Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview


Munna Bhai

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview

A must win match for MI.

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    Match report & winner prediction - Updated

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    • Bhai 1-2 mtch confirm winning report de do who will win.... We can take risk on our behalf

      • There are three type of people who can give confirm report
        1) Match fixers
        2) Extremely gifted Psychics
        3) Lucky bastards who say shit and it happens

        I'm none of the above and that's why I scavenge with trading.

        Or you can have look into my IPL betting strategy and it's next best to confirm winning report. This is what I can give my best for confirm report. It's guaranteed to give you profit for the whole tournament if followed properly.

        My point is that predicting a winner in any sport is impossible. Some can come as close as 80% but that is again lucky run. My prediction PASS rate is 71%.

        Last but not the least you are asking for gambling which is not my style.

        So good luck in finding confirm reporter.

        • haha good reply bhai. Your IPL strategy is awesome. I use this and play with other bookies while I trade on BF. Profit everywhere. It's raining gold in this IPL.

          • I'm surprised too with the success of IPL strategy. I expected some delay in striking but thanks to CSK's absent and some complete restructuring of few other teams we have a very competitive tournament so far. If KXIP could do better then it will be super jackpot. Match Winner column is jackpot but LB isn't striking too often. I also have to drop some other markets as they were not too profitable and too much of work.

            • Bhai u joking? ipl strategy hit hei. mein rs 10,000 lagata hun har match me #1 strategy me 3.5 peti ka profit mila hei #1 se ab tak, max risk 50k tak geya tha. ab aur kya chahiye strategy se? super hit hei bhai strategy bas gaand me dum hona chahiye lagane ke liye aur patience chahiye bohot. profit guarantee hei.

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    Session (6 & 10 over runs) and Lambi (1st innings score) Prediction


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    • dasbabu cha gaye aaj to, bilkul sahi nishane pe mara hei session aur lambi prediction.

    • yeh range me ni mila lekin jo bhi mila teenon pass.

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    Vikram Bhai prediction

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    • bhai samazh me ni aya. MUM ke L lage hein to MUM WIN kaise kehlen 30 pese pe?

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15 Responses to “ Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction, Betting Tips & Preview ”
  1. @chandan bhai 3.5 peti kaise profit mila? apun ka to 2 peti bhi touch ne ho paya.

    • yaar seedhe si baat hei woh high risk khelta hei tum low risk me kehelte hoge. mera bhi 3 peti ke aas paas profit hei ab tak. mein medium risk me khelta hun.

    • taras aa reha hei tum sab pe. 5 peti ka munafa ban geya hei apun ka.

  2. bhai study ho geyi ab aage kya karna hei kaun se sites pe account kholna he

  3. meine ipl strategy abhi li hei, apply kar sakte hein kya baaki ke matches me

    • yes khel sakte ho profit jarur hoga, limit me khelo. Bank balance ka 10% use karo US ke liye aur #1 hi khelo abhi. Baaki ke markets me mat khujli karo. Strike kare to bhangra mat karo aur limit hi khelo. Na strike karo to Qutb Minar se jump mat maro patience rakho strike karega.

  4. Bhai, you are awesome. I have made many petis of profit. Bookie bolte hain tu saath main beth ja. Tere pass jarur fixing ki news hain.Hume bhi bata diya kar.

    8 years se bahot loss to raha tha, but ab aap saath ho to loss hone ka to koi chance hi nahi hain. Kaam karne ka ek naya nazriya mil gaya hain. Pehle to main betting leke phas jata tha, ya phir high scoring match main balling lekar, averaging aur trading aati hi nahi thi. Profit hota 4-5 match, saara amt loss ho jata ek hi matcj main.

    But ab I am so thankful ki main aapse mila hun. Otherwise log Paise haar kar, galat kadam uttha lete hain. Kyonki unko guide karne ke liye aap unke pass nahi hote. Your are great, you are the best.

  5. 70 points easy jackpot profit. Hedge and balance profit on both sides. It's all done and dusted.

    • Holy kamdhenu bhai, 2 peti profit and even match didn't start. It's all hedged now. Keep us updated if we can milk more.

  6. bhai aaj to mein bhi aa geya 1 peti club me session ka maal bonus.

  7. 2 peti pel diya aaj bookie ke.

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