RUN....... :-)

    Thanks all..........

  9. It was boring first innings and hopeless situation. It all came alive in run chase and guess what, I stole another 1 peti+ profit. Amazing predictions and trading tips here today. Keep it up guys!!

  10. vi rs. 65000 ka profit le ke daru peene adde pe nikal geya.

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